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61. Pitter Patter, Summer Date

Lum blackmail's Ataru into dating her by taking his book of girl's addresses. On the date, Lum tries to act like a normal Earth girl would. They go swimming and roller skating, and later meet Pama who also has a date.

62. Title Unknown

After their usual fight Ran plans to kiss Ataru, but Lum finds out and uses a gun that make's an Ataru double. Ran also has a gun, and by the end of the show their's an army of Ataru's

63. So Long, Bye-Bye, Summer Days

In the first half, Ataru, Lum, and Shinobu are looking for a watermelon to eat on the beach, but no one will sell one. But they do happen to find a giant watermelon...I mean a GIANT water- melon which turns out to be a watermelon god; and he attacks them. In the second half, they join Sakura and Cherry for a party. But they are joined by a lizard-goblin who is always crying.

64. Panic in the Typhoon!

A typhoon is set to hit Tomobiki and the Moroboshi's are preparing by boarding up the house. Lum has a small capsule that has an effect on water which ultimately causes Lum and the Moro boshi's to be in a level of air between two levels of water in the house.

65. Drunken Boogie

At school, Ataru feeds Ten and Lum each an umeboshi, a cherry flavored with alcohol, and finds out Lum's race has no tolerance to alcohol. In a drunken rage, Lum flies about zapping people and trying to get more alcohol. Onsenmark thinks someone has sake in school because it is impossible to get drunk just on umeboshis.

66. Fear of Meow

Atop the Moroboshi house, Ataru, Ten, and Lum meet a half cat/half woman named Misuzu. As a human, Misuzu was drying and she melded with her cat to her present state. Ataru and Ten fight a cat with an eye patch to see who will get to kiss Misuzu, and turn her into a full human or cat.

67. After You've Gone

In a Japanese survey, this was the #1 Urusei Yatsura episode. During a party celebrating Lum's first year on Earth, Ataru goes into a tirade about how horrible it is living with Lum, and Lum leaves....the Earth. But she leaves behind a doll she stitched together with her hair which Ataru finds. Ataru, Mendo, and everyone else spend the whole next day looking for Lum.

68. Lum-chan's Class Party

During the day, many visitors interrupt the Class; which are Cherry, Jariten, Benten, Oyuki, Rei, Primu, and the Prince of the underground; all who are avoiding Lum. Then Ataru and Mendo disappear. It turns out that Lum's alien friends are having a surprise party for Lum and the episode ends with a happy festival.

69. Free to Buy and Munch Snack Food

During lunch time at school, the teachers are using espionage and force to keep the students at school for lunch; and the teachers are aided by Mendo and a few other students. Ataru, Lum, and the other rebel students discover the teachers plan and retaliate.

70. Shiver! Mystery in the Odd Fossil Land

Ataru, Lum, Mendo, Shinobu, and Jariten all go on a picnic to a remote part of Japan which has some fossils. A group of archaeologists are also exploring this area and using a lot of fancy tricks to make the exploration seem more dramatic than it is. Ataru constructs a bird monstrosity with some fossils and Lum bring it to life. The bird then goes about reaping havoc.

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