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201. Special Delivery Kiss! Darling First Jealousy!

A frog arrives by space mail for Lum in class. He says he was once a prince but was turned into a frog and a kiss will restore him. He even has a picture of his former self.

202. Scary Sake! Sakura's Possession a Big Failure

Sakura's drinking sake invokes a powerful serpent demon which starts causing trouble for Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, and Mendo at Mendo's residence. Cherry shows up to try and set things right. But invokes a frog and a snail demon who side with the snake.

203. It's strange! Cherry Yoga School!

Cherry instructs Ataru, Lum, Sakura, Mendo, and Shinobu in yoga lessons that's all I can say.

204. Good-bye Onsen Sensei!? Tearful Good-bye Marathon Banquet.

Onsenmark spends some time out in nature for health reasons. He returns for a school marathon and plans to have a final duel with Ataru.

205. Pure Love Sakura! The Slippery Soap of Separation?

Sakura and Tsubame's relationship is having problems. They only get worse after a game of tennis. Sakura accidentally uses Lum's soap which causes Sakura to become very slippery to the touch.

206. Askua vs. Older Brother! Battle for Certain Love!

Lum introduces two new items to try and help Tobimaru and Asuka's relationship. A seed that when placed on Tobimaru's head, sprots into a sunflower that gives him super strength in sunlight. The other is a seed that sprots into many vines that the wearer can control, and this is for Asuka.

207. Darling's Ill Omen! The Dreaded Shijimoto Oracle!!

Lum and Ataru are at a Shijimoto festival and visit several stalls to discover their fortunes. Lum takes Ataru to a strange one through a magic gateway and Ataru receives the shock of his life.

208. New Years Panic! The Mendo Family's Human Parchisi Tournament.

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Mendo, and Jariten are invited to Mendo's grandfather's special house which is set up with all kinds of traps. Meanwhile, the rest of the Mendo family makes a game of the others attempts to get through the house.

209. Dreaming Ten-chan! The Great Adventure at the End of the Rainbow!

Jariten meets a magical little man in a puddle reflection who has lost his magical umbrella, and if Jariten can return it, the man will let Jariten visit a dreamland. But finding and returning the umbrella proves to be difficult.

210. I Want to Date! Ataru's Test Program!

It's test time at school. Ataru asks everyone for help, but the only one to help is Lum. She uses a weird machine to copy Mendo's notes but ends up getting Ataru and the notes intermixed. Next day in school, Ataru is copying everyone's actions. After recovery, Ataru get a little luck token from his mother that produces a little sprite who tries to help Ataru during the test.

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