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71. Princess Kurama's New Challenge

Kurama has her subjects place her in suspended sleep again in the hopes that some prince may awaken her. Although Ataru is the one to really kiss and revive her. Kurama thinks Mendo did and she goes through great efforts to get him to be her mate.

72. Terrible Toothache Wars!

Jariten has a weird toothache. It can spread like a disease by biting someone, and he bites Ataru, who the starts to spread it among his school mates and Onsenmark. As Lum demonstrates on Onsenmark, the cure is very painful; so they continue to fight.

73. The Mendo Older Brother & Younger Sister!

This episode introduces Mendo's younger sister Ryoko. On he way to school, Ataru is scared white by Ryoko in her Death guise. At school, Ryoko tries to feed her brother lunch; but Mendo is wise to her tricks. Ataru nobly offers to be fed the lunch, but Lum intervenes. Ryoko then makes an offer for Ataru to visit her for a Romeo and Juliet rendezvous. Mendo and Lum try their best to stop this meeting.

74. Cat on the Stairway

First appearance of Kotatsu cat, the giant white half ghost kitty. Jariten meets kotatsu and invites him home. Upon seeing a kotatsu, a heater table, in the house; Kotatsu cuddles up beside it, blocking the stairway. Sakura and Cherry arrive to expel Kotatsu and find out that kotatsu died of cold many years ago and that is why he wants heat. Ataru tries to leave his room, Mrs. Moroboshi tries to leave Mr. Moroboshi; but everyone, including Kotatsu, ends up staying home.

75. Can the Raccoon Return the Favor?

Ataru helps a wounded bird who transforms itself into a raccoon and move in to repay the service to Ataru. The raccoon tries to do good, always makes a mess of matters, do it changes back into a bird and flies away.

76. Desperate Sub-Space Part-Time Job

Lum takes Ataru down an alley into an weird ancient Japanese town. After getting lost, Ataru does some running around and meets Lum again. Lum then introduces Ataru to a being who gives Ataru a job in a bath house for aliens and Ataru tries desperately to get over to the female's side.

77. Lum-chan's Great Year-End Celebration!

Lum brings two dimensional doors to class that take the students to a crazy fictional world where they temporarily forget themselves and take new identities; Mendo becomes Sherlock Holmes, Lum becomes a genie. Onsenmark show up and Ataru and Mendo try to help him remember who he is.

78. Children in Vain, Musashi, Signs of the Times

The normal cast is again put into an ancient Japanese story with Ataru as a food thief with Onsenmark and Cherry as his occasional companions. Ataru ends up running from Sakura, Lum and Mendo with a giant monkey. In the end however, it is Onsenmark who comes out ahead.

79. Risking One's Life in Class

Ataru and friends defeat Jariten with a barrage of snowballs, so Jariten seek to take revenge in the classroom. Unfortunately, today Onsenmark demands complete silence in the class and the students do their best to comply.

80. Is a Husband & Wife Quarrel Survival of the Fittest?

Lum's mother boots father out of the house, so he comes to stay with Lum. He then visits the school for a day and gives a speech about being married, which ultimately gets interrupted by Lum's mother.

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