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If you think you're deeply in love with Lum, take a look at the items below and decide for yourself if you want to keep that dream up (^_^). You might even consider to try to marry her.... but again... think twice (^_^)

Lum-chan Looks: Excellent. Long green hair, cute little horns and fangs, a figure that's the envy of most other female characters, and has a penchant for wearing tiger-striped bikinis to boot!

Smarts: Not a complete air head, but definitely no genius either. Tends to botch up relatively simple tasks and loses interest in things quickly.

Personality: Extremely obsessive. What Lum-chan wants, Lum-chan gets, or else someone else ends up on the receiving end of several thousand volts of zap energy. Tenacious in the extreme. Sometimes a bit flirty, but won't tolerate anyone else stepping an inch out of line. Can be sweet when she's shown a little genuine affection, though.

Cooking: Warning! Any food cooked by Lum tends to have.. um.. "interesting" side-effects on human beings. She may have some homemaking skills that would be useful on her planet, but it'll take a lot of work to get her to work successfully with Earth materials.

Fighting Skills: Good. Her zaps can take down anyone without unusual stamina or a built-up tolerance. Can sometimes be confused by clever opponents, but her tenacity often makes up for her lack of subtlety.

Special Abilities: Can shoot powerful electric zaps at will. Has limited-range flying ability. Also, can call daddy for back-up from an intergalactic fleet of warships.

Competition: Ataru, Mendou, the storm troopers. Good luck. Lum-chan is permanently affixed to Ataru like a leech; it would take a major miracle to divert her attention permanently. And while Ataru might appreciate you taking Lum off his hands for a while so he could go babe-hunting, he has feelings for Lum deep inside. Also, almost any male who sees Lum will likely become instant competition.

In-Laws: Mr. and Mrs. Invader. As long as they think you're good for their daughter, you couldn't meet a nicer couple of oni. But if they think you're a menace, watch out; you'll have a massive alien war fleet after you in no time. Also, anyone involved with Lum can expect random aliens and supernatural beings to show up regularly at inconvenient times.

Economics: If you're on her dad's good side, no problem. He seems to have fairly unlimited resources.

Sex: Probably extremely active; expect to have an electrifying time in bed. And you'd better be able to keep her happy on demand, too. This has never been confirmed

Overall: Quite the babe, but almost definitely more trouble than she's worth. Unless you're prepared to put up with constant electric zaps, tons of obnoxious aliens, and dozens on drooling onlookers, look elsewhere.

This is taken from Tomobiki-cho: The Urusei Yatsura Web Site
Written by Mason Proulx (mson@ottawa.net)

Looking Lum Urusei Yatsura is not a person. It's the name of a manga (comic book), TV, and movie series. The title is a pun in Japanese: urusai means "obnoxious," "annoying," or "noisy" and yatsu means "guy" or "fellow". ra is simply a somewhat informal plural. Urusei is a mispronunciation of urusai. In Japanese writing, it is written as: u ru hoshi ya tsu ra, where hoshi is the Chinese character for "star". An alternative pronunciation for hoshi, used only in a compound word, is sei. Hence Urusei Yatsura="noisy-star guys" or, roughly, "Those Obnoxious Aliens!"

The series begins with an impending invasion of Earth. The leader of the invasion agrees withdraw if an earthling can defeat his opponent in a game of tag. The earthling chosen happens to be Ataru Moroboshi, the most lecherous lout in the universe. Ataru refuses until he finds out that his opponent, Lum, is a beautiful girl.

Ataru's attempts to grab Lum's horns (and also her body) fail miserably until his semi-girlfriend Shinobu promises to marry him if he wins. Inspired by that declaration, Ataru succeeded in grabbing Lum's horns (it also helped that Ataru stole Lum's bikini top during the contest). However, due to a big misunderstanding, Lum thought Ataru's marriage proposal was meant for her.

And things get weirder from here as Lum's friends drop by for a visit.

This is taken from the Anime Pocket Guide

Urusei Yatsura (FILM, OAV, TV) Genre: Romantic Comedy

    Lum ................................................ Fumi Hirano
    Ataru Moroboshi ............................... Toshio Furukawa
    Shinobu Miyake ................................ Saeko Shimazu
    Shutaro Mendo ................................. Akira Kamiya
    Ryoko Mendo ................................... Mami Koyama
    Ryunosuke Fujinami .......................... Mayumi Tanaka
    Benten ............................................ Yuhko Mita
    Oyuki .............................................. Noriko Ohara
    Ran ................................................ You Inouye
    Megane ........................................... Shigeru Chiba
    Chibi ............................................... Issei Futamata
    Cherry ............................................. Ichiroo Nagai
    Onsen-mark ..................................... Michihiro Ikemizu
    Tsubame Ozuno ................................ Kazuhiko Inouye
    Asuka Mizunokouji ............................ Sumi Shimamoto
    Ten's Mother .................................... Sumi Shimamoto
    Elle Barakumi (UY1: Only You) ............ Yoshiko Sakakibara
    Rara (UY3: Remember my Love) .......... Sumi Shimamoto
    Karla (UY5: Boy meets Girl) ................ You Inouye

Anime Pocket Guide Description:

One day, an alien fleet appeared and was going to invade the Earth. Earth had only once chance: if a randomly selected Earth man defeated an alien in a game of tag, then Earth would be spared. The computers picked a high school lech named Ataru Moroboshi. When Ataru found out, he hid behind his girlfriend Shinobu...until he saw his opponent: a cute girl in a tiger striped bikini named Lum. All he has to do is grab Lum's horns before 10 days are up. The horny Ataru was very willing to do just that :-). On the first day, Ataru dashed toward Lum...who flew off. Ataru screamed that nobody told him that Lum could fly! Day after day, Ataru kept trying and failing. On the last night, Shinobu said that she'd marry Ataru if he won. The next day, Ataru cheated...and won the match. Then he said he would now be married. Baaaad timing...Lum took it to mean that he wanted to marry her. Now, the girl-chasing Ataru has a devoted and loving 'wife who will fry him if he even looks at another girl. Oh, didn't I mention Lum's electric shock power? A romantic comedy created by the talented Rumiko Takahashi.

Many Lum's US Release by: AnimEigo (subtitled)
Anime Pocket Guide Rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

This is taken from Tomobiki-cho: The Urusei Yatsura Web Site
Written by Mason Proulx (mson@ottawa.net)

Urusei Yatsura was a very popular weekly Japanese comic which ran for 34 volumes over 9 years and went on to become Japan's wackiest animated television comedy airing from 1981 to 1986. In total the animated UY had produced 195 TV episodes, 6 movies, 9 original animated videos, and a few other releases. It was, and still is regarded as one of the most popular anime series of all time. One that speaks to my generation in a way few other anime can.

The comedy was originally created by reknowned female manga-ka Rumiko Takahashi and featured in Shounen Sunday Comics. It is probably the weirdest and debatably the funniest show there has ever been. Like with most of Takahashi-sensei's manga titles, it is chock full of slapstick and physical comedy. But also as is with all of her series, she blends this edgy comedy with with ludicrous situations, lovable characters, a unique brand of drama and lots of punnery. Takahashi-sensei went on to create other great hits such as Maison Ikkoku and Ranma 1/2. UY was her first big hit and consequently her most creative and ingenious body of work.

Urusei Yatsura concerns the tempestuous relationship between Ataru Moroboshi, a lecherous and fickle teenage boy and Lum, a tigerskin bikini wearing alien package of sex appeal and jealousy, who's fallen for him. It chronicles the misadventures of these two stubborn teenagers along with a veritable entourage of comically insane characters. Aliens, humans and inhumans alike.

Looking Lum

The series includes a lot of parody of science-fiction. But more than just sci-fi, Urusei Yatsura pokes fun at everything under the sun, from film and television cliches to ancient legends and lore. It is a melting pot of love triangles, fantasy, Japanese and Chinese mythology, high school life, pop-culture and so much more. It's the type of show where literally anything can happen so there's something for everyone to enjoy. The anime undergoes a dramatic changes throughout it's long run as it starts out with fairly simple animation, and slowly builds towards an exceptional level of quality unmatched by any other TV show from the same era. Yet it is consistent in that it's always well worth watching. I honestly believe that it is the greatest anime and manga series to ever come out of Japan.

This is taken from Tomobiki-cho: The Urusei Yatsura Web Site
Written by Mason Proulx (mson@ottawa.net)

Lum is a girl who's irrevocably in love with that lecherous and luckless lout Ataru Moroboshi. One could argue that no one normal could love such a man but then again, Lum is not your ordinary teenage girl.

Lum leaning against tree

Lum is an alien princess (for lack of a better explanation), and more specifically an Oni. In ancient Japanese mythology, oni were evil demons which were a product of mankind's bad karma. Lum's race is an alien version of the same demons. Lum can usually be seen wearing her tiger-striped bikini outfit which always turns heads, especially in a conservative Japanese society. She has the power to fly and can produce high-voltage electricity. She uses these alien powers to keep Ataru from flirting. But that is always a vain attempt.

Angry Lum

She is a vivacious and uninhibited extraterrestrial. She's full of sex-appeal, glamour and feminine charm. An honest and caring girl who isn't afraid to show her feelings. A firm believer in standing by your man (even if her man hardly ever stands by her). But she has another more frightening side to her. Lum has a very bad temper, and an extremely jealous nature. Her response to these feelings of anger are usually in the form of a massive electrical zapping (or even huge wooden hammers). Also Lum is very stubborn. When she sets her mind on something, she doesn't let it go. Even though Lum is quick to anger, she never stays like that for long. Most of the time she's very vibrant and carefree.

With her exotic alien beauty and cute pop-idol attitude, she's really popular with the boys. Any one of her male classmates would kill for a date with her. Even so, she is completely devoted to Ataru. She thinks of him as her husband and refers to him only as "Darling". Lum follows Ataru everywhere he goes. Soon Lum wanted to be with Ataru as much as possible so she enrolled herself as a student at Tomobiki High School in the same class as Ataru. Her Darling keeps running from her Lum knows that deep down, he really does love her.

Standing Lum

Being of an advanced alien race, Lum is always bringing out peculiar alien technology. Shrinking rays, time traveling machines, portal openers, cloning guns and much more. Many more absurd gadgets she keeps in her bikini top. Lum's UFO which hovers over earth is filled with technological wonders which are often more troublesome than they are beneficial to earth culture. Often Lum will use her advatages in technology to try to control Ataru or make him more faithful to her, but it usually ends up causing more damage than good.

Lum is very intelligent but still very naive to earth's customs. Therefore she often misunderstands what people say, always with catastrophic results. One consequence of this was that she thought that Ataru proposed to her, when he never did. Also she thought it meant instant marriage. It wasn't until later when she realized that she would have to have a proper ceremony. But often Ataru has found that he could exploit her naivete as well as her love for him to suit his purposes.

The one thing Lum is not, is a good cook. Not only because she has a penchant for extraordinarily spicy food but mostly because her strange alien food doesn't go over too well with earth creatures. Often her Oni cuisine has disfiguring effects. This is something Ataru has learned the hard way.

It is often speculated that Lum's mere presence in Tomobiki has warped and altered the the town and that's why weird things keep happening there. Because of this, the fates of the people and situations that occur daily in Tomobiki seem intertwined with her existance. If she was ever to leave, all of the weirdness would stop. It would just be normal. But that's no fun.

As an additional note Lum constantly uses an unusual dialect. She says "uchi" when referring to herself and almost always uses "tcha" as a verb ending (listen for it, it comes up A LOT). Her speech is patterned after a very cute saccarine-laden style used in Japan by young girls who are trying to be cute, almost sickeningly so.

Notes about the name

Mostly Lum's name, character and...ahem, proportions were based upon a supermodel who was popular in the early 1970's named Agnes Lum. She was well known as a spokesperson appearing in many TV commercials usually wearing bikinis. Note: It had been said that Agnes Lum was a pop-singer from Hong Kong which seems to be incorrect. Chances are that they were mistaking her for Agnes Chan.

Fumi Hirano It has also been noted in articles about Miss Takahashi that a nickname she had while growing up was "Rum" or "Lum" due to the interchangeability of the letters "R" and "L" to the Japanese ear. It has been noted that Takahashi sees Lum as her alter-ego. So in a way the character of Lum is also based somewhat on Rumiko herself.

Seiyuu Information

Lum's voice is done by Fumi Hirano, who is very good at what she does. She can sound cute and sweet yet she is equally good with a nagging or angry voice. She's the perfect voice for Lum. Fumi hasn't done too many other famous anime, the only ones that you might know are Outlanders and Final Fantasy.

Welcome to the Information on Lum and Urusei Yatsura section!

In this section you can find several pages full with information on Lum. Some of them are quite interesting to most of you and some of them are very amusing. This includes a complete overview of the habits of Lum and what she's capable of (and maybe uncapable ^_^).
Some general information on Lum can be found here, complete with a nice character-description of her and her actions.
After reading all of this you still might consider to marry Lum, but maybe you don't want to marry her after all, but that's your decision!

We just hope you will learn a lot on Lum-chan and how she acts!

In this section you can find all related information on this series too. This includes an almost complete overview of the Urusei Yatsura Episode Guide

Almost all opening and ending themes have lyrics, right? So are all those songs which were used throughout the series as well. We do have most of them online in English and Japanese (phonetic!). This might help you to learn these very well arranged songs by heart and sing along when they are played on TV of Video or even on MP3.
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