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141. Great Achievement! The Film of Lum-chan's Youth

Ataru, Lum, Mendo, Shinobu, and Lum's Guard are making a love story movie about Lum. Ataru and Lum are lovers but because of Ataru's infidelity, Lum goes off with Mendo and Ataru tries desperately to get her back. In the end, Mendo, Ataru, and Shinobu are not at all pleased with the movie and attack Megane.

142. Ghostbusting! Exorcising the Beautiful Sakura!

At school, Sakura's office is full of demons that she can't get rid of because Cherry is using her wand of papers to exorcise a sake drinking demon. Ataru goes off to find the wand. And finds Cherry in the middle of exorcising and ensues in a fight with Ten and a cat. Ataru runs off with the wand and Jariten flies off with the demon who is trapped in a bottle. Sakura eventually gets her wand back and she needs it because Ten and Lum free the demon not knowing what it is.

143. Attack of the Protozoa! Panic at the Pool side

The students are cleaning the school's swimming pool when Jariten shows up and proves to be a real pest. After a fashion, Jariten presents some protozoa seeds. The pool is suddenly flooded and the seeds grow into a giant protozoa that swallows Ataru and Mendo into a other natural world where they meet Adam and Eve.

144. Here Again! The Hunter of Love, Princess Kurama

Princess Kurama uses a computer to find a lover and gets Rei. She steals Rei from Ran so Ran gets Lum to help, but Ataru shows up to make things worse. Finally Kurama forgets about Rei when she sees him turn into a bull-tiger.

145. The Fox's Unrequited Love

First episode with Kitsune, the little fox who loves Shinobu and can sort of polymorph. Kitsune comes to Tomobiki and is saved by Shinobu from some dogs. Falling in love with Shinobu, Kitsune goes to school the next day to be with her and because of his polymorphing he causes a bit of confusion and fighting.

146. Ryunosuke Confused! Solid Rock Mother Cherishes Her Young Pebble!

During a vacation at the beach, Ryunosuke meets a woman who greets Ryu as her child. But this woman acts a little odd and doesn't say much. Unfortunately, at the end, the woman turns out to be a metamorphic turtle who was looking for her turtle child, who was disguised as a rock but is found at the end.

147. The Stairs! Footsteps in the Girls Dorm!!

Ataru tells Jariten a old ghost story about a spirit who appears as a beautiful woman then seduces and kills men. She is noted by a lantern she carries and a wooden clanking sound. That night, and nights after, despite Lum's efforts, Ataru is spirited away by a ghostly lantern, but returns every morning claiming to have been to paradise. So one night, Lum, Mendo, Ten, and Cherry follow Ataru.

148. Pool Spooks! Burning with Forbidden Love

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Mendo, and Jariten are at a beach side hotel pool. Lum trying to improve Jariten swimming with a device that looks likes a fish. When attached to someone's stomach, it propels in the opposite direction one is swimming in order to build strength. Accidentally this gets attached to Ataru which makes it difficult to have fun swimming. In the second part, we meet the little goblin from eps. 57 who is in an aquarium. He trying to get his pet fish back from a nasty shark wearing sunglasses, so the kids offer to help.

149. Ran-chan's Panic: No Tomorrow for Tomobiki

Ran buys a spiked pearl to give to Rei, but it slips through a rip in her pouch and Kotatsu finds it. When Ran realizes it's gone, she gets everyone into a panic because this pearl can go supernova. Ataru lets that knowledge slip out while asking a policeman about the pearl and the town goes into a panic blaming Ataru.

150. Where is Love's Home? Kuriko and Chojuro

While picking fruits in an orchard, Lum discovers a living fruit that wants to be with another living fruit it loves. By sitting on a person's head, these two fruits can posses a person somewhat, but no completely. So a struggle ensues as to who will bear the fruits so that they may be together.

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