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151. Man or Bird? Gokakenran, Champion of Justice!

Jariten meets and helps revive an aging super hero. This super hero, who has a terribly long and silly name, helps train Jariten to be his replacement by giving Jariten a costume and some items.

152. Attack your Seniors! Revenge of the Infamous Three Daughters

The skebans return and fail to best Oyuki or Benten, so they try to get Lum. Ataru and Lum make a deal that for one day, Ataru may chase all the girls he wants if he will date Lum. Lum never even notices the skebans, although she zaps them several times; until the end when they outright confront her. So she zaps them again.

153. Blaze, Secret Powers! Stick to the Straight and Narrow Path

Lum brings a red oval shaped alien to class and makes the kids perform a talent show to his liking or they will not be allowed to leave.

154. Don't Die! Ryoko Special Straw Doll

Ryoko makes a voodoo doll of her brother Shutaro and gives it to Ataru, only telling him that it's important and he should always keep it close to him. During the day, Ataru unknowingly causes Mendo great pain and finally Mendo figures out how.

155. Hell Encounter! Armored Girl; Beauty or Beast?

Part 1. First episode with Mizunokoji Asuka, younger sister to Tobimaru. Mendo's parents and the Mizunokji parents are arranging a marriage between Shutaro and Asuka, but all we've seen of Asuka is a hulk of Armour. Tobimaru and Shutaro fight over the marriage. Ataru catches a glimpse of Asuka and pursues her. When he finally catches her, Lum zaps him which causes the Armour to fall off.

156. Love of the Armored Girl! Maidenly Feelings Reeling

Part 2. We find out that Asuka was raised never seeing a male, and Ataru makes a bad first impression, causing Asuka to be terrified of males. After a lot of fighting and running, Asuka is captured and Ataru and Mendo fight over who will marry her. Tobimaru nobly defends his sister causing her to fall in love with him. The episode ends with Ryoko, who loves Tobimaru, entering and blowing up everything.

157. I Dearly Need You! Return of the Honest Fox!

Kitsune is told a story about a Kitsune who uses magic seeds to turn a woman into a fox, Kitsune gets some of this seed and tries to get Shinobu to eat it but everyone ends up having some after it is put into Cherry's cooking pot.

158. What Do I Care for Talking Flowers!

Thanks to Cherry, some flowers of Ran's are set loose and quickly multiply. These flowers can repeat anything they hear and end up doing so in very bad places and times. Everywhere, things are going into panic because of the flowers, but Lum and Ran manage to collect and contain them all...they think.

159. The Birth of Ten-chan's Son? I Didn't Know a Thing

A space carrier passing Earth accidentally drops some weird eggs on it. As Ten soon finds out, these eggs attach them selves to one's belly and after a little time, hatch a bee that looks like the person. The little Ten-bee causes Ten a lot of problems, but soon Ten isn't the only one being bee-set. Finally, the delivery duck picks up the bees he dropped at the beginning.

160. Lum's Courageous Duel! An Ironic Victory

A junior female student at Tomobiki is bring bothered by Soban and his flunkies, but Lum zaps them and saves her. Lum then promises the girl that she will fight Soban for her and win. However, Lum finds that getting the strength will not be easy, so she uses a pair of strength wristbands and some special pills that temporarily give her super strength and she fight Soban.

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