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21 & 22. Ataru Genji Visits Heinkyo

First appearance of Mendo, the rich noble; but it is not until episode 27 that he really does anything. Mendo tells a tale about ancient Japan featuring the normal cast in a slightly different alien invasion story. The aliens this time, all look like a bunch odd barbarians, except for a pretty girl and her young boy cousin.

23. Love Battle Royal

First appearance of Tsubame, Sakura's boy friend who has some magic abilities. Sakura invites Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, Megana, Pama, Chibi, and Kakugari to a disco. Things later go haywire as tsubame starts casting spells and all sorts of weird creatures appear, including Rei.

24. Father, You Were So Strong

Kurama takes Ataru back in time to help her father who appears to be afraid of women. Later Ataru and Kurama's father have to get past a guard on a bridge.

25. Hawaiian Swimsuit Thief

Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, Sakura, Megane, Cherry, and others are staying at a beach side resort. During the day, an octopus is stealing peoples swimsuits, but it appears to look like Cherry is doing it. At the end, they find the octopus and beat him up.

26. A Full Course of Hell

Still at the resort, the group meets some maniac who is having an all-you-can-eat contest. Sakura reveals the secret of her figure to be a diet pill called "Beauty Thin". But we really know the real reason is Sakura can just plain eat like a whale, and we see her do so as she beats Ataru and Cherry in the contest and clean the maniac of all his food.

27. Mendo Comes With Trouble!

Mendo returns for a formal introduction on his first day at school. He and Ataru have a duel for presidency of the class which ends in a tie. So they have a duel with cannons, which Ataru wins with help from Lum.

28. The Constellations Rotate

Lum's computer tells her that Mendo is really the best choice for her lover, so she brings a set of constellation scales to school and weight Ataru versus Mendo in a series of test in the scales. At the end, the scales break and we see the class as constellations.

29. Great Kiss War

First appearance of Benten, Lum's best friend the goddess. Lum takes Ataru to another planet to help in a battle against Benten's family. The battle consists of catching stones in bowls on a giant set of scales. Ataru starts playing with Benten and ends up messing up the entire game.

30. The Benten Corp's Return Match

Benten and her girl biker friends come to Earth for another round of fun. Ataru sides up with Benten again, and Lum recruits Jariten and some people dressed as demons.

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