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181. The Honest Fox Again! I Love Shinobu

This episode is notable for the appearance of Hokuto-Kun (Hokuto No Ken) Kitsune goes to Tomobiki High School and bring the class back to his class in the woods on a flying bus.

182. I Love the Sea! Prayers for the Thriving Hamajaya!?

At the beach, Ataru, Mendo, Shinobu, Lum, and Ryu are trying to attract customers for the Hamajaya restaurant, but Mr. Fujinami keeps scaring away the customers. But Lum manages to find a lot of customers who aren't scared off.

183. Ryunosuke vs. Benten! The Fruitless Duel of Passion

Benten comes to visit Lum and again meets Ryunosuke, but Mr. Fujinami is trying to convince Benten that Ryu is a boy. Benten finds out the truth, and the school principal stages a femininity contest between the two.

184. The Magic Bottle! What's to Become of Me?

Jariten buys a magic bottle that can shrink anything down to fit in the bottle. Lum is accidentally caught in this and with her new size she has trouble not only protecting Darling, but herself as well.

185. The Great Devil's Debut! Lum's Dangerous Purchase!

Discipline in school raises to a new peak because of the disturbances caused by the arrival of packages from space for Lum. The parts are for a giant robot whom Lum brings to school and he incites a full scale war between the students and the combined faculty and Mendo Corps.

186. Goodness! Words Aren't Getting to Darling

During a fight between Ataru and Ten at breakfast, Ataru misses Ten and hits Lum with a rice cooker; causing her to forget how to understand or speak Japanese. Ataru at first sees this as a blessing and begins a girl hunt feast.

187. The Devil's Summer! Ten-chan's Eel Lunch Plot!

Jariten gets a fever from staying in the sun too long and the cure is to be made very cold. So he tries to hide his illness from Lum as he helps some faeries get back their eel lunches they lost, which Sakura found. These faeries look like Ataru and Sakura, and their children look like someone special when they hatch.

188. Visitation Panic! I Didn't Mean Any Harm

Ran gets sick and asks Lum to come over by sending Lum exploding dolls, missiles and the like. Finally Lum comes over and tries her best to make Ran feel comfortable. But trying isn't succeeding. Or is it.

189. Scary! Is That an Octopus on Shutaro's Head?

An apparition of one of Shutaro's favorite octopi appears on his head and cannot be removed. So he calls in Ataru, Lum, Sakura, Shinobu, and Cherry for for help.

190. Invader From Space! He's After Lum's Lips!

A space centaur comes to Earth where he takes the guise of Ataru and tries to kiss every girl in school, but fails. He does manage to kiss Mendo though and then he tries to kiss Lum.

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