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At first, with best thanks to you Lum-chan, thanks for your founding a website for our precious and perfect Lum. Please release my stories with the title "Lum, My Love, Whenever We Are!", and I recommend that it will be better to show the years or months to be detail ^_^ and please release my following stories and experiences completely. ^_^

by Liao Wei Zhi March.2014

My name is Liao Wei zhi [liʌɔ` wei`dʒi:], (it's my Chinese name, although I have an English name "Tenic", I don't want to cheat Lum...), an authentic Chinese boy (very young huh?), I just turned 19 this year, ok, just be a college student in a certain college in China (my English is not good, so, sorry). Things happened are very difficult to describe during these years in China, and I think maybe even now many foreign people don't understand or know the real situation of Chinese society. Err... maybe you think it' a chance to know more about China but I dontt want to say about it here, it's not worth talking about, at least I think.

Well, let me turn the topic to my stories, it was March 2010, when I was a Junior student in Grade three, my classmates borrowed some comics from a nearby bookstore to read for coping with boredom. They just read them after class (in fact mostly when they were attending class, me too ;P) and I noticed that they borrowed a comics named "Lucky Boys" and it was what we knows now named "Urusei Yatsura" (it's Chinese version name here, I translated it into English).

But, at first, I was not interested in this comics then, as I said I just read comics for coping with boredom and I just read it casually, not in order, sometimes I just read the first volume and sometimes I would read the middle one, which lead to no much impressions of Lum leaving in my memory, even till I finished reading all volume of comics of UY.

However, things changed very subtly. After two months, an idea came to me accidently whether there is animation of Urusei Yatsura or not? With this curiousness in heart, I try to searching it on the Internet and you can guess what I found ---- there are really TV series of Urusei Yatsura indeed!!! And from my click on the "play" pattern, Lum starts to change my whole life and me with her sexy dress, sweet voice, cute face, excellent body, and so on, so on.......

Although I read the all volumes of comics of UY very seriously long after I having watched all TV series, movies, OVAs of Urusei Yatsura, I still wasn't able to "get rid of" Lum's face, her green hair, oh especially her tiger stripe bikini, from my head (her images in comics and anime)!!!XD.

I was deeply moved by Lum's loyalty to her lover and was very impressive about her innocence, and friendliness to others. To some extents, I think people now should learn from Lum as we all are friends here on the earth, we can be friendly to each other and to protect those we love and like. I can feeling that Lum is so real as if she is a real girl.

Oh, forgot to say, I'm somehow a little bit "sexual psychotic" (ok,forgive me anyway, *_*). Why could I be like this, err... there were somethings happened in my past time (dark and hopeless, and with very much pressure to deal with unhappy things between me and my family and my study, I began to masturbate. Needless to say, when I was masturbating, I fancied that I was having sex with Lum, two of us addicted in making love, and, and, well, you can get the image......(###___###). (Unbelievable? Well, I have to say that it's not right time to find a girlfriend and i'm no so outgoing and I was harmed by someone deeply at that period of time. So I just want to escape to my inward world, created for me and Lum, and comfort myself with enjoying "loving" Lum).

Time heads up to now, March,2014, I still masturbate now and then (ok, to me, the frequency now is very normal,compared with the frequency during my high school life $_$, and you can image too), but I know it's necessary for me to look for a girlfriend. But even though I am on good terms with my girl classmates, and other girls working together, I found that i have no special interests on them, (in my high school, although I said to myself that l love Lum, but i would look at beautiful girls and women, hehe,just like Aataru XD).

To be frank, I can say I love Lum, love her character, but mostly in lust @_@. (its a shame of saying it?). About 2012, I was not satisfied with just my own lustful fancy of Lum at all, I needed specific things to satisfy me, so i began to search for hentai items (doujins, comics , pictures, novles) of Lum, of Urusei Yatsura, with my almost two-years-hardworking, I have collected many H-items (described before) about Lum, although I am a little bit sexual psychotic, I just like reading h-doujins about Lum in styles of "true love between Lum and Ataru", of "gangbang of lum", but don't like the style of "ABUSE LUM".
well, to my principles--- "Just to fuck, Not to hurt, Just to enjoy fucking, Not to be extreme psychopathy", I just want to release myself in a "normal-like" way.

Well, there are still many stories of mine about Lum, if you don't feel me offensive, and want to chat with me, here is my Skypename: DragonNestMovies. I will be happy all the time to chat with fans of Lum (haha, especially like me, so-called sexual active ;P), and anyone who is interested in UY or Lum.

Hi my name is Ocean and im 24 from Brooklyn NY. And no I don't know why my parents named me this...

The year is 2002 and I have just came home from school and I do what I usually do which is fliping on the computer. I happened to check my daily anime site and see a random suggested anime called "Urusei Yatsura" I was usually a mech guy back in the day but I saw a picture of a pretty green haired girl representing Urusei Yatsura. So we all know what happens when a 16 year old sees a cute girl. I clicked the link and saw a basic backround story and when I was done reading I started to look for ep1. When I tracked down a first ep I pressed download and waited eagerly for it to be done .When it was done I clicked play and watched the opening. When was it playing I said to myself "mmm the song is catchy but I hope to see some hot stuff" due to Lum being in a bikini. As I was watching the ep I forgot about the action I wanted since I was cracking up from beginning to the end on the jokes made in the first ep. So thus I started to the watch series little by little. But in 06 I signed a 4x4 and enlisted into the Navy and was stationed on the Roosevelt. While I was in the Navy I lost connection with Lum while I was traveling to European countries.

4 years later....
The year is now 10 and I have finished my active service a few months ago and stumbled on a site called "The world of Urusei Yatsura" While reading the title I began to remember Lum so thus I ventured into the site and meet other people sharing my love for Lum...

by David Finley

My name is David Finley. I'm Almost 43, but I didn't even know of Lum's existence until my 40th birthday. I got hooked on anime way back in 1963, when I saw the original Tetusa Atoma (Astroboy) on NBC. I also saw Jungle Taiti,( Kimba) Speed Racer, and most of the others that ran off and on in the Us Tv market . But my first real exposure to Raw, Uncut Japanese Anime was in 1992, when I bought a commercially available video of "Project A-KO". This movie series really rekindled my interest in anime Big time... It was witty, clever, funny, and completely uncut and uncensored!

Later on, I discovered another series, the absolutely charming Nuku-Nuku, in 1995. Time jump ahead to Jan. 9th, 1996, my 40th birthday. It was about 6 in the evening, and i was wandering about the Midtown Manhattan Video stores, looking for something to buy myself. I wasn't even looking for anime at the time. Then, SHE caught my eye. I was in the COCONUTS video store, on 6th ave, and 51st street, when she changed my life forever. Anyhow, I saw a videotape in the anime section with the weirdest, yet most seductive young lady I had ever seen on the cover of any anime tape I had ever seen.

I don't know what it was about her that grabbed me first... The green hair... The horns... The Tiger stripes. Anyhow, this tape literally screamed for me to take it home... so, I plunked down my $ 25, and took it home. Thus , was my very first exposure to the UY universe, and to our beloved princess LUM. Two years later, and after spending a small fortune, My Lum and UY shrine continues to grow and prosper...

I can safely say that UY has truly become an obsession with me. I never thought that ANYTHING could dethrone Star Trek as My All time favorite movie and tv series. All it took was one look from a 17 year old green haired alien Japanese Exchange Student alien to put Captians Kirk, Picard, Sisco, and Janeway forever a poor second in my heart; The first and foremost in it having been Forever and Irrevocably replaced by our beloved princess Lum...

Now, some people may say I'm a hopeless, drooling Fan boy, Very much like somebody we all know and love in the UY universe. If this be so, I couldn't be happier.... :P

David E. Finley/Sailor Goon

by Andy Ionescu

My name is Andy, I'm 17 years old and reside in New Jersey, USA. I was originally born in Romania, but that's another story ;-).

Back on July 3rd, 1992, I turned on MTV to see what music videos were on (for those not familiar with MTV, it's a Music Video channel available in several countries). When I turned it on, I saw a strange sight..it was a music video by a guy named Matthew Sweet. In the background of the video was a very strange cartoon...featuring a beautiful girl with indigo hair and a tiger-skin bikini. I was impressed.

I had seen what Japanese Animation looked like before, but I had never seen it in motion before..I LIKED IT A LOT!! I knew that I had to track down the girl in that video. Yeah, I know she's an animated character but what can I say...I became obsessed.

At this time, anime wasn't easy to obtain...not where I lived, at least. Most people had no idea what Japanese Animation was back in '91-'92, but thanks to some comic catalogs, I tracked down the girl as none other than Lum from the mega-hit Urusei Yatsura series. I was amazed at how many shows / movies / OVA's were available...though most of them ranged from $25-$50 a piece. I saved up a LOT of money and bought whatever I could, one by one.

By 1994, I had an impressive collection and became a certified 'Lumaholic'. Now Japanese Animation is surfacing in a widespread form in the US. With channels like the Sci-Fi Channel which play anime on a regular basis, anime is seeing an entirely new fan base. Back in 1992 no video store carried Japanese Animation, now ALL the video stores do. We've seen a lot in the past few years as far as availability goes...which is a good thing, especially for prices!

I've never seen a copy of the video that Lum appeared in (Matthew Sweet's video for 'I've Been Waiting') floating around on the internet but I have it on tape and can convert it into a RealMedia file if people show interest in seeing it.

Well, Here's a new section for you, Urusei Yatsura Fans!
Some people have asked me if they could write some articles about Lum and/or Urusei Yatsura. Since there is now one article written by someone from Italy, I decided to open this section and let other people read how UY was discovered in other countries.

If you like to write an article about Urusei Yatsura or Lum or one of the other great characters in this series, don't hesitate and email me your creations. After reading them I will post them here.
You can send your masterpieces by clicking on the email-sign below.
If someone from your country already has written an article, please send yours too if you already have one or want to write one. All submissions get their own place on this site... Cool Huh?
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