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41. Duel! Ataru vs. Ataru

Ataru eats a lollipop Lum gave him and gets a mouth burn. Running off, he finds Cherry and a weird melon, which Ataru eats to cool his mouth. The melon causes Ataru to split into two Ataru's, one polite and the other casual. The two continue to fight all day.

42. Waking to a Nightmare

Sleeping in class, Ataru has weird dreams which he relates a little of as he occasionally talks in his sleep. Annoyed, his classmates wake him and a dream demon comes out from Ataru's sleep.

Special: Urusei Yatsura All Star Bash

Mrs. Moroboshi narrates a recapping of the series up to this point.

Special: Grade School Excursion! Run For It!

First episode with Kaede, the ninja girl. On a school trip to a rustic village, Ataru finds a scroll dropped by a female ninja, Kaede. Her ninja master has her try to get it back by pretending to have a fondness for Ataru. But Lum shows up to protect her darling. So the master gets two more female ninja's and a clan of baby ninja's.

43 & 44. The Great Space Marriage Plan

First appearance of Primu, the winged and horned lady; and the Prince of the Underground. Lum's dad has set up a party for suitors to Lum. When Ataru finds out; he, Jariten, and primu arm themselves to save Lum. But they arrive just in time to see Lum betrothed to a unicorn boy who is really in love with another girl. Ataru, Ten, Primu, the Prince, and the other girl all kidnap Lum and Uni and finally get all the couples straightened out. Lum-Ataru, Uni-girl, and Primu-Prince (against his wishes)

45 & 46. The Spring Blossom Picnic

In the first part, Ataru is kidnaped by a kappa, a kind of turtle/lizard humanoid, and taken to her palace beneath the water. But he returns with a mermaid to an unwelcomed group. In the second part, Lum, Ataru, Mendo, and Shinobu explore a cave and get lost. They eventually wind up in a buried UFO and snack on the canned goods therein.

47. Beware the Earmuffs!

An alien sells Ataru and Ten some earmuffs that have a slight effect of switching maids. Ataru tries to use these to his advantage and ends up dragging Ten, Cherry, his parents, Lum, Shinobu, and Sakura into a mess.

48. Fly Imo-chan!

At School, a little worm starts eating everyone's food and Ataru and Lum try to save it from the wrath of the others. By the end of the day, the worm has spun a cocoon and hatches into a beautiful fairy.

49. Ten-chan's Love

Jariten and Sakura go on a double date with Lum and Ataru in order to appease Jariten recent moodiness. Kintaro also appears every so often. The story ends with an emotional scene between Ten and Sakura.

50. Energetic Dracula

A elderly vampire wants blood of a young girl, and with the help of his daughter, he get Ataru and Lum to help. They end up tricking Ran into coming to the vampire and Ataru tries to kiss the daughter. When Ran figures out what's going on, she sends the vampire to a blood donor wagon.

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