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201. Special Delivery Kiss! Darling First Jealousy!

A frog arrives by space mail for Lum in class. He says he was once a prince but was turned into a frog and a kiss will restore him. He even has a picture of his former self.

202. Scary Sake! Sakura's Possession a Big Failure

Sakura's drinking sake invokes a powerful serpent demon which starts causing trouble for Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, and Mendo at Mendo's residence. Cherry shows up to try and set things right. But invokes a frog and a snail demon who side with the snake.

203. It's strange! Cherry Yoga School!

Cherry instructs Ataru, Lum, Sakura, Mendo, and Shinobu in yoga lessons that's all I can say.

204. Good-bye Onsen Sensei!? Tearful Good-bye Marathon Banquet.

Onsenmark spends some time out in nature for health reasons. He returns for a school marathon and plans to have a final duel with Ataru.

205. Pure Love Sakura! The Slippery Soap of Separation?

Sakura and Tsubame's relationship is having problems. They only get worse after a game of tennis. Sakura accidentally uses Lum's soap which causes Sakura to become very slippery to the touch.

206. Askua vs. Older Brother! Battle for Certain Love!

Lum introduces two new items to try and help Tobimaru and Asuka's relationship. A seed that when placed on Tobimaru's head, sprots into a sunflower that gives him super strength in sunlight. The other is a seed that sprots into many vines that the wearer can control, and this is for Asuka.

207. Darling's Ill Omen! The Dreaded Shijimoto Oracle!!

Lum and Ataru are at a Shijimoto festival and visit several stalls to discover their fortunes. Lum takes Ataru to a strange one through a magic gateway and Ataru receives the shock of his life.

208. New Years Panic! The Mendo Family's Human Parchisi Tournament.

Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Mendo, and Jariten are invited to Mendo's grandfather's special house which is set up with all kinds of traps. Meanwhile, the rest of the Mendo family makes a game of the others attempts to get through the house.

209. Dreaming Ten-chan! The Great Adventure at the End of the Rainbow!

Jariten meets a magical little man in a puddle reflection who has lost his magical umbrella, and if Jariten can return it, the man will let Jariten visit a dreamland. But finding and returning the umbrella proves to be difficult.

210. I Want to Date! Ataru's Test Program!

It's test time at school. Ataru asks everyone for help, but the only one to help is Lum. She uses a weird machine to copy Mendo's notes but ends up getting Ataru and the notes intermixed. Next day in school, Ataru is copying everyone's actions. After recovery, Ataru get a little luck token from his mother that produces a little sprite who tries to help Ataru during the test.

211. Darling Said He Love Me

Sakura makes a special candy for Shinobu and Lum that causes one to be very kind, honest, and noble. Lum tricks Ataru into eating this and Ataru's manner is not exactly a change for the better.

212. Death-Defying House Call! A Teacher Life is Dangerous too

Onsenmark visits to the homes of Ryunosuke, Mendo, Shinobu and Ataru; in that order. But each visit only proves to be trouble, until Onsenmark visits Lum house.

213. Total Chaos! Ran-chan's Double Doll!

As Jariten arrives at school, he get's into a fight with the class. Ran's dolls show up, blow up; and Lum, Ran, Ataru,Shi Ten, and Mendo end up staying after school. Ultimately they start fighting again until Kotatsu accidentally awakens a special doll of Ran's

214. Blind Love! You Bet Your Life, Honest Fox

Kitsune hears a story about a woman who was trapped in a picture by a demon and saved by a hero. Finding a picture of Shinobu, Kitsune sets off to find a demon and defeat it. and guess who he attacks.

215. Come Quickly Darling! Lum's Dangerous Marriage Talk

First episode with Shingo, the boy who lives in the electric jungle. Shingo, who has been raised by television since he was lost in the electric jungle as a child, goes out to chivalrously find a girlfriend. He meets Lum and Lum asks Shingo to help her with a plan. By pretending to be kidnapped, Lum hopes to make Ataru jealous, but Lum's capture goes from pretend to real.

216. It's Unbearable! Ran's Mischief Campaign

Ran and Lum are remembering childhood times and all Ran can recall are bad memories. Ran decides to send out a small spy of her's that can cause one to remember old grudges, and first it strikes Ryunosuke, and then Ataru.

217. Urusei Yatsura Pre-Departure Special! Shine!

This episode lists the top ten favorite U.Y. episodes in the introduction and reruns the most favorite, #67.

218. All Star Banquet! We Are Immortal!!

In the oddest places, everyone is finding invitations to a festival. They gather to try and figure out who is responsible and decide to attend and see what happens. What happens is the sun goddess show up. and at the end of the episode many many familiar people from the series show up as well.

181. The Honest Fox Again! I Love Shinobu

This episode is notable for the appearance of Hokuto-Kun (Hokuto No Ken) Kitsune goes to Tomobiki High School and bring the class back to his class in the woods on a flying bus.

182. I Love the Sea! Prayers for the Thriving Hamajaya!?

At the beach, Ataru, Mendo, Shinobu, Lum, and Ryu are trying to attract customers for the Hamajaya restaurant, but Mr. Fujinami keeps scaring away the customers. But Lum manages to find a lot of customers who aren't scared off.

183. Ryunosuke vs. Benten! The Fruitless Duel of Passion

Benten comes to visit Lum and again meets Ryunosuke, but Mr. Fujinami is trying to convince Benten that Ryu is a boy. Benten finds out the truth, and the school principal stages a femininity contest between the two.

184. The Magic Bottle! What's to Become of Me?

Jariten buys a magic bottle that can shrink anything down to fit in the bottle. Lum is accidentally caught in this and with her new size she has trouble not only protecting Darling, but herself as well.

185. The Great Devil's Debut! Lum's Dangerous Purchase!

Discipline in school raises to a new peak because of the disturbances caused by the arrival of packages from space for Lum. The parts are for a giant robot whom Lum brings to school and he incites a full scale war between the students and the combined faculty and Mendo Corps.

186. Goodness! Words Aren't Getting to Darling

During a fight between Ataru and Ten at breakfast, Ataru misses Ten and hits Lum with a rice cooker; causing her to forget how to understand or speak Japanese. Ataru at first sees this as a blessing and begins a girl hunt feast.

187. The Devil's Summer! Ten-chan's Eel Lunch Plot!

Jariten gets a fever from staying in the sun too long and the cure is to be made very cold. So he tries to hide his illness from Lum as he helps some faeries get back their eel lunches they lost, which Sakura found. These faeries look like Ataru and Sakura, and their children look like someone special when they hatch.

188. Visitation Panic! I Didn't Mean Any Harm

Ran gets sick and asks Lum to come over by sending Lum exploding dolls, missiles and the like. Finally Lum comes over and tries her best to make Ran feel comfortable. But trying isn't succeeding. Or is it.

189. Scary! Is That an Octopus on Shutaro's Head?

An apparition of one of Shutaro's favorite octopi appears on his head and cannot be removed. So he calls in Ataru, Lum, Sakura, Shinobu, and Cherry for for help.

190. Invader From Space! He's After Lum's Lips!

A space centaur comes to Earth where he takes the guise of Ataru and tries to kiss every girl in school, but fails. He does manage to kiss Mendo though and then he tries to kiss Lum.

191. Space Survival! They are the Eaters

On a spaceship near Earth, an alien is cleaning a special food bowl and drops it. It arrives at Tomobiki High School and we soon find out it can magically present any food spoken to it.

192. It's a Thrill! The Terrible Overhead Cooler

It's a hot summer day, and the heat is bothering everyone except Lum. She has a chunk of ice floating over her head keeping her cool. and she offers some to everyone. However, if one doesn't keep a cool head, the ice conks one on the head.

193. Love Attack! The Romance Never Stops!!

Lum buys a plant that grows a little cupid. She then gets the cupit to try hitting Ataru with an arrow. But as usual, things never turn out quite as well as they could. Shinobu, Mendo, Ryunosuk and even her dad all get involved as well as many others.

194. Rare Form! Worries for Mother the Firefighter!!

Ten's mother visits and Jariten wants to give her a bouquet of carnations to show his love for her. However, one by one, he either loses or gives away the flowers and ends up missing her. but at night, he manages to catch and give her the last one.

195. Hardselling Happiness! Out of Focus Bluebird!!

An escaped alien convict, a bluebird, come to Tomobiki and begins to grant people's wishes. This causes some of the most outrageous results.

196. Great Uproar! Ryunosuke's First Time Wearing a Swimsuit!!

Ryunosuke has a final showdown with her father. If she wins, she gets to wear her mother's bathing suit. As this episode opens, we get to see a lot of past characters in the crowd; and we move to a flashback where Ryu finds some letters that cause her to be happy with her father.

197. I Want a Bride! The Fox's Love Adventure!

Kitsune comes to Tomobiki High School during a costume festival to see Shinobu.

198. How Persistent! The Three Daughters Great Animal Plan!

Sugar, Ginger, and Pepper try to use various animals to humiliate Benten, Oyuki, and Lum. On a day the class goes on a field trip to the zoo.

199. Fast Money in Fast Fighting! Hamajaya's Forbidden Business

The Fujinami's are camping out on the beach as some form of training and discipline...at least...Ryu is. Next day, Mr. Fujinami sets up a fish garden in a swimming pool and charges a mere 500 yen for entry. but it turns out this fish garden is full of sharks, electric eels, and other dangerous sea animals.

200. Wish Upon a Star! The Winning Family's Consumer Panic

A wishing star crashes in the Moroboshi house and offers to grant three wishes which are to be written on paper which it will eat. Mr. Moroboshi dreams of a perfect wife and daughter, while Ataru dreams of....what else.

171. Spring Blossom! Frozen by Oyuki's Cold

Ran needs money for a date with Rei, so she convinces Oyuki to help her and they set up a stall at a festival. But Ran tries to sneak away with the money after she had promised to give half to Oyuki, so Oyuki freezes Ran and takes all the money. Next day, both Ran and Oyuki have a cold, but Oyuki's cold causes her to uncontrollably freeze everything around her and her cure requires capturing Kotatsu neko.

172. Panic Among Friends! I Love to Eat Blowfish

Lum and Ataru buy a blowfish. Jariten likes it as a pet, but Ataru wants to have it grow so he can eat it. Jariten gives the fish the same snack he gave the swallow back in eps #4 and the fish can now fly and spit electricity. The fish goes out and gets into frays with Cherry, Kotatsu, Mr. Fujinami, and causes Mendo and some girls to get mad at Ataru.

173. The Armored Girl Returns! Plenty of Older Brothers

Asuka comes to Tomobiki High School to deliver a scroll message to Mendo. But seeing all the boys at school frightens Asuka. Then she happens to fall in on Ryu. Asuka thinks Ryu is a boy, and Ryu tries to show Asuka the truth.

174. The Boredom Syndrome! Is Tomobiki Wasting Away?

Ataru drinks a can of eye drops Lum left in his room, thinking it was juice. Because of this, his and other's dreams start having weird effects. Next day in school, things start duplicating. First Ataru, then Mendo, Shinobu, Sakura, and even the city itself.

175. Look Out Ran! Kotatsu Cat's Primary Love is Oden!?

Ran make a special pot of stew that has been magicked so that Rei will be madly in love with Ran. But Kotatsu walks in and gulps it all down and starts to follow Ran around, much to Ran's annoyance. After much fleeing, Ran tries making another batch of stew and we find out that all Kotatsu really wanted was another pot of Ran's yummy stew.

176. The Armored Girl Returns Again! A Storm Raising Date

Mrs. Mizunokoji has Mendo and Asuka go on a date on their estate, but Ataru interferes to scare Asuka. Asuka goes on a rampage destroying everything until her mother tries to cure her fear by handcuffing her to Ataru. Big mistake.

177. Arrival of the Mysterious Priest! The Bell Battle Royal

In the first part, everyone in school is desperately trying to get Sakura in her office. Later a priest shows up and rings Ataru, Shinobu, Ryu, Lum, Mendo, and Sakura to a great bell in a shrine and ask them to rings the bell, promising to give them "kane" (money) After a lot of silly ways of ringing the bell, the priest gives them all "kane" (bells) proportional in size to the number of times they each rang the bell.

178. First Love Relived!? A Return to the Past for Lum and Rei

Jariten finds part of a love locket Lum and Rei got when they were going together. At a birthday party for Mendo's favor- ite octopus, Lum tries to hide this fact, especially from Ataru. But Rei shows up and makes matters difficult.

179. Appearance of the Youthful Old Man! Shine, Great Teahouse of Dreams!

A middle-aged man and his daughter opens up a teahouse which constantly becomes the scene of many fights between Tomobiki High School students and staff. Ultimately the man must close because of them, but he's not leaving unrevenged.

180. I Love Darling Sincerity (My Vote for the Best)

A ghost girl who fell in love with Ataru while she was alive wants to have a date with him. She spent most of her life in the hospital and made a scarf, mittens, and most of a sweater before dying; all of which she wanted to give to the handsome boy she saw from her window, Ataru. Finally, she wants to be with him in a snowfall, but it's June. However a sudden fireworks display gives the same effect and the ghost leaves. Next day, Ataru and Lum visits her grave with some flowers.
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