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Lyrics by Andoo Yoshihiko
Music by Kobayashi Izumi
Arranged by Hoshi Katsu
Performed by Helen Sasano

Dare demo sugu koi ni ochiru...
Sore ga fushigina cocktail margarita.
Hieta kokoro sameta futari
tameshite mite doozo kono cocktail.

Hitokuchime de me ga urundekite...
Futakuchime de jitto shiterarenai...
Yumemiru kokoro de hoho o yoseatta
ano koro no yoo ni futari wa hageshii
koi no toriko.
Doozo futari de onominasai
mahoo no cocktail
joonetsu no margarita.

Sore wa tooi minami no kuni
koi no miyako no cocktail margarita.
Kataomoi ni shizunda yoru
tameshite mite doozo kono cocktail.

Hitokuchime de wasuresoo.
Futakuchime de kokoro yomigaeru.
Dare ka ni koekake odoridashisoo yo.
Kitto asa made ni suteki na koibito
mitsukaru deshoo.

Dakara anata mo onominasai na
fushigi na cocktail
shakunetsu no margarita.
Fushigi na cocktai
shakunetsu no margarita.

Anybody will quickly fall in love...
That's the mysterious cocktail, margarita.
Cold hearts, cooled couples,
please try this cocktail.

With your first sip, your eyes will water...
With your second sip, you can't sit still...
Just like before, you'll get closer
cheek to cheek, dreaming hearts
becoming prisoners of passionate love.
Please drink this, both of you together,
the magical cocktail,
passionate margarita.

That's a far Southern country
cocktail of the capital of love, Margarita.
When you feel down at night with unrequited
love, please try this cocktail.

With the first sip you feel like you can forget.
With the second sip your heart will recover.
It makes you feel like asking someone to dance.
Surely, you'll find someone nice
before morning.

So you, too, drink
this mysterious cocktail,
the passionate Margarita.
This mysterious cocktail,
the passionate Margarita.

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