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Author Topic: Nightmare Battle  (Read 153791 times)

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #795 on: August 17, 2010, 04:01:03 AM »
(i'm liking to read this|! yet, trying to regain inspuration to contribute)
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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #796 on: August 17, 2010, 07:25:07 AM »
Meanwhile at the school gates... Sand and Falling are still trying to know where they are when they see someone approaching.

Unknown man: Hello there gentleman. You seem lost, can I be of any help?

Sand: OMG!! Jean Reno!?!?!

Unknown man: Hahaha... I get that a lot... but never twice in one day... anyway, my name is Professor Paul T. Geist. I am the principal of the Seele Academy, a school dedicated to help people with special powers.

Falling: Nice to meet you Mr. Geist. Can you help us get to the nearest city we have urgent business to take care and we are a bit lost.

Geist: I'm sorry Mr. Falling Star, or should I say... Emperor Falling Star, but I can't help you with that.

Falling: huh? H-How do you know who I am? And why can't you help us?

Geist: I know everything... didn't you hear what I said...  I'm principal of the Seele Academy, a school dedicated to help people with special powers. The moment you set foot in front of our gate we already knew everything about you.

Sand: Everything?

Geist: Yes... Everything... Mr. SandStorm... aka the Spankinator.

Sand: Hahaha... Been a long time since someone called me that.

Falling: Anyway... Why can't you help us out?

Geist: Because our location is secret and only I know the way out of here.

Sand: Well then if you're not telling us the way out... I guess I'll have to spank you till you tell us... ;D

Geist: Calm down Mr. Sand... I'll tell you how you can leave this place but 1st you'll need to do me a favor.

Falling: What kind of favor?

Geist: I need you to work as teachers.

Falling: Teachers? Why? And for what reason?

Geist: Well being this a school for people with special powers normal teachers don't last too much...

Sand: Hehe... so you need a super teacher to teach them, right?

Geist: Huh? Oh yes... yes... that's basically it... So are you up for it?

Sand: Hehe... I'm good to go... I always wanted to be a teacher.

Geist: What about you Mr. Star? I know you where once a teacher this should be easy for you.

Falling: I don't know... This situation... just doesn't feel right...

Geist: Did I forgot to mention that Seele Academy is a school that only allows female students?

Falling: Where do I sign? It will be my pleasure to help you.

Geist: Splendid... Follow me... I will get your rooms ready... please feel free to use the school onsen to wash yourselves and I'll arrange some new outfits for you gentlemen. You start tomorrow.

Sand: This will be awesome...

Falling: Indeed. But stay alert... I have a weird feeling about all this...

... to be continued ...
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"It is said that only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man from the mistakes of others."-"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #797 on: August 18, 2010, 04:16:29 AM »
while they are signing the contract, Sand spot a figure at many time he don't see. A catgirl, actually one featured in a long time story...

Sand: *thinking* omg, it is Cindy! Cindy Chupapau!

Sand: Hey Falling Sensei, or shall I say, Falling partner, look over there!

almost shoved Fallen, who see the cat girl back features

Falling: Man... I know that girl! She'll is...

Sand: She'll chupayourpau. ^^
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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #798 on: August 18, 2010, 11:19:36 AM »
Offtopic: I'm so dumb! xD Only now I realized what chupapau/chupayourpau means! xD

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #799 on: August 20, 2010, 05:33:32 AM »
Falling Star is amazed with the curvaceous body lines of the girl but now he's a teacher again... he needs to act as one...

Falling: That's really immature of you... there's no way she could be here... I'm going to take a bath... you can go do whatever you want.

Sand: Ok... Falling-sensei... (lol I'm like Veehive now... should have chosen a better name ;D )

Now at the onsen Falling is relaxing and enjoying the moment when suddenly he hears girls voices...

Falling: Huh? Girls?! They must be entering the female side... Hehehe... I wonder if its going to be like in anime and they start groping each others boobs... ;D

Unfortunately for Falling there is no such thing as a female side to this onsen... being an all girls school... there's only a female side... ;D
But he quickly figured that out as soon as the girls started entering the changing room...

Falling: Oh crap... This is a All girls school... this doesn't have a man side of the onsen... I need to get out of here...

He quickly jumps out of the water and using his ninja skills goes into the changing room... and clings to the ceiling... as he waits for them to go in the onsen...

Girl 1: Another hard day of training...

Girl 2: Why do we need to gym classes here... not all of us have super strength...

Girl 3: Maybe it's those big boobs that get in your way... Hahaha

Falling: Oh no... must resist... don't look down... don't look down...

Knowing how much of a hentai Falling is... its obvious he looked down and when he did... he lost his focus... and some blood... and fell to the ground...

Girl 1:  ... What was that?

Girl 2: ... A-a n-naked m-man...

Falling: Hello there ladies... don't mind me... I was already leaving... so don't need to... panic...

All girls: (scream in panic)

[Note: There's lots of girls there not just 3... XD]

Meanwhile Sand was looking for the girl he thought was Cindy...

Sand: I'm sure she went this way... Oh... what do we have here...

Sand spots what looks to be (for him) a nice big bootie... and approaches to make conversation...

Sand: Hello there my nubian princess... do you want me to teach you the kamasutra???

Black dude: What did you call me?

Sand: Oh... Fish sticks...

The black dude was one of the martial arts teachers of the school... and instantly gave Sand a course of Kick-ass 101...

to be continued
"It is said that only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man from the mistakes of others."-"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
I wonder which one is true!?

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #800 on: August 20, 2010, 04:21:04 PM »
curses you falling sensei! xD

while having him rear bumper being kicked out by a black killing machine, some walls are smashed with San's own head, finishing stuck in the gymn changing room, unconscious
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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #801 on: August 22, 2010, 02:17:44 AM »
I hate when I can't come up with something! Vacations are bad for my brains but... I like them. xD

Also: that was hilarious, Falling. xD

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #802 on: August 29, 2010, 05:06:03 PM »
Black Dude: "AND DON'T EVER CALL ME FISH STICKS AGAIN!!" stomps off out of the room.

FallinG_StaR: "Wow, talk about a tsundere ... Hey, Sand! SAND! Wow, he sure gave you a shellacking. SAND!! ARE YOU ALRIGHT???


(completely delirious) "No MoRe FoR mE tHaNkSh ... I'm DrIvIn'!" ... and passes out on the floor.

FallinG_StaR: Ohh, brother. Well, we can't just stay here, we've got classes to teach".

SandStorm: "cLaShEzzzzz ...."

FallinG_StaR: (sarcastically) "Come on, my Nubian Princess. Uuuuppp!" as he hoists the battered SandStorm up across his shoulder, and starts walking down the hall.

SandStorm: (sing-song, still delirious, of course) "ChUpA-pAu, ChUpA-pAu, ChUpA-cHuPa ChUpA-pAu..."

FallinG_StaR: "Stop singing that! You're gonna land BOTH of us in trouble."

SandStorm: (still singing) "FiSh ShTiCkSh FiSh ShTiCkSh FiShIe-FiShIe FiSh ShTiCkSh!!!"

FallinG_StaR: "That's worse! URUSEI!!!"

SandStorm: "Yatshurah!"

FallinG_StaR: (turning a corner in the hallway) "Man, if you don't quiet down old buddy we're gonna be in a lot more trouble than ...."
 FallinG abruptly stops talking and walking as he looks up the hallway and sees ....
So Old, I'm Young Again!

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #803 on: August 30, 2010, 02:44:28 PM »
... a Zombie woman...


Sand: huh...?

***Faling grabs Sand and runs away. The woman also screams and follows them.***

Faling: oh crap! She's hunting us!!!! If you had only shut up she wouldn't find us!!!

Sand: hey Faling...

Faling: what! Can't you see I'm busy?

Sand: I never thoughtz you would be running away from a chick. ah ah ah...

Faling: She's a zombie for Lum's sake! She doesn't count as a chick!!! Besides! SNAP OUT OF IT AND RUN FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!


Sand: Me thinkz someone ziz calling you...

Faling: oh god help me. LEAVE US ALONE BAD ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!

Zombie Woman: OMG!!!!!!!!!! A zombie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!

***Faling stops running and the Zombie Woman bumps into him and falls on the floor***

Sand (whispering): thatz not like yuuuu... you alwayz helpz gurlz

Faling (whispering): shut up! She might bite my hand off!!!

Zombie Woman: Why did you stop? Didn't you say there was a zombie after us???

Sand: oh he wuz talking aboutchuuuu... ah ah ah!!!


***Faling hits Sand on the head. Sand returns to normal.***

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #804 on: August 31, 2010, 05:05:13 AM »
Sand: Forgive my rudeness, Fair Lady, but I am afraid that you are the foul fiend that we call Zombie

Falling: (Grabbing a Katana and his Crucifix) Who is your boss, Zombie Woman? Is it Doctor Weirdlove again?

* The Zombie Woman doesn't answer such question *

Zombie Woman: I am not a zombie, dear teacher, I am human like yourself

Sand: What made you into a zombie, my child?

Zombie Woman: I don't remember, all I know is that I woke up like this on a lab or something like that

Falling: We better go investigate, Sandstorm, or they will have to change this school's name into "The Highschool of the Dead"

* Sandstorm hits Falling Star *

Sand: Quiet, Falling, or we will end up getting sued for making such bad joke

Falling: (To the Zombie Woman) Take us to the lab where you woke up and we might be able to cure you

Zombie Woman: Very well, follow me

* They arrive at the Lab's entrance *

Falling: Sometimes I get the feeling that we are all part of a weird fantasy tale, Sandstorm

Sand: Enough of those strange commentaries, Falling, and help me find a way to open this entrance

Falling: Can't you open it with your divine powers, Sandstorm?

Sand: I got beaten by Mr. Fish Sticks and that would explain why I need your help

Falling: Funny, Isn't it?

Sand: What?

Falling: This is a school that admits only girls yet most teachers are men

Sand: You think we fell into a trap, Don't you?

Falling: It is a possibility

* Falling Star and Sandstorm finally open the door *

Sand: Time to check what's inside this Lab of Horror

Unknown Girl: I wouldn't enter if I were you

Falling: Show yourself!

* The Unknown Girl shows herself *

Unknown Girl: That place is not an ordinary lab as it is the place where all naughty girls are "fixed"

Sand: What do you mean?

Unknown Girl: I used to be a naughty girl that refused to study and that is why they "fixed" me by making me into a smart cyborg

Falling: Holy Cow!

Unknown Girl: That Zombie Woman used to be a girl that refused to eat at the cafeteria and they "fixed" her into having an endless hunger

Sand: How can we cure the two of you?

Unknown Girl: I can't be "cured" but I am sure Azaka can "cure" that Zombie Woman

Falling: Where can we find her?

Unknown Girl: She is part of the Disciplinary Team and she might be having classes at Room 45-B

Falling: I will bring Azaka here while Sandstorm enters that creepy lab

* Falling Star goes to find Azaka *

Sand: Damn you, Falling Star!!!!!

Unknown Girl: It was a pleasure talking with you and I hope we get to see each other in the afterlife

Sand: Hey, I am not going to die so easily

Unknown Girl: That's what they said before they were "fixed" for their foolish bravado

Sand: You are starting to scare me, little girl, and I will spank you if you keep saying weird things

Unknown Girl: You will try and fail, hehehehe

* Falling finally arrives at Room 45-B *

Falling: There is no time to lose, I need to have an audience with the girl named Azaka

* Such girl stands up *

Azaka: Why do you need me?

* Azaka gets a good look at Falling Star and proceeds to kick him *

Falling: What is the problem with you?

Azaka: Despair, O Foul Villain, for I will smite thee after thy attempt of raping mine classmates at the hot springs

Falling: I can explain that

Azaka: I won't be deceived by thy trickery, Fallen One

Falling: Stop talking like that! Nobody speaks like Shakespeare anymore, Azaka

Azaka: You better be prepared to die

Falling: This is going to be a long day
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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #805 on: September 30, 2010, 04:09:17 AM »
* Falling fought bravely and he was about to win when he suddenly had a nose bleed *

Falling: What the hell just happened? Why am I bleeding?

Azaka: Thy shame will be silenced by death, O Defiler of Purity

* Azaka is about to murder our favorite space ninja pirate teacher when both of them fall sleep as someone has released knockout gas *

Unknown: I will finally have my revenge upon the Urusei Yatsura FBI, hahahahahahaha

* Falling and Azaka awoke on an abandoned tavern *

Falling: Where are we?

* They are received by a priest *

Priest: Would you care to complete some tests that will determine if you are fit for salvation?

Falling: Sorry, Padre, but last time I had one of those tests I had to pay over 1000 dollars to get "salvation"

Azaka: What kind of trickery is this, Falling-sensei?

Falling: At last you stopped talking like that, Azaka (Falling speaks to the Priest) Could you, good sir, provide us with our exact location?

Priest: You are at the tavern known as "The Land of the Damned"

Falling: This appears to be one of those random twists that Cosmic loves to put on his tales, go figure

Priest: What did you say?

Falling: Nothing, Padre

Azaka: Any idea why we are here?

Priest: You have been chosen to be "fixed", naughty perverts

Falling: Wait a minute, Why the sudden change of attitude?

Priest: My apologies, children of sin, but I am supposed to be one of the main villains of this story

Azaka: Nobody is perfect, Mr. Priest, let me give you a hug

* They hug each other *

Priest: Let me present you the rest of your comrades

* They enter a room with a lot of people and zombies *

Drunk: Finally some company after several weeks

Priest: (To Falling and Azaka) His name was Giovanni Caballeri and he used to be a Cosplayer that was accidentally confused with a horse by a veterinary and ......

Giovanni: Silence, you commie, nobody here talks about how I got an enema

Priest: That will teach you never to dress like a horse, Giovanni

Azaka: Isn't alcoholism a worse problem than an accidental enema?

Priest: He isn't drinking alcohol, Ms. Azaka, but drinking the medicine that Doctor Hanato gave him to reduce his pain

Azaka: I can see him smoking illegal substances

Falling: (To the Barman) Could you give me one Scotch on the Rocks?

Barman: Coming right up

Azaka: This place doesn't have sense, How are we going to be fixed when this place is full of junkies and drunk men?

Priest: They be but lost sheep that must return to their flock, Ms. Azaka, and that is what Doctor Hanato will do with them and you

* A robot appears *

Robot: Doctor Hanato would like to see the people called Falling Star and Azaka Kokuto right now

* The robot grabs Falling as well as Azaka and sends them to a garden where they are received by a cute woman *

Unknown Woman: Welcome, my children, I heard you have been quite naughty at school and I have the perfect solution

Azaka: You are Doctor Hanato, Aren't you?

Unknown Girl: Bingo, I am Doctor Kobato Hanato at your service and now I will fix you with a special potion I like to call "Purity"

Falling: What will your little potion do to us?

Kobato: It will clean your soul from any impurity and you will become perfect citizens that love justice and truth

Falling: Why would you try to brainwash people?

Kobato: It all happened some years ago when I was surfing the Internet and found a site that glorified all kinds of evil, that is when I decided that I would destroy all evil and start to spend my fortune to fully develop the cure to the sickness that is evil

* Kobato shoots 2 darts that paralyze our 2 friends *

Kobato: It is time to save your souls, hahahahahahahaha

* "Purity" is injected into the bodies of our poor friends *

Kobato: Do not try to resist, my children, and you will see how soon all your worries will go away for good

* Stay tuned to see what would happen to our friends, Lumaholics, and now enjoy one cool blast from the past that most of the old Lumaholics might remember : A Parody Ad *


Bat-Boy: Greetings, Lumaholics, today I have been summoned from the deepest pits of the hell known as 4chan to tell you about the release of the newest set of DVDs related to the UY Forum as well as some other cool things

The new set of DVDs ("The Lost Years") will include the following :

- 20 hours of never released episodes of the UY FBI (More than 42 Episodes)
- 10 Language Tracks and Subtitle Options
- A Treasure Map (Don't ask, everybody loves Pirates)
- The Complete UY Forum OST
- A Neat Album of Photos of All the People involved at the UY Forum
- 5 Original Paintings by Uncle Gio
- Kobato's Book called "All the Shocking Evils of the World and How to Vanquish Them"
- Veehive's Car (Don't tell Him)
- 5 Anime Pillow Covers (No Refunds on the Pillow Covers)
- The UY OVA from 2008 (Finally with some Subtitles)
- A Chance to Win a Date with Bat-Boy (A Special Offer to All Girls)
- And Many More Surprises

And now it is time to make another announcement, Lumaholics, for soon the Mod Squad and some of the old members of the UY Forum will unleash an ambitious project that will shake the heavens

Yes, finally you would have in your hands the "Official Handbook of the Deathmatch and Nightmare Battle Universes" as a way to fully understand the phenomenon that started in 2006 and that denies to die

Expect all of these treats on December 2010, Lumaholics

Have a nice and weird day

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #806 on: October 03, 2010, 04:13:10 AM »
At that moment Sand was "exploring" the secret lab... When he found himself in front of a door that said "Party".

As he open the door he sees people having fun at what it seemed Cosmic King birthday party.

Sand: What the hell?! Falling? What are you doing here?

Falling: Hey Sand finally you arrived...

Kroptik: Hahaha... Sand Old buddy... Did you got stuck in your spanking machine???

Sand: Kroptik?! Whats going on here... all the UY Warriors are here... even DarkDevil?!

Cosmic: So Sand what did you got me for my birthday? I hope its not a spank stick...

Everyone starts laughing...

Sand: Present?! What present?! What's going on here?

Cosmic: So you didn't bring me a present?

Sand: No...

Cosmic: Then you shall die...

Everyone eyes turned red and started mobbing around Sand...

Sand: Guys? Guys... snap out of it... cata?! What are you going to do with that Mallet? eheheh... It's not funny guys...

As the UY Warriors going to finish him off... he hears a voice calling him...

Voice: Sand? Mr. Sand?

Sandstorm wakes up sweating alot and very confused...

Sand: What!? What happened?!

Unknown Girl: You where knocked out... when the door opened automatically and slammed in to your face...

Sand: Owh... Who the hell makes a door open outward...

Unknown Girl: Japanese?!

Sand: Oh right... weird bunch... of people...

Unknown Girl: What's this smell?

Sand: It wasn't me...

Unknown Girl: Shh!!! Someone coming... hide!!!

Sand turns into a pile of... sand... and immediately falls victim of the gas.

Unknown: Poor Sand... That gas is more effective when you guys use your powers... I'm one step closer to have my revenge upon the Urusei Yatsura FBI, hahahahahahaha Now... I need a shovel and a bucket...

* Stay tuned to see what would happen to our friends*
"It is said that only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man from the mistakes of others."-"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #807 on: October 03, 2010, 10:00:40 PM »
* Falling Star tries to resist the effects of the potion known as "Purity" *

Falling: Must think in...sexy girls....fighting....in mud....

Kobato: It is useless, Mister Blitzkrieg, since there is no mind strong enough to resist been purified

Falling: K...Kobato.... (Falling Star's eyes go blank)

Kobato: You fought bravely, my friend, but maybe you should have used your courage for goodness instead of spying girls

Azaka: I knew it (Her eyes go blank too)

* Falling Star gets up violently and releases himself from the paralysis he had *

Kobato: You used your metabolism to neutralize the effect of "Purity", Didn't you?

Falling: It was the only trick I had against your potion, Kobato, and I am not sure if I would able to do it again

Kobato: You won't have a second chance

* A tall man arrives *

Tall Man: Do you want me to finish him, Mistress Kobato?

Kobato: Indeed, Raoh, but try to give him a merciful death

Raoh: Agreed

* Falling Star and Raoh fight *

Raoh: You are quite a good fighter when you aren't sneaking into the rooms of young girls, Falling Star, but you must perish so my master's wish becomes a reality

Falling: She won't be able to subdue all people with her potion

Raoh: Wrong, Falling Star, for she has been scanning your mind and now she knows how to control most of your giant spaceships

Falling: Holy Cow, Batman! She is planning to use them to quickly subdue all the people of this planet

Raoh: As well as all the habitants of the universe, Falling Star, so goodness and peace reign supreme forever

* Falling Star and Raoh strike each other with their best attacks *

Raoh: She is waiting for you at the private airport of this estate, Falling Sta... (Dies)

* Falling Star arrives at such airport and notices several gigantic spaceships there *

Falling: Your little crusade ends here, Kobato Hanato

* Falling hits her with a blast of energy *

Falling: That will be enough to knock you out

* Kobato gets up *

Kobato: Is that all? I thought you were stronger yet you barely tickled me with that blast of yours, "Sensei"

Falling: What the hell are you, Kobato Hanato?

Kobato: You would be amazed if you knew it, Falling Star

Falling: Damn it

Kobato: I could fight you all day but I have a mission to complete (She teleports away from there)

Falling: I think I will have to stop those spaceships before Earth becomes "Pure"

* Meanwhile with Sandstorm and the Unknown Girl *

Unknown Girl: It appears that we were kidnapped, Mr. Sandstorm

Sandstorm: Indeed, child, and this place looks dark (Sand lights a torch)

Unknown Girl: Where did you get that torch?

Sandstorm: Don't ask, little girl, because I don't even know what kind of powers I have till I have them

Unknown Girl: That is a poor explanation

Sandstorm: Hush, child, and help me find a way out

* They are received by a weird man *

Sandstorm: Who the heck are you?

Unknown Man: I suppose it has been a while, Sandstorm, and that explains why you can't recognize one of your friends, hehehehehe

Unknown Girl: Aren't you the one called "Jester"?

Unknown Man: Bingo, little girl, you have won some free tickets to enter a funny place I like to call "Murderland"

Sandstorm: Jester?!? Murderland?!? I thought we killed you years ago, clown

Jester: Indeed, Sandstorm, but I must say that been dead was quite refreshing to me and that I would like the UY FBI to experience such marvelous feeling, hehehehe

Sandstorm: How many of us have you captured already, bastard?

Jester: Only you and this young girl but I will get the others soon

Unknown Girl: (Talking to Sandstorm) Do you want me to spank this clown, "Sensei"?

Sandstorm: (Crying with joy) Nothing would make me more happy

Unknown Girl: Thank you, "Sensei", and you can call me Sandra Spankatrovski if you like

Sandstorm: That explains why you weren't afraid of been spanked by me

* Both warriors try to spank Jester *

Jester: Time to have some unhealthy fun, hahahahahahahaha

* Sandstorm and Sandra fall into a trapdoor leading to Murderland *

Sandstorm: I wonder what kind of sick torture is awaiting us

Jester: (Talking from an intercom) Today we will start your "Fun-eral" with a cool game I like to call "Danse Macabre"

* Sandstorm and Sandra arrive at an old discothèque *

Sandra: Care to explain us what the hell you want us to do, Jester?

Jester: All you have to do is dance once the music starts or a mechanism will trigger a nucler explosion on your location

Sandstorm: That isn't very dangerous if all we just need to dance for a period of time

Jester: That is the spirit, Sandstorm, and that is why your first song will have a duration of 17 hours, hahahaha

* Music starts and Sandstorm starts dancing *

Yakitate!! Japan Second Ending
Sandstorm: (Thinking) I hope my legs don't fail me or we will be doomed
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Re: Nightmare Battle
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Offtopic: I want to dedicate the following post to my dear friend and "Senpai", Falling Star

* Falling follows one of the spaceships to one strange island *

Falling: KAMEHAMEHA!!!! (The spaceship is destroyed)

* A blue beam emerges from the island and it traps Falling Star *

Falling: Trapped again? I am quite sure Cosmic is scheming all of this nonsense

* Falling is received by the ruler of such island *

Bizarre Ruler: My name is Gnik Cimsoc and I am the ruler of Ecchi Island

Falling: Nice to meet you, dude, my name is Meoff but people call me Jack

Gnik Cimsoc: I won't fall for such childish pornographic pun, Mr. Falling Star, for we already know who you are

* Gnik Cimsoc opens a door leading to a baseball stadium *

Gnik Cimsoc: You will participate on our Annual Erotic Baseball Tournament, Mr. Falling Star

Falling: What if I don't want to play?

Gnik Cimsoc: Do you remember Giovanni Caballeri? You will share his same fate if you refuse to play against our dream team

Falling: What if I win?

Gnik Cimsoc: You will leave the island unharmed and with no enema

Falling: I am glad to hear that and I won't ask what will happen to me if I lose

* The enemies of our gallant friend arrive and they are a bunch of hot babes *

Gnik Cimsoc: Allow me to present you our dream team, "The Furies of Lesbos Incestimus"

Falling: That doesn't sound well

Gnik Cimsoc: They will start first and I suppose you will have to provide some "balls" for they to play

Falling: I think I am not going to like having my balls struck by a iron bat

Gnik Cimsoc: I meant the baseball spheroids, Mr. Falling Star

Falling: Good, Who is playing on my team?

Gnik Cimsoc: (Talking to the audience) Who wants to play with this fellow? Say "Yes" if you want to join his team

* One member of the audience agrees to join Falling Star's team *

M. Bison "Yes Yes!" Widescreen HD reupload
Falling: ...I suppose it is good to have some enthusiasm...

* Gnik Cimsoc chooses more members for Falling Star's team *

Falling: Who is in my team now?

Gnik Cimsoc: Some girl named Cindy Chupapau as well as some twins called Sora and Haruka

Falling: I just hope they know how to play

Gnik Cimsoc: Allow me to show them an educative video about baseball

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
Falling Star: I think I am going to kill you before the game, Gnik Cimsoc

Gnik Cimsoc: I am not sure my lawyer would like that to happen to me

* The lawyer arrives *

Falling: I think I will kill you...eventually

Gnik Cimsoc: Jolly good, Falling Star, now it is time to start playing

* The tournament goes terribly wrong for Falling's team since he is the only serious player and all the rest of his players are consumed by lust *

Falling: (Destroys his enemies and "allies" with a laser beam) I am done playing games

Gnik Cimsoc: Wait, that is not fair, you had to have more ecchi moments

* Falling grabs one of the bats and beheads Gnik Cimsoc *

Falling: That will teach you not to mess with me, punk

* Falling discovers one Jumbo Jet on the island and uses it to escape such silly place *

Falling: That creepy fellow had Cosmic King's name spelled backwards and somehow methinks it was one of those crazy clones we never faced on 2006 (Starts reflecting on the subject when he is received by Kobato) You again?!? I won't be merciful this time

Kobato: You saw Ecchi Island, Didn't you?

Falling: Aye and I must say I am glad I left such place

Kobato: Places like that island are the reason we must destroy all evil, Falling Star, and that is why I want you to join me on my crusade

Falling: I will never join you or your crazy crusaders, Belle Dame sans Merci

Kobato: Benten already joined me and I am pretty sure that you still love her no matter what

Falling: I will follow you for now, Kobato Hanato, but I will make sure that you are delivered to true justice one of these days

Kobato: I am pretty sure that you will try to betray me eventually, Falling Star, but for now we are partners, hehehehehe

* Falling Star and Kobato soon became the scourge of the underworld *
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Re: Nightmare Battle
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Offtopic: First of all... thank you Cosmic... but I'll get you... sooner or later... XD

Now that Dr. Kobato had managed to acquire the power of the Blitz Empire her 'purity' madness could now reach the far ends of the universe at least that's what she thought.

Kobato: Hahaha! Now all universe will be freed from perversion and indecency, and a new and pure universe will rise with me as supreme ruler.

Falling: Yes! enjoy your time, because will all end very soon!

Kobato: You still think you can stop me? Must I remind you I have Benten under my control?

Falling: You fear my power that much that you need to resort to such tactics to stop me from obliterating you?

Kobato: Oh please? I've been planning this for so long, some of your friends are already under my control!

Falling: What?! Who?

Kobato: Hahaha! You'll meet them soon enough, just enjoy the ride.

Falling leaves the space ship bridge and heads to his cabin when he, hears someone yelling.

Falling: What the hell? (walks down the corridor) I know that voice.

Falling sees 2 of Kobato's henchmen guarding a door.

Guard: Stay back we have orders not to let you go in this room.

Falling: Oh really? Unfortunately for you I'm a very curious guy.

The guards move to block Falling path but he quickly disappears and reappears behind them, the guards just stay there motionless.  they fallen victim to the ultimate weapon from Falling, the Mangekyou Hentai Sharingan.

Falling: You will see so much pervertedness that your pure brain will explode from it, that's the power of my Sharingan. ;D Now lets see who's the damsel in distress.

He unlocks the door and enters the room and by doing so the he senses a object coming from behind, and it connects, sending him, falling to the ground. XD

Falling: Ouch!!! What the hell? (looks behind him) Oh! It figures it had to be you.

Azaka: Ah! it's you? so you joined the evil Dr. Kobato and are here to finish me off?

Falling: No! I'm here to save you, and I see you're not brainwashed by 'purity'?

Azaka: Guess I already had a pure mind.

Falling: Strangely I find that hard to believe, but whatever, now that you're free, I need a favor from you.

Azaka: No way! I'm not having sex with you! (blushing)

Falling: Pure mind indeed! K No. I need you to go to go to this coordinates and find this girl (shows picture) Her name is Benten, make sure she's ok she's been 'purified' so you'll need this (hands her the antidote for 'purity'.

Azaka: What?! That's just a porn magazine! how dare you show me such filth?!

Falling: I'm serious here that's the only antidote, you need to leave quickly now will be approaching our destination very soon.

Falling grabs Azaka hand and runs towards the shuttle bay� and explains the details of his plan and how to operate the shuttle.

Falling: You just need to do exactly as I said and everything will work out fine; you're a smart and strong girl! you'll be fine.

Azaka: (blushing) O-Ok? I'll do it.I have to say, my view about you has changed.

Falling: Really? Are you falling for me?

Azaka: N-no way! I would never fall in love with a guy like you.

Falling: Hahaha! Ok! Ok! Now, I'm counting on you. Oh right one more thing: (turns around and kisses Azaka and leaves quickly) That's for good luck! ;D

As the shuttle doors close Azaka is still standing in the same spot, looking dazed and confused, as the shuttle undocks she comes to her senses and looks out the window.

Azaka: (whispering) What's this pain I feel in my chest?1 Is this what they call love?

The ship alings itself to and shoots into hyperspace.

Falling: Now then, lets see what that crazy Dr. is up to.

As Falling walks into to the ship command bridge he sees Kobato looking to the main screen where he could see something that looked like a small moon.

Fallng: So this is our destination: a barren moon?

Kobato: Hahaha! That's no moon my dear sir, that's my ultimate 'purity' weapon!

Kobato: My dear Falling, I give you the 'Purity Star'

Falling: Looks more like a moon than a star to me, it should be 'Purity Moon' right?

Kobato: Enough of your sarcastic remarks; by the way get ready to meet your friend. I'm sure after so long you guys must have so much to talk about.

The ship docs in the PS (purity star) and as Falling leaves the ship he sees lots of girls wearing only school uniforms (sailor suits)

Falling: Weird choice of battle uniforms' no?

Kobato: Well besides the ultimate weapon this is also where it all began. Welcome to the best female school in the universe!  Shoujo School for Delinquent Girls (a woman approaches them). Let me introduce you to Miss Clamp the headmistress of the school.

Miss Clamp: So this is the detestable and perverted Mr. Star?

Falling: Hmm. friendly aren't we?

Kobato: Miss Clamp can you please show Mr. Falling to where his friend is?

Clamp: Sure! It will be my pleasure showing him my greatest achievement in purifying minds!

They arrive at a garden, and by a tree there was a girl dressed like a princess making a flower necklace.

Falling: Oh My God!!!! Cata?!

Cata: Yes?!  Oh, Falling?! Is that really you? Its been so long? How's life?

Falling is speechless and stunned with the view of Cata in a girly dress doing girly things.

Kobato: I told you would be surprised, now, lets go we have things to do.

As they walk away from Cata, Falling still  speechless and in disbelief keeps looking back to see if it was really her, thinking how did they managed to transform her so much and how can he turn her back to normal.

Spoiler (hover to show)
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