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191. Space Survival! They are the Eaters

On a spaceship near Earth, an alien is cleaning a special food bowl and drops it. It arrives at Tomobiki High School and we soon find out it can magically present any food spoken to it.

192. It's a Thrill! The Terrible Overhead Cooler

It's a hot summer day, and the heat is bothering everyone except Lum. She has a chunk of ice floating over her head keeping her cool. and she offers some to everyone. However, if one doesn't keep a cool head, the ice conks one on the head.

193. Love Attack! The Romance Never Stops!!

Lum buys a plant that grows a little cupid. She then gets the cupit to try hitting Ataru with an arrow. But as usual, things never turn out quite as well as they could. Shinobu, Mendo, Ryunosuk and even her dad all get involved as well as many others.

194. Rare Form! Worries for Mother the Firefighter!!

Ten's mother visits and Jariten wants to give her a bouquet of carnations to show his love for her. However, one by one, he either loses or gives away the flowers and ends up missing her. but at night, he manages to catch and give her the last one.

195. Hardselling Happiness! Out of Focus Bluebird!!

An escaped alien convict, a bluebird, come to Tomobiki and begins to grant people's wishes. This causes some of the most outrageous results.

196. Great Uproar! Ryunosuke's First Time Wearing a Swimsuit!!

Ryunosuke has a final showdown with her father. If she wins, she gets to wear her mother's bathing suit. As this episode opens, we get to see a lot of past characters in the crowd; and we move to a flashback where Ryu finds some letters that cause her to be happy with her father.

197. I Want a Bride! The Fox's Love Adventure!

Kitsune comes to Tomobiki High School during a costume festival to see Shinobu.

198. How Persistent! The Three Daughters Great Animal Plan!

Sugar, Ginger, and Pepper try to use various animals to humiliate Benten, Oyuki, and Lum. On a day the class goes on a field trip to the zoo.

199. Fast Money in Fast Fighting! Hamajaya's Forbidden Business

The Fujinami's are camping out on the beach as some form of training and discipline...at least...Ryu is. Next day, Mr. Fujinami sets up a fish garden in a swimming pool and charges a mere 500 yen for entry. but it turns out this fish garden is full of sharks, electric eels, and other dangerous sea animals.

200. Wish Upon a Star! The Winning Family's Consumer Panic

A wishing star crashes in the Moroboshi house and offers to grant three wishes which are to be written on paper which it will eat. Mr. Moroboshi dreams of a perfect wife and daughter, while Ataru dreams of....what else.

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