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December 26th, 1999
Updated the three Search-engines on our site... We didn't update them the last time when we were activating the CGI's and PL's again... So now this is working great again!

December 20th, 1999
A few days ago we started to move and reconfigure all of our CGI's. This due to the shutdown of our old server within a couple of days. We are now testing all of the old cgi's which were working when we were hosting our page at http://www.lum.hastec.nl/ . When we moved to Xoom.com we had to disable a couple of our cgi's to keep the guys at Xoom.com happy. But now we have our own machine again at our new location at http://www.lum-chan.com/ which allows us to use our cgi's again.
We hope we can continue our site as long as possible, and we have faith in the new server and it's administrator. Thanks, many thanks go to Jonathan, for providing us with enough disc-space to host our site on your machine!

We don't know if everything keeps running correctly, but if you have trouble with any cgi, please let us know and we will try to fix the problem as soon as possible...
Thanks for your patience!

November 28th, 1999
Again we have won a new award! Check out the Awards Page. Thanks Rachael!

November 26th, 1999
Today we have received a new award. This time it's the Cool Page Award. You can review all our awards on the Awards page.

November 17th, 1999
We have updated the MP3 Music Files Voting section.
We now use a free service to collect all the votes to choose a new download for you...
This is working great and has the same look as the rest of our site. Multiple votes from one IP number will be blocked and you can now view the results in real time...

November 10th, 1999
We did some minor updates on several pages. The biggest one was the complete redo of the LBE. All scripts have been replaced with new scripts and some to those were changed to reflect all the images used before. As we have tested it quite well, we expect no problems when you certify your account... If there should arise any problems, please do not hesitate to email us about this. Of course you can email us if you find any problems of difficulties on our site as well...

We are now working on a new navigation-menu on the frames version... We will put it online as soon as it's ready and working correctly...

November 10th, 1999
Due to a very busy work-schedule we couldn't update the MP3 Voting Section that often. But today we have fixed this again. Sadly for some of you it's again Lum no Love Song... We know and received many requests for others but they all were duplicate so they counted just as one vote. Ai wa Boomerang just lost with one vote from Lum no Love Song. Rock the Planet didn't make it to the top... It didn't have received enough votes to win this time, well... maybe next time.

Please let us explain again: You can only vote once. Asking over and over for a certain song just wont work. If we should listen to some of you the whole voting section should be quite useless and it wouldn't be fair to those who actually voted once... As good as we whished for the success of this section, we can't put all 42 songs online, this would cause the server to slow down too much... So that's why we have created this section... just to give anybody a change to listen to their favorite UY song... It's all up to you... Success!

November 3rd, 1999
We have removed our site from two Webrings. The firs was inactive and we received no replies upon our messages and the second one didn't give any reaction at all... Too bad... Well we will figure out if we can join two new webrings who will react when writing to them ^_^

October 25th, 1999
Due to an stupid typo in the script which takes care of the email section, nobody was able to send mail to us. This has been fixed. Sorry for the trouble it might have given you...

October 16th, 1999
Yesterday we have taken-over uymail.com. It's now a section which will be used as a cooperate site. Everything will be te same. Nothing will change. The only thing which has changed is the management. This will be in our hands from now on...

October 14th, 1999
Navigation in the frames version has been changed. We were sick and tiered of the long menu, so we have split it up in several sections. We felt this would be easier to follow and you should now know in which section of the site you are ^_^.

October 13th, 1999
UPDATE: We are finished uploading all the content to our new location. As far as we know everything seems to work correctly. If you discover something that don't work as it should be please leave us a email about it and we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

October 12th, 1999
We are very proud to tell you our new url is active and can be used now. We are uploading the complete site now and most of the galleries and goodies are now in the progress of uploading. All the other sections of the site are already online. We need another 12 hours to upload the remaining sections.
We think this is finished around 20:00 Central European Time today.

The location is http://www.lum-chan.com/

Further announcements will be made public as soon as we are finished uploading. Several sections may need some editing but we are working on this.

September 22nd, 1999
A new section has been added to our site. Now you can apply for our own Awards. It took us some time to create this but finally we have put it online. Good Luck when applying for any of our awards!

September 16th, 1999
We have checked some of the pages which were reported as incorrect in spelling so we could correct these. Some pages have a changed lay-out so they are more readable.

September 6th, 1999
We have added a small form to each page where all the links reside. If you have a site which is not listed there you can use the form on that page to get your site reviewed. Please allow up to 7 day before your page is reviewed and added to the list.

September 6th, 1999
A new page has been added: Linking to us. This page will give you some options on how to link to our site. Many sites do this by using a text link and other use a banner. We provide both at this page, complete with a html-fragment to copy and paste on your own page. If you have linked to our site please let us know so we can return the favor.

August 12th, 1999
Today we have started an update to resize the dimensions of several thumbnails. Most of those are a bit too large in dimensions and size (in KB). We are working on this. After everything is updated the site can be viewed in 800x600 too.

August 11th, 1999
If you have troubles with displaying the Xoom bar at the top of the page each time you are visiting our site and/or your client is crashing (WebTV ect) please use the following url to visit our site:
http://members.xoom.com/_XOOM/lum_chan303/index.html - Main page.
http://members.xoom.com/_XOOM/lum_chan303/startlum.html - Frames version.
http://members.xoom.com/_XOOM/lum_chan303/lum.html - No Frames version.
Hope this helps a bit

August 10th, 1999
Since a couple of days we are in the progress of taking over http://www.uymail.com Due to this we have updated our main page and added a new link to this service in our main menu and no-frames-menu. We are now working on a new domain-name at InterNic and as soon as we have our new domain we will announce it here. As far as we can see now it will be http://www.uylum.com but this is still something we are thinking of. We have more options and choices for our new domain-name but it's quite difficult to choose a good one. If you have suggestions, please let us know.

July 29th, 1999
We have added a new service to our site. This time it's Lum's Chat Box. It is a quite simple box but it works quite fast. You don't have to download and install software. Just point to it and chat with other Lum * Urusei Yatsura Fans!

July 24th, 1999
A new service has been added to our site: Now you can send Postcards to each other with this new service. There are eight (8) different cards to choose from... Enjoy!

Again we made some changes to our layout. Almost all Graphical Links have been replaced with Text Links. This is to reduce the traffic load on the server and to speed up the loading of several pages. We received reports from several (a lot!) visitors the loading was very slow on these pages, so we removed them...
It gave us a change to update the site al along and add some new things 'n' stuff to the site. New updates are coming up next week. We have taken some time off to work on the site to make it even better than before. We are planning to add new image galleries (yes... we sorted new images to add) and to add new goodies in the Goodies Section. We hope you will like the new design we have added the last two weeks...
If you have any comments or whatsoever, please do not hesitate to email us about it... Thanks.

July 22th, 1999
Stupid me! Just forgot to add three sections to the newly updated menu section! Well Here they are again. Added the Links section, the Anime & Manga Information section and some sub-links pages. Missed them when I was reviewing the site again..... Me Slaps Me...^_^

July 21st, 1999
Updating the menu in the frames version took us almost the whole evening. As we redesigned the menu a couple of months ago, we discovered that it had too much levels to reach certain items. So we redid it again and made it a bit nicer to navigate. The only thing we have removed is the Background music Section. Its is still online. If you want us to put it active again, please let us know. Only one BGM is available now. It can be turned of or paused and you can control the volume...

July 14th, 1999
We have updated the Urusei Yatsura's Lum Forum. New font settings and better descriptions on each topic will help you to navigate easier through the many options included. We hope you will continue using the BBS section.
Again some minor typos have been removed from several pages. If you do find more typos which I've missed, please let me know so I can fix them.

June 9th, 1999
Today we have implemented a new option! We have called it Urusei Yatsura's Lum Forum.
We hope this will satisfy the need of many visitors to leave messages to each other. Remember one thing:

As young people might read this forum too, we like to keep the language nice and easy. This means NO ADULT language... thanks!

Many options are available and there's even an on-line help which you can consult before asking anyone of us questions ^_^
We decided to create this message board because some other sites had one too but they went down of the board wasn't functioning anymore... So we really, really hope this one will work for you as other message-boards did in the past... ENJOY!

June 4th, 1999
A few days ago we decided to change some of the used colours on our web site. So we got ourselves a new background image and re-created the headers and all the clickable images throughout the whole site. This took us almost three days but today we have uploaded all the new images to our site. We even fixed some minor bugs in the code and added dimensions to some images which were forgotten the last time (sigh).
Now we are working on a new layout with these new colours, but this will take lots of our time, so we hope to finish this before the summer starts... Also, in our future planning we want to add new image galleries and some new goodies, but this will be done in between the large updates. So check this section as you pay our site a visit, because all the new stuff will be announced here and in our mailing-list. Well... for now this is one of the updates done so far but there are more to come, so keep your eyes wide open ^_^

May 30th, 1999
Today the first song file of UY has been placed on the web. Thanks for your votes for the most fav UY song until today. Next week there will be a new update for this section to keep those votes comming...

May 26th, 1999
YES! YES! YES! We did it again! Since a few minutes ago we have put our promise into reality.
The MP3 Voting section has been put on-line. Now you can vote for your favorite UY song. You can choose from 42 songs your fav one. At the end of the week, mostly at Friday, we will put the most fav mp3 of UY online at a secret location. This location will change every time we update the votes. We hope this will make you a lot happier and keeps the traffic a bit low.
As you are reading this, there are not that much votes received at the moment but we hope to put the first song on-line this Friday, so keep those votes coming!

May 18th, 1999
Today we redid the entrance page and some sub pages. All of the banners which were shown on the mainpage were moved to the sub pages to create a much nicer entrance to the site with less graphics beside a main logo and a ever changing image of our goddess Lum!
We tried to give the pages a bit faster loading time and moved the banners to the end of the page. We made some corrections to typo's and corrected an outdated link.
If you feel we made some kind of a mistake on the edited pages feel free to tell us about it. We'd like to keep the site as nice as we intended it to be, but sometimes things won't work out as they should be ^_^.
As you are reading this we are working on some new additions to the site which includes a brand new image gallery, some fan fiction from other people and much more. Keep your eyes peeled on this page for more news!

May 14th, 1999
This night we have added a new section to the Lum's Banner Exchange. Now all the active members will be shown in a new list. This gives you a nice overview of all the current members to the LBE. We updated all the banner exchange codes of IZCER1 so that there are no more broken banner links... It caused some trouble but it's all working again... YAY! Future plans are to add a new section called 'Urusei Yatsura Fan Fiction'. We have received 1 fanfic until now, but we would like to have more of these fine stories. The only restriction is: No Hentai stories. Young people are visiting our site too, you know... So keep them coming and we will open this section as soon as possible

May 4th, 1999
Today we have checked and added a lot of new links to other Urusei Yatsura Sites! As far as we can see now, all the links are working. We will check this list every start of the month to keep it as up to date as possible. We know how it feels when you click on a link and it doesn't work anymore... Well This won't happen at our site, We continue checking the links section as good as we can.

April 30th, 1999
Today we did a massive Link-Check on the links shown in the links-section. Many sites were removed due to non-exist sites and many new were added to complete this list a bit more. If you do have a UY page (any character, that is or a global info page) and it's fully online, then check the Urusei Yatsura Links . If you aren't on this list please use the form at the bottom of that page to submit your site. More information can be found at the same page. Good surfing and enjoy all those nice Urusei Yatsura pages all over the world!

April 17th, 1999
This night we have moved the complete site to our new URl at http://members.xoom.com/lum_chan303/ .
Only a few images and html-files will reside on the old server but 99 percent of the files have been moved to the new location. We are now working on the redirection of all visitors to the new location so this can take some time. We hope to have this fixed within an hour so you can enjoy visiting our site at the new location, even if you tried to visit our old location at http://www.lum.hastec.nl/ .

We hope this will speed up the whole site a bit. The old server will stay online to serve the scripts and cgi's running for our site and some of the images which have been linked to. This includes The Lum Banner Exchange, The Lum-chan Webring and Lum's New Guest book. All other files will be deleted withing a hour or so. If you have links any other page on our site you will be redirected to the new main-url. If you have linked to any other image beside those mentioned above, they have been moved, but you can't link to them due to the system-setup of Xoom.Com. I'm sorry, but you have to download them from our new URL and upload them to your own server... I can't change this so if you have any complaints about this please feel free to email the guys at Xoom.com about this...

Well this was quite a long story, but this was also a great operation to move to the new location, It took us almost 12 days to upload all of the files to Xoom.Com and rewrite most of the pages to reflect the new location too... Phew!
We need another one or two week to send all sites, which have linked to us, a email with the new url of our site and to update all search engines we have used to pay attention to our site... This will take almost all our spare time (which is very delicate.. sigh...).

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our new location with the same site-name from now on even better, because for some of you it has been a slow site but that has been improved now.... For those with normal 28k8/36k6/56k/ISDN modems, there will be a slight speed improvement, but for those with faster lines such as a T1/T2/T3 line will see the new fast speed to explore our site.

We have nothing more to say (for the time being) but we hope you will keep visiting our site and spread the word please.

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