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If you think you're deeply in love with Lum, take a look at the items below and decide for yourself if you want to keep that dream up (^_^). You might even consider to try to marry her.... but again... think twice (^_^)

Lum-chan Looks: Excellent. Long green hair, cute little horns and fangs, a figure that's the envy of most other female characters, and has a penchant for wearing tiger-striped bikinis to boot!

Smarts: Not a complete air head, but definitely no genius either. Tends to botch up relatively simple tasks and loses interest in things quickly.

Personality: Extremely obsessive. What Lum-chan wants, Lum-chan gets, or else someone else ends up on the receiving end of several thousand volts of zap energy. Tenacious in the extreme. Sometimes a bit flirty, but won't tolerate anyone else stepping an inch out of line. Can be sweet when she's shown a little genuine affection, though.

Cooking: Warning! Any food cooked by Lum tends to have.. um.. "interesting" side-effects on human beings. She may have some homemaking skills that would be useful on her planet, but it'll take a lot of work to get her to work successfully with Earth materials.

Fighting Skills: Good. Her zaps can take down anyone without unusual stamina or a built-up tolerance. Can sometimes be confused by clever opponents, but her tenacity often makes up for her lack of subtlety.

Special Abilities: Can shoot powerful electric zaps at will. Has limited-range flying ability. Also, can call daddy for back-up from an intergalactic fleet of warships.

Competition: Ataru, Mendou, the storm troopers. Good luck. Lum-chan is permanently affixed to Ataru like a leech; it would take a major miracle to divert her attention permanently. And while Ataru might appreciate you taking Lum off his hands for a while so he could go babe-hunting, he has feelings for Lum deep inside. Also, almost any male who sees Lum will likely become instant competition.

In-Laws: Mr. and Mrs. Invader. As long as they think you're good for their daughter, you couldn't meet a nicer couple of oni. But if they think you're a menace, watch out; you'll have a massive alien war fleet after you in no time. Also, anyone involved with Lum can expect random aliens and supernatural beings to show up regularly at inconvenient times.

Economics: If you're on her dad's good side, no problem. He seems to have fairly unlimited resources.

Sex: Probably extremely active; expect to have an electrifying time in bed. And you'd better be able to keep her happy on demand, too. This has never been confirmed

Overall: Quite the babe, but almost definitely more trouble than she's worth. Unless you're prepared to put up with constant electric zaps, tons of obnoxious aliens, and dozens on drooling onlookers, look elsewhere.

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