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111. The Wrathful Lum-chan!

In a fight with Ataru, Jariten accidentally burns a scarf Lum has just made for Ataru. Ataru tries to get Lum angry with Ten, but Ten goes off thinking of how he can apologize. He ask many people for help, but Sakura is ultimately the one who get Jariten to set things right.

112. Lum and Ataru, A Night Alone

Mr. & Mrs. Moroboshi win a trip for a weekend and leave Ataru and Lum alone for the first time. Ataru tries desperately to seek sanctuary elsewhere, but Lum gets him home and cooks dinner. Mendo, Megane, and Lum's Guards try to keep the two apart, but Lum and Ataru manage to get rid of them. By then it's time for bed.

113. Lady Ryunosuke

Onsenmark gives Ryunosuke lessons in how to be feminine and finally takes her to a wrestling match. The wrestlers get too out of hand and accidentally rip Ryu's beautiful dress and get her mad.

114. Document: Who Will Be Miss Tomobiki?

The school has a contest for the title of Miss Tomobiki. Lum, Shinobu, Ran, Ryunosuke, and Sakura are the contestants; and Ataru is the final judge.

115. Strange! The Wonder Medicine of Selflessness

Cherry gives Kotatsu an enchanted fish cookie and Kotatsu in turn gives it to Ataru, upon eating it, Ataru falls asleep. His spirit escapes from his physical body and he goes spying on Sakura and Shinobu in his new ghost form.

116. Shutaro, Miserable Morning

One morning Shutaro is recalling unpleasant memories Lum and Ataru's relation has had on him and how he's lost to Ataru so many times. Cherry shows up only to help Mendo remember and cause more grief.

117. Tales of the Wandering Snowman

A snowman arrives from space and accidentally gets Jariten angry at it. Ataru unknowingly saves the snowman many times so it thanks Ataru with a late night encounter.

118. Lum-chan's Ancient Japanese Fairy Tales

Cherry tells an ancient fairy tale involving kiddie versions of an elderly Lum and Ataru who have Jariten as a son who grows up to fight an evil Rei who captured a princess Lum.

119. Shine! The blessed Bra!!

First episode with Soban, the beady eyed, big lip bald goon who loves Shinobu. Soban's flunkies try to get Shinobu to date him, but Shinobu seeks safety with Ryunosuke making the flunkies think Ryu's a boyfriend. The jerks find out Ryu's a girl and bribe her with a bra to get her to pose with Shinobu for some date photos.

120. Duel! Benten vs. the Three Daughters

First appearance of Sugar, Ginger, and Pepper; the three skebans who attend the same school Lum, Benten, and Oyuki did. The skebans are trying to prove themselves greater than their seniors by humiliating them. This time their scheme is stealing Benten chain and the skebans go through utterly silly lengths.

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