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Lyrics by Mori Yukinosuke
Music by Tsunoda Hiro
Arranged by Kubota Mitsumasa
Performed by Narisumi Kanako

Katte ni jealousy
kizutsuita dake yo
Dare ni mo yasashii
anata dakara.
Kigen naose to mujakina hitomi de
mitsumetara dame yo...
Fui ni hoo hippataite aserugao

Koi no jajauma tsuyogari
no rouge ni
Mayonaka namida ga nijimu
koto wa himitsu na no.
Itsuka anata ni sotto
sunaona kokoro o kaseneau hi
matteiru no.

SORRY... Jajauma kotoba wa
hantai no imi yo.
Dakara Kirai
nara Suki
Akambe wa Dakishimete!

Koi no jajauma namaikina egao ni
setsunai kimochi o kakushiteiru
mainichi yo.
Shower abite mo heart kara ochinai
anata no omokage kurushii hodo
aishiteru no.

SORRY... Tasogare no kaze ni
okubyoona watashi tobashitai wa.

Onegai SORRY...
Jajauma kotoba wa
hantai no imi yo.
Dakara Jaa ne wa Zutto
Sayonara wa Dakishimete!
I only hurt myself by being jealous
just to be jealous,
because you're gentle and
kind to everyone.
Don't look at me with those eyes that
innocently say Don't be like that.
It makes me want to slap your cheek
and see your embarrassed face.

I'm a shrew in love, in lipstick
that makes me look tough;
it's a secret that my tears make it
run in the dead of night.
I'm waiting for the day when
you'll gently kiss me
and our true hearts will
come together.

SORRY... The words of a shrew
have the opposite meaning.
Which means I hate you
means I love you
and Drop dead is Hold me tight!

I'm a shrew in love, always covering
up my feelings of distress with
a smart-alecky smile.
Even taking a shower isn't enough
to remove your face from my heart.
I love you so much it hurts.

SORRY... I want to send the coward
that I am flying into the twilight breeze.

Please, I'm SORRY...
The words of a shrew have
the opposite meaning.
Which means that So long is Always
and Good-bye is Hold me tight!

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