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Lum rules, ain't she?

This site is dedicated to Urusei Yatsura's Lum, because I like this Anime character the most of 'em all... Lum, our lovely alienTake a look at some pages around this site to see what I mean. She looks nice and beautiful (Mooaahhh... say Sexy!)... Ehm, well, She looks great!

Also on this site many links to other Urusei Yatsura sites and home pages you'd like to visit, there are plenty of them around the Internet. There are also some funny parts shattered around this site which should be seen by everybody.

Rumiko TakahashiThe main part of this site refers to the main character of the Urusei Yatsura Series: Lum. About her there's a lot of info and backgrounds. I'll try to gather as much as possible about her creator: Rumiko Takahashi. Just wait and see what will happen on this site...

I'll try to keep "The World of Urusei Yatsura's Lum" up-to-date as good as I can, but don't blame or flame me if anything turns out to be wrong or misunderstood... I'll do my best to keep you informed of the latest news about this series.

They told me there should be enough around the Internet to fill a whole site, but that's not my intention, just the most important pieces will be used to give you a nice overview of this series and her creator.

To join the Urusei Yatsura Mailing List, E-mail urusei-yatsura-request@Panda.COM
In the first line of the e-mail, put the following:subscribe urusei-yatsura your-email your-name.

Please read the What's new? page to find out what items has been changed on our site!

In the meantime: ENJOY!

Email any comments, questions or anything else... you know where to click...
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