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131. Crash! Her Ladyship and the Football of Love

At school, the boys and Ryunosuke are playing rugby in P.E. class when the football is switched for a UFO shaped like a football which is visiting Earth. Ryu, Lum and ataru are taken inside the UFO and Ataru chases the UFO's princess while Lum chases Ataru.

132. Ran-chan, Tasting the Tearful Love of a First Kiss

Ran bakes some fish food snack with a special ingredient that should cause Rei to kiss her when he eats them.

133. The Indelible Magic Lipstick

Lum makes some lipstick that cannot be rubbed off, and works like a magnet when two people put the lipstick on. Lum tries to use it on Ataru but he swipes it from her and tries to use it at school the next day. However, so does everyone else.

134. Deadly Combat! The Mendo Family's Flower Display Death Match

Something has been causing trouble with it's late night snacking anywhere it pleases, and it turns out to be Ryoko's pet cherry blossom tree. When the tree eats a leg off each of Shutaro's octopi, he stages a wrestling match between his secret police and Ryoko's tree. But Ataru and Lum get in on the fight.

135. Benten & Ryunosuke; Run for the Morrow

Benten and Ryunosuke meet a small girl who loses her kitten. The two swipe a biker gang leader's bike to go after it and end up getting the whole gang after them.

136. Great Horrors! Oyuki is Finally Angered!

A snow lemming from Oyuki's planet accidentally comes home with Ran and starts causing her great problems. Lum, Oyuki, and Benten show up to try and help, but the only result is a fight between Benten and Ran. Finally everyone calms down, but now Oyuki has to scold the lemming.

137. Ten-chan's Wonderful Love Story

Jariten meets a ghost girl who very much wants to hug a puppy, but because she's ethereal, she can't. So Jariten tries to help her by letting her posses his body.

138. Haunted House Special! Quest for Mendo Estate Treasure!

Mendo's grandfather sends Shutaro on a treasure hunt for the Mendo mask, and Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, and Lum's Guard come along as they all go across ice plains, through forests, and an amusement park to finally find the mask.

139. Love and War! Battle of Glove vs. Pants!!

Ataru dons a magical glove in order to bop Jariten, but the glove is part of a magical pair. When Ataru finally dons the both, he is bestowed with an amazing and uncontrollable ability to super punch anyone coming close to him. Sakura and Cherry prescribe one way to remove the gloves. Have a match; to which Megane shows up in magical wrestler's pants and Mendo in another magical outfit.

140. Lum-chan's Becoming a Cow?

In a pet store, Lum is bit by a cow, which she zaps. In the following days, she feels she is turning into a were-cow and a change in her horns seems to indicate this.

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