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121. Plenty of Lum-chans!

Ran kidnaps Lum and makes a copy of her. Ran sends the copy off to go zap Ataru so he'll be mad at Lum. However, electricity causes the copy to act like the original, but Ran doesn't realize until after she's made 6 copies, all which now think and act like Lum.

122. Certain Death! Stand-Up Eating Contest

Mendo's company hosts a noodle eating contest with some of our normal cast and some others. Two of these others have a love tragedy which is remedied at the end of the contest.

123. The Great Vault! Courageous Survival!!!

Mendo is showing off a large vault of his to Ataru when they are accidentally locked in and spend the rest of the episode trying to get out.

124. Operation; Peek in the Woman's Bath

Ataru, Mendo, Megane, Chibi, Pama, and Kakugari are at a bath house trying to peek over at the woman's side. As the story continues, more of the female cast members show up.

125. Sakura, Sad Years of Youth

Cherry puts something in Sakura's food so that when she sleeps, a copy of Sakura as a young girl appears.

126. Burning Ran's Emotional Video Mail

Ran get some video tapes in the mail filled with bad moments in her life. Good thing there's no return address.

127. Sakura San of Youth

This episode is narrated by Ataru who is recalling memories of Sakura and her influence.

128. Scramble! To the Rescue of Lum!

After a fight with Darling, Lum returns to her UFO which crashes overnight on the Mendo estate. Lum's lost her memory and Mendo convinces her she's his fiancee. Ataru and Lum's Guards together fight to free Lum.

129. A Fight to the Death! Ataru vs. The Mendo Brigade!

Part 2 of #128, in which the 5 heroes scramble across the Mendo estate to try and save Lum.

130. Dimensional Switch, Where's Darling?

Lum and Ataru are walking in a park and Lum goes through a dimensional warp door. Lum locates the door and arrive at various parallel worlds of Tomobiki, in one of which Ataru lost the tag game.

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