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February 17th, 2003
Updating most of the pages for faster loading. I made a stupid 'boo boo' and had to fix this *slaps myself in the face*.
I removed all those annoying gold and black balls in front of the links and such to create a much faster loading page and give the site a more uniform look. I didn't like those balls not that much anymore :( and I found lots of small errors all over the place. I'm trying to get these all fixed asap.

To Do:
1. Picture gallery needs a redo (have changed a lot but not uploaded yet)
2. Link-check in the links section to get rid of those 404's (just started checking)
3. Small fixes on the code to get the last artifacts to leave the site ^_^ (almost finished)
4. New things to add (not that easy but have some new things received)
5. Get myself a new 'working' poll for the mp3 voting section (must be based on php with MySql)

February 10th, 2003
I reworked some pages and changed the menu's to reflect the changes. Nothing special has been added except for a small page on the history of our site. As I'm still working on thingies on the site there will be some more updates coming the next two weeks startimg from today. Planned things are a change in how the galleries and their content will be shown to you, the UY fan.
As this might deliver some technical troubles on my side of the story, this could take some time to re-design that part of the site to get everything working as it should be.

Anyone who has some suggestions or ideas regarding the site, postit on the board in the right forum or just send me an email.

January 28th, 2003
Voting is now available for the unregistered users i.o.w. Anyone can vote now for his/her favorite Urusei Yatsura Song. There are 40 songs to choose from so it shouldn't be that difficult to choose one ^_^
Happy Voting!

January 26th, 2003
I made some cosmetic changes to the site. As I'm working on the design of the site I'm working from time to time to get something done. Have fixed several small thingies and updated some pages which were reflecting wrong things.
The forums have been fully implemented Within the site ie. no new window when clicking on the forums link ^_^. I had to change some code on suggestion of the guys over @ support from phpBB.
I'm working on some changes on the picture galleries but I need some more time for this as it's a very difficult task to find a good solution to get this working as it should be :)
Again, enjoy!

January 20th, 2003
Updated some pages, did some design changes on the picture galleries and tried to remove all unneeded code from the pages to speed-up some thingies. No major changes tho...
Oh just one nice feature has been added to the site: You are now able to search for anything whitin our site.
Added a new guestbook on the site. Unfortunate it isn't running locally but on the same host as our forums, but we hope to have both of them on the local server too...
-= UPDATE =-
The MP3 Voting section is back online. Things have been changed abit and it's all running in the Forums. An extra link is available from the mainmenu on the site.

January 19th, 2003
Check out the Song Lyrics section. New songs have been added. Still have to do a lot of searching before I have more of them ^_^. Enjoy!

January 18th, 2003
Updated the Download Goodies today. As I'm planning for a massive update on this section, I decided to change this section a bit. Every sort of download has now it's own page which makes it a lot easier on you to choose where to go for your taste of goodies ^_^ Sounds and looks nice, huh?
Hmm, checked the directory structure and guess what? The directories were indexed two years ago whith this update in mind but it did take faaaaar too long to finally update it *me electrofies me*.

Anywayz, have phun and keep your eyes peeled on this section, I'm now working on the video from Matthew Sweet with Lum :D

January 16th, 2003
Good news! The forums seem to be running quite right at them moment so I made them fully available to the public. I'm working one some extra forums with a specific theme whitin the site, but I'm nit sure if this gets ready just before the weekend... Hold on tight!
Updated the site-menu a bit. The forums are now opened in a new window. This has been changed to prevent the forum window to take over the whole site. I guessed this would be nicer to those who don't want to lose their location on the site (at least I don't want to get lost ^_^ ).
I'm now working on those pesky link pages... They all need to be checked for broken links and moves pages :( Please bear with me while I'm fixing this.
I'm very sorry for all tose people who mailed me the past 15 months but didn't get any response. I'm trying to get through my site-mail as fast as possible and try to answer the messages as good as I can.
Thanks for your patience!

January 15th, 2003
We have a lightly different theme for the site now. Things have been quite difficult to update so I decided to change things a bit. So the design is overal the same but headers and such have been replaced by plain text and border to get the pageload a bit lower on the server :)
I hope you will like this look a bit better than the previous one. I'm still not finished with it but you'll notice it when we upload some new thingies.
If you see something wrong please let me know in the new forum, It's not that fast atm but I'm working on that too. I hope I can get PHP and MySql on this server too, so I can migrate the whole thing to this location too :)

January 11th, 2003
After a very long hiatus on `The World of Urusei Yatsura's Lum`, I'm back again. First some good news! The forums are back. Unforunate I had to repost all your posts by hand so my fingers and my mouse are sore now :) As it's not completely ready yet, yet I decided to put the forum online to get you a bit started.

Special message for those fine RPG story writers. All your posts have been restored online and kan be viewed and added to again :D
I had lot's of fun while reading and doing copy and paste all your posts. Very many thanks to Parias, Jocko, bladeofkintaro and all those other great writers. Again, Thank you very much indeed!!!

Some small thing will be updated during the next weeks/months to give the site a bit of a brand new and fresh look.

Again, I'm very sorry for the fact I couldn't update for such a long time, but I wanted to let you all know this: The World of Urusei Yatsura's Lum is still alive and kicking. I hope to add new things to the site and make it a nice place to be again.

For those who come by from time to time, I'd like to say thank you for being such good visitors eventho there weren't any updates and changes for such a long time.


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