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December 26th, 2006
Added new Tag [offtopic] and [/offtopic] to the forum.
Updated and added new smiley's to the forum.
Small underlying code updates to forum and main site.
Added a Random gallery image
At last! Dived into the archives of our site and found the original logo we used to use on the front page. Added this as a final update for this year.

December 25th, 2006
Updated and added the TV/VIDEO/OAV gallery.
Updated and added the Canal2 Andalucia Gallery as well.
Updated the Site Navigation menu.

New galleries will be added soon :)

December 16th, 2006
Updated and added Picture Galleries 1 and 2.
Changed/fixed sme code throughout the image galleries.
Changed titles for some of the pages to reflect internal changes.

Only 127 pages for the remaining Galleries to go.... pffft....

December 10th, 2006
Currently I'm updating the forum to integrate the main-site into the forum. This means some of the links in the navigation menu won't work while I'm working on this. In the next couple of days the last links will be updated and internal links will be fixed as well. The 'old' main-site won't be updated anymore and will be replaced by this forum when it's ready.

November 26th, 2006
A user-base cleanup will be started within a few weeks. All accounts which haven't been used, ie. zero post accounts, will be deleted if they are older than 2 years. If you happen to have an account on this forum I advice you to use it.

Before the actual deletion starts, all accounts will be sent an email to check if the email-account is still valid. If it's not valid anymore, it will be deleted. Make sure your account contains a valid email address.

It is of great importance for you as a member to keep you own account up-to-date. In case of a password-loss you can get your account re-activated by email. We won't enable/change passwords on request via email or PM. If you don't get an confirmation by email of your email-change, please leave me a PM with your user-name and email-address, so I can look into this.

Updated all the main-site pages to correct a huge script-error in the heading of each page. This piece of old code prevented the fast loading of the pages in certain out-dated browsers. Should be working quite fast now.

November 17st, 2006
The past few days we are having technical difficulties on our connection. Our webhosting is currently under a heavy DDOS attack which prevents many users from accessing out site. The people of our webhosting are currently working to resolve these problems as good as the can.

We're very sorry for any uncleanness this may have caused to you. We haven't been taken down at all and are working together with our webhosting to get this worked out.

November 1st, 2006
As we are online for 10 years this month we have a special treat for all of you, loyal visitors! It has been asked for a long time a go if it was possible to put The Complete Music box online. After such a long wait we have decided to put is on our website for only one month.

It has been encoded in the popular .MP3 format with 128 kbps at 44.1 kHz. Most of the tracks have names now.
Get it wile it lasts for only one month. At the start of December the downloads will be removed from the server.

Click on this link to get The Complete Music box.

Yes! We do exist on the Internet for 10 years now!


October 27th, 2006
Updated all pages within the site with a new added link to the search engine. Search-engine has been updated. No forum search available yet.

Only 4 days left until we do exist 10 years!

October 26th, 2006
It was brought to my attention the search function on the main-site still pointed to the old location. I have updated the search-engine and added the extended search options again. The forum itself isn't indexed yet. This depends on how the search-engine handles .php. If this doesn't work you always can use the search option on the forum itself.

Only a few days left until we do exist 10 years!

October 8th, 2006
Today we have a new winners for our poll on the forum, "What's your favorite song on Urusei Yatsura?".

The winner is Pajama Jama Da!.

A copy yours to download can be found on the MP3 Music Page and a new Poll has been started.

Major update! I have added a grand total of 1038 images worth of new screenshots which have been taken from Canal2 Andalucia.
New indexes have been added to the site and some small bugfixes in the code have been fixed.

September 29th, 2006
It was already activated for the forum but now it has been activated for the mainsite itself as well: Frappr, a place to show where you do live as a lum-a-holic on the world.
Feel free to add your location to frappr.

September 26th, 2006
Checked all links pages for broken links. We are working on new links pages with new links to UY * Lum materials.

September 24th, 2006
Today we have updated the main-site menu. New options have been added en some options have been moved to a new section.

* Community - Lum's Forum, Lum's IRC chat and Lum's Guestbook
* Where to buy UY stuff - The name says it all
* New menu graphics added

Made some small changes to the forum as well.

* Graphical tags for user groups
* Fixed small coding errors in the php source
* Chat-module updated to the latest version

More updates are now in the making and will be uploaded shortly.

September 19th, 2006
Updated the whole site, including the external sections, with the new layout and color setting.
I hope you'll like this new setup. I know I do. It's now more easier for me to maintain any update to the site.

If there are any flaws using Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox or Safari, please let me know here.

September 16th, 2006
After being away for a few days, I discovered a non functional forum. I've been working on this to fix for some hours and decided to upgrade the forum to the latest version of SMF, 1.1 RC3

As you can see, the the nice theme is lost and as far as I can see it's no longer supported in this release.
I'm currently looking for a new/better theme and might be forced to redo the main site as well (sniff, sniff)

I'll keep you all informed on this in this thread.

Thanks for your patience!

September 3rd, 2006
Today we have 2 new winners for our poll on the forum, "What's your favorite song on Urusei Yatsura?". I'm a bit late with updating the corresponding pages due to quite a long vacation, but here they are:

The winners are Tonogata Gomen Asobase and Good Luck.

A copy yours to download can be found on the MP3 Music Page and a new Poll has been started.

August 27th, 2006
We're back from vacation and have a new fresh update for the Anime Laws! The old version will stay online with it's 30 Laws of Anime and a new one has been added with 100 Laws of Anime. It can be found here.

Oh, by the way: The "What's your favorite song on Urusei Yatsura?" Poll will be updated around the 3rd of September 2006.

[Only 2 months left!]
Upcoming November 2006 we are 10 years online (in several versions on several hosting providers)! This calls for a kind of celebration.... I'm working on something very sweet. It has been asked for in all those years. Keep your eyes peeled on this site around the start of November. You won't be disappointed at all. It's all you've ever wanted to have but were afraid to ask.
[/Only 2 months left!]


July 11th, 2006
Today we have a new winner for our poll on the forum, "What's your favorite song on Urusei Yatsura?". I'm a bit late with updating the corresponding pages, but here it is:

The winner is Chance on Love.

A copy yours to download can be found on the MP3 Music Page and a new Poll has been started.

June 26th, 2006
Fixed some small typo's in the headers and footers of each page. Updated the email-form. Anytime you click on the email-icon on top of each page, you will be directed to the new/updated email page.
Due to many small fixes in the code of many pages we are now at revision 4.51 of "The World of Urusei Yatura's Lum"

Both the Help and Email pages will be updated as soon as possible and will be changed to a pop-up window to keep navigation as easy as counting one, two, three...

June 24th, 2006
At last we have updated the site to have it shown as it should be in Microsoft Internet Explorer as it is in Mozilla Firefox already. It took some time to get this fixed.
When viewing this site in Internet Explorer the font size of the text was way too big. If you are now using IE it looks just like the version as seen when using Mozilla Firefox.

June 9th, 2006
A new guestbook has been put online. Due to excessive spamming on the previous guestbook, I changed to a new guestbook with some spam blocking capabilities. Let's see if this works. I'm very sorry for all you guys and galls who signed the previous guestbook.
I hope you will enjoy the new one as much as I do :)

June 6th, 2006
Seven months ago, the poll for your most favorite Urusei Yatsura Song from 'The Complete Musicbox', has been ended. And the winner is 'Margarita'! Please go to the MP3 Sounds & Music page to download your favorite song(s).
A new poll has been started and is stickied on the Forum. I just want you to remember you need to be registered to be able to vote. I can't change this, it's build into the forum software.
Again, I'm very sorry for the very long delay between today's update and the update from November 2005
*Lum-chan stands in corner, on one feet, donkey-hat applied and feeling very ashamed*

June 5th, 2006
Due to a way too busy schedule at the office the last 7 months, I wasn't able to update the site as much as I wanted. My humble apologies for this to you. As time passes by and after rebuilding my local network from scratch, I decided to put more time in maintaining this website again.

Scheduled are some updates to the Image Galleries and a fine preparation for the upcoming Anniversary of this site. Somewhere in October or November we are online for 10 years! Sounds great huh?. I'm working on a sub part of the site which will be a great but temporary addition to the site. I won't tell you any further details on this but I bet you will really appreciate this as it has been asked for for many, many years :)

So keep your eyes peeled to the site in the 3rd quarter of this year as something you've always wanted to know/have/read but were afraid to ask.

Some Really, Really Sad News:

I am forced to take down the guestbook! Some stupid idiot who seems to like online gambling decided to flood the guestbook with annoying messages to promote his/her stupid, crappy, newbie gambling site. I'm working on something better for this with more capabilities to auto-post abuse of our service to the provider of the offending IP addresses I already have collected. (Ripe rules at that point!). Second: Hosting providers of those sites have been notified of these commercial sites on their free-webspace. That's all I have to say on this for now.
A new guestbook will be activated as soon as I have found another good working app for this.
Sorry for any troubles this may have caused.

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