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171. Spring Blossom! Frozen by Oyuki's Cold

Ran needs money for a date with Rei, so she convinces Oyuki to help her and they set up a stall at a festival. But Ran tries to sneak away with the money after she had promised to give half to Oyuki, so Oyuki freezes Ran and takes all the money. Next day, both Ran and Oyuki have a cold, but Oyuki's cold causes her to uncontrollably freeze everything around her and her cure requires capturing Kotatsu neko.

172. Panic Among Friends! I Love to Eat Blowfish

Lum and Ataru buy a blowfish. Jariten likes it as a pet, but Ataru wants to have it grow so he can eat it. Jariten gives the fish the same snack he gave the swallow back in eps #4 and the fish can now fly and spit electricity. The fish goes out and gets into frays with Cherry, Kotatsu, Mr. Fujinami, and causes Mendo and some girls to get mad at Ataru.

173. The Armored Girl Returns! Plenty of Older Brothers

Asuka comes to Tomobiki High School to deliver a scroll message to Mendo. But seeing all the boys at school frightens Asuka. Then she happens to fall in on Ryu. Asuka thinks Ryu is a boy, and Ryu tries to show Asuka the truth.

174. The Boredom Syndrome! Is Tomobiki Wasting Away?

Ataru drinks a can of eye drops Lum left in his room, thinking it was juice. Because of this, his and other's dreams start having weird effects. Next day in school, things start duplicating. First Ataru, then Mendo, Shinobu, Sakura, and even the city itself.

175. Look Out Ran! Kotatsu Cat's Primary Love is Oden!?

Ran make a special pot of stew that has been magicked so that Rei will be madly in love with Ran. But Kotatsu walks in and gulps it all down and starts to follow Ran around, much to Ran's annoyance. After much fleeing, Ran tries making another batch of stew and we find out that all Kotatsu really wanted was another pot of Ran's yummy stew.

176. The Armored Girl Returns Again! A Storm Raising Date

Mrs. Mizunokoji has Mendo and Asuka go on a date on their estate, but Ataru interferes to scare Asuka. Asuka goes on a rampage destroying everything until her mother tries to cure her fear by handcuffing her to Ataru. Big mistake.

177. Arrival of the Mysterious Priest! The Bell Battle Royal

In the first part, everyone in school is desperately trying to get Sakura in her office. Later a priest shows up and rings Ataru, Shinobu, Ryu, Lum, Mendo, and Sakura to a great bell in a shrine and ask them to rings the bell, promising to give them "kane" (money) After a lot of silly ways of ringing the bell, the priest gives them all "kane" (bells) proportional in size to the number of times they each rang the bell.

178. First Love Relived!? A Return to the Past for Lum and Rei

Jariten finds part of a love locket Lum and Rei got when they were going together. At a birthday party for Mendo's favor- ite octopus, Lum tries to hide this fact, especially from Ataru. But Rei shows up and makes matters difficult.

179. Appearance of the Youthful Old Man! Shine, Great Teahouse of Dreams!

A middle-aged man and his daughter opens up a teahouse which constantly becomes the scene of many fights between Tomobiki High School students and staff. Ultimately the man must close because of them, but he's not leaving unrevenged.

180. I Love Darling Sincerity (My Vote for the Best)

A ghost girl who fell in love with Ataru while she was alive wants to have a date with him. She spent most of her life in the hospital and made a scarf, mittens, and most of a sweater before dying; all of which she wanted to give to the handsome boy she saw from her window, Ataru. Finally, she wants to be with him in a snowfall, but it's June. However a sudden fireworks display gives the same effect and the ghost leaves. Next day, Ataru and Lum visits her grave with some flowers.

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