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Performed by Asada Hanako
Lyrics by Kawamura Masumi
Music by Toshimi Takashi
Arranged by Hagita Mitsuo

Okujoo ni nobotte
doyoobi o mioroshiteta.
Tsugihagi no hodoo ga
gameban mitai ni tsuzuku yo.

Warawanaide ne mune no doko ka ga
rhythm o midashiteiru dake.

Mieru ko ni wa no no no
mieru koto ga aru yo.
Aozora ni popcorn nagete
yuki o furasetara
kitto oh kimi ga suteki da to omou?
Minna suki kirai
iya na koto wa iya to ieru ka na?

Hiekitta tesuri ni
hoo o tsuke iki o tometa.
Tachinarabu builtachi
neteru yoo ni mieru yo naname ni.

Namida fuitara
chigau sekai ne.
Egao no tochuu de mattete.

Wakaru ko ni wa no no no
wakaru koto ga aru yo.
Nee ashita nante
kitto ima no tsuzuki da ne.
Kumo ga oh itsuka
ame ni naru dake sa.
Minna suki kirai
yareru toki wa yareru
sore dake sa.

Konna takai basho datte
hoshi no kazu nara onaji da yo.

Stanza 3 Kurikaeshi.
I climbed onto the roof
and was looking down at Saturday.
The patchwork roads keep on going
just like a gameboard.

Don't laugh; it just messes up
the rhythm in some part of my heart.

To a girl who can see--no, no, no--
there are things that can be seen.
If I threw popcorn into the blue sky
and made it snow,
oh, would you think it was wonderful?
I wonder if I can say
if I like something or not?

I laid my cheek on the icy rail
and held my breath.
The buildings all look aslant,
as if they're sleeping.

It'll be a different world
once you wipe your tears.
Wait for me in the middle of your smile.

To a girl who understands--no, no, no--
there are things to be understood.
Hey, tomorrow must be
just a continuation of now.
Oh, the clouds will just
become rain someday.
There are times when you just do
what you can
whether you like it or not.

Even in such a high place as this
the stars all number the same.

Repeat Stanza #3.

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