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Just some information of the site's history so far

Hey, the previous url wast just an IP number or can't remember quite right but that's the place where it all started

It was just some pages, 3-6 iirc, but it was just big fun getting it all up and running. Back then is was running on a Linux slackware distro running on an intel 486 DX66 with just 16 MB of memory connected to the router with a 33k6 Leased line modem from Tornado. Great times huh? Right in that time we changed url and got a sub-domain: http://lum.hastec.nl.

Due to far too much traffic on the leased line I was forced to move to Xoom at http://members.xoom.com/lumchan303. Site got trashed and moved quickly to http://members.xoom.com/sandra303.
It didn't last very long but thanks to Jonathan from www.ur.nl we did get a change to start again on a new location at http://lum-chan.bbox.org.

After a few years the webspace @ http://lum-chan.bbox.org is still in use. Unfortunate we don't have the ability to use .php and MySQL on this server, so we moved most of the data to http://www.lum-chan.com, our new domain on the web. First only the forum moved over, which got several make-overs before as we are now at December 26th 2006. Luckily the admin of http://lum-chan.bbox.org has put up a link page to our new location. Thanks Jonathan!

Now the server at http://lum-chan.bbox.org only redirects to http://www.lum-chan.com. Luckily enough we moved all the content from this server to http://www.lum-chan.com and started rebuilding. In 2007 we combined the website itself and the forums with TinyPortal 0.9.5 and new forum software using SFM 1.1 RC3. Several redo's have been done. Now we are back at the roots with SMF 1.1.5 and TP 1.0.5 Beta1 on http://forum.lum-chan.com while the whole site is now implemented in the portal software. Back to basic with a fresh theme based on the Default theme of SMF and using several variations of that Theme.

Many things have been changed now. You need to register to view all of the boards on the forum and to download the goodies. Some people will say "that's not good" but as far as I know, there haven't been any complaints about this new setting.... Phew!

In 2009 Lycos Webhosting stopped with hosting websites, so we migrated to Strato AG. This did work out quite well and we hope to use this as long as possible!

We survived several migrations to other servers but are still alive and kicking

Anyone who has a great memory and is willing to help me out... Please let me know... I'll check some older backups I might have laying around to find out some things and such.

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