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Author Topic: Nightmare Battle  (Read 89845 times)

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #810 on: October 09, 2010, 12:48:12 AM »
Off-topic: OMG!! Oh no, I won't! x'D

Falling: How did you do that?

Kobato: I told you I was powerful.

Falling: yada yada yada but HOW did you manage to capture Cata AND change her that much? She's not even a human anymore!!!
*** Cata's skin is now green. Not like Shrek's or Hulk's though. xD ****

Clamp: Is that one of your delinquent schemes? 'Cuz if it is, I'll stab you with a gun and shoot you with a knife!!!

Falling: Hum... shouldn't that be the way around? Anyways, how did you do it? O.O

Kobato: Ahem, Miss Clamp. I'll handle this for now. You may go to room 720 to treat Benten.

***Clamp leaves, keeping an eye on Falling***

Falling: Treat?!?! You mean exactly the opposite!!!

Kobato: Now, now Falling. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. What do you mean with "she's not human anymore?".

Falling: Huh? Can't you see? You turned Cata into a zombie!!! A girly zombie!!!!

Kobato: What are you saying? My research can't turn people into zombies!!! Clamp was right, this is a scheme!!! But you won't get away!!!


Kobato: ... no. But be careful with the way you talk towards me, boy. You don't want to see your beloved Benten in danger... do you?

Falling: Sorry... but I'm serious. Cata WASN'T a zombie before!!!

Kobato: If what you say is true...

Cata's thought: that idiot!!!! Blewing up my cover like that!!!

**** Cata was hiding in a bush. Before Kobato could finish her sentence, Cata jumps from the bush, grabs Falling and manages to escape. ****

Falling: Non-zombie Cata!!!

Cata: shush! We can't let them hear us.

Falling: oh sorry. Why are there 2 Catas?

Cata: Alumxander made a zombie clone of me.

Falling: O.O

Cata: creepy, I know. Anyways, it finally came in handy. I was able to gain some time and memorize the hospital here.

Falling: hospital?

Cata: yeah, this is a hospital where the perviness is treated like a desease.

Falling: ahah, I knew it. xD

Cata: O.o Why are you grinning?

Falling: Because I knew Benten was a perv. xD

Cata: Oh... O.o  Anyways, we have to get moving. We can't sit here all day.

Falling: Wait, why are you here?

Cata: Isn't it obvious? To save my best friend: Benten!

Off-topic: Yay, I restored my pride and dignity and you, Falling, got yourself a real teammate. xD


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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #811 on: October 11, 2010, 12:10:06 AM »
* Our 2 heroes sneak into the Database of Kobato's Headquarters *

Cata: It was a good thing that Kobato trusts you, Falling Star

Falling: I suppose she believes that any lack of trust can lead to evil, go figure

Cata: (Hacking into the main computer) According to this information, 'Purity' is a special variation of the 'Ragnar-k Virus' that Dr. Strangelove made to kill all aliens

Falling: Perhaps Kobato changed the formula so it could kill all the evil that dwells in our hearts

Cata: There is also information detailing the use of Nanobots on the 'Purity Moons' as a way to subdue the Milky Way Galaxy in mere weeks

Falling: Make sure to copy all those files, Cata, for we will need a lot of help to create an absolute antidote in case pornography doesn't work

Cata: I see

* Cata copies the files and both heroes escape from Kobato's Headquarters on a Chinook Helicopter *

Falling: We will go see a new 'friend' I met during my pilgrimage since she can provide us with a safe house

* They arrive at Azaka's room at the Seele Academy *

Azaka: Greetings, O Defiler of Purity, I welcome thee to my homely domain

Falling: Yeah, I missed you too, Miss Tsundere 2010, Where is Benten?

Azaka: I was searching for her when some guards discovered me and I had to fight to escape

Falling: I see

Azaka: My most sincere apologies for failing you, Sensei

Falling: Don't be sorry, Azaka, because at least you got away safely

Cata: (To Falling Star) I will go search for someone capable of producing an antidote before Kobato unleashes her Master Plan, Falling Star, try not to die easily (She leaves)

Azaka: It appears that we are alone, Sensei

Falling: (Thinking) My vast knowledge tells me that Azaka wants to get intimate with me, Will I allow this cute flower to finally bloom or Will I resist temptation?

* Somebody knocks at the door of Azaka's room *

Azaka: Damnation, I forgot that this place is off-limits for all men

Falling: Do you want me to hide?
Azaka: Please do

* Falling Star hides under the bed and Azaka opens the door before been received by 3 of her friends *

Friend 01: Wazzap, Azaka, Watcha doin' lately, homey? They tells us that ya been hiding some us some hot goods

Friend 02: I hope it isn?t like the last time when we found you tying your brother to your bed, you sick incestuous girl

Azaka: Hold thy viper's tongue, Harvester of Lies, for I have never tied my brother without his consent

Friend 03: Anyways, Why does your room smell like cologne?

Azaka: That's because I bought some cologne for my brother and I decided to spray my room with it, hehehehehe

Friend 01: That is quite unhealthy

Azaka: Could you, Dear Friends of Mine, tell me the reason of thy visit?

Friend 02: We went to see if you were ok since you haven?t been coming to school lately nor that teacher called 'Stars Fell'

Azaka: His name is Falling Star and I haven?t been coming to school because I haven't been feeling well lately

Friend 03: OMFG! YOU ARE PREGNANT, AREN'T YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?

* Azaka burns her friends with some magical blasts and ends up burning her own bed, destroying Falling Star's hiding place *

Falling: Hello, young girls, I was just checking under the bed to find one sick fellow that is stealing all the girls' dresses so he can sell them on the Internet, hehehehehe

* Azaka's friends don't believe such bizarre excuse *

Friend 01: Why is the teacher in your room, Azaka?

Azaka: Well, I had some problems studying Astrophysics and Sensei is helping me understand such cosmic concepts, Right, Sensei? (She pulls Falling Star's ear)

Falling: Aye

Friend 02: I thought we weren't studying Astrophysics till next semester

Falling: Well, Miss Azaka sure seems ready to experience new knowledge and that is why I am helping her become a woman of wisdom

Azaka: ??

Falling: Too suggestive?

Azaka: Well, I am getting hungry so we better have something to eat

Friend 03: Didn't you had enough of Sensei's knowledge, Azaka?

Friend 01: Well, Azaka, we will help you prepare some food for the teacher since he seems so tired after teaching you some Astrophysics

Falling: (Thinking) Yay! Free food done by cute girls

* The girls prepare a feast for Falling Star *

Falling: It's good to be the teacher, hehehehehe })

* Meanwhile with Cata *

Cata: My pirates told me that there is a man whose knowledge is almost a match to the intelligence of Dr. Weirdlove and that I could find him at the Isle of Silence

* An old man approaches Cata *

Old Man: State thy business here, foreigner

Cata: I am looking for a man called 'Spooky Spiegelman'

Old Man: I know that man, foreigner, but I am afraid that he doesn't want any kind of visits

Cata: But I need to see him

Old Man: Many have come in search of his wisdom and many have failed, What makes you think you will be an exception?

* The Old Man prepares himself to fight Cata *

Cata: (Thinking) Whatever happened to been friendly?

* Both titans clash and Cata finally wins after several hours of fighting *

Old Man: You are strong, foreigner, but raw strength is not enough yet I must praise thy courage

Cata: Would you tell me where to find Spooky?

Old Man: Aye

Cata: Good

Old Man: Follow me, foreigner, for I am Argul and I am Spooky's butler

* Cata and Argul arrive with Spooky Spiegelman *

Argul: Master, some foreigner has come to ask for thy aid

* Spooky Spiegelman appears *

img here

Spooky: How can I help you, Miss Cata?

Cata: How do you know my name?

Spooky: I am a telepath and I also knew your mother during the War against the Sorrow Screamer in 1991

Cata: Regardless of such information, I must ask you to help me create an antidote for a potion called 'Purity'

Spooky: I will see what I can do

* Spooky analyzes all the information *

Spooky: It seems that 'Purity' is an amalgam of science and celestial sorcery since some of its components are the 'Tears of the True Angels' and that could explain why your friend Falling Star was capable of enduring the effects of 'Purity'

Cata: Explain yourself

Spooky: Falling Star and his friends have entered many times into Hell and somehow they are 'impure', they can't be affected by celestial magic and satanic magic since they defeated Satan by flooding Hell with a rain of Holy Water

Cata: Does that mean that we can create an antidote with their blood?

Spooky: Not at all, Cata, since the final version of 'Purity' seems to contain more 'Tears of the True Angels' and our only hope is to use the blood of Lucifer himself

Cata: That won't be difficult, Mr. Spiegelman, because I know where to find Lucifer

Spooky: Good

* Meanwhile with Falling Star, he is now sleeping after a huge feast *

Falling: (Talking on his dreams) Yes!...Yes!...

* Azaka uses her magical fire on Falling Star *

Azaka: Time to wake up, Sensei, I want to show you something

Falling: Can't you let me sleep a little bit? I haven?t been sleeping since Kobato kidnapped me

Azaka: Come on, Sensei, I am pretty sure you will like what I will show you

Falling: Let me sleep a little bit more and then I will see whatever you want to show me

Azaka: I guess I will have to use my Love Gun on you, Sensei

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Offline FallinG_StaR

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #812 on: October 11, 2010, 01:39:03 PM »
* Falling Star wakes up instantly *

Azaka: I am glad you finally woke up, Sensei

* Minutes later, Falling Star and Azaka arrive at the Seele Academy's Gym *

Falling: What do you want to show me?

Azaka: I read the magazine you gave me to cure Benten and somehow I decided to confiscate all those magazines from the alumni, Sensei, and I would like you to become the guardian of this mountain of pornographic magazines

Falling: Sensei is proud of you, Azaka

Azaka: I guess I will leave you to enjoy your well deserved treasure (She leaves)

* Falling Star opens the first pornographic magazine *

Falling: What the f**k is this garbage?!?!?!?

* Azaka re-appears laughing out loud *

Azaka: Sorry, Sensei, I couldn't resist tricking you into reading Yaoi magazines after you made me blush a lot these days

Falling: That was mean, Azaka Kokuto

Azaka: That will teach you not to mess with the heart of a pure maiden, Sensei

Falling: I suppose we are even now, Aren't we?

Azaka: Indeed

* Meanwhile with Doctor Kobato *

Robot: Mistress Kobato, there is a report saying that Falling Star and a girl that looked the same as Cata hacked into the main computer of Zone Delta

Kobato: No need to fear, my friend, for they are but mere ants who will be crushed under my foot, mwahahahahahahahaha

Robot: Isn't that supposed to be the laughter of an evil scientist?

Kobato: Silence

* The robot leaves *

Kobato: Soon the whole universe will become a true Eden, mwahahahahahaha

Kobato: I think I should stop laughing like an evil scientist, hehehehe


Meanwhile... at Seele Academy... (I think) ;D

Falling: Where did she hide all my porn?! Hmm... maybe this room...

Opens the door and...

Falling quickly closes the door and keeps moving as if nothing happened...

Hen to hen o atsumete
motto hen ni shimashoo.
Hen na hen na uchuu wa
taihen da! da da ...

Note: My brain went blank... XD
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"It is said that only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man from the mistakes of others."-"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
I wonder which one is true!?

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #813 on: October 12, 2010, 01:19:08 AM »
Offtopic: I laughed SO hard. xD

Offline Cosmic King

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #814 on: December 04, 2010, 10:18:32 PM »
Offtopic: Time to reveal the conclusion of this dramatic saga, Lumaholics, as well as starting a new chapter for our heroes

Considering that we have not enough funds for epic dramas as we used to have back in 2006, I will provide a brief resume of the following events:

* Cata and Spooky entered the section of Hell that is under Darkdevil's rule; They manage to convince Darkdevil into giving them some of his blood in order to create the antidote for 'Purity'

* Sandstorm and his new ally remain trapped on Murderland for at least 12 hours but they manage to overcome all the traps as well as spanking Jester

* Veehive hasn't returned yet from his mysterious disappearance

* Ataru has been infected with the latest version of 'Purity'

* Cata provides Falling Star with the antidote and both of them prepare themselves to destroy the plans of Kobato once and for all by boarding her 'Purity Star'

Falling: Give it up, Kobato Hanato, we have come well prepared with all the Valkyries and my Ninja Pirates as well as the 'Dusk Bombs' that contain the antidote of your evil virus

Kobato: It is a shame that you and your minions chose death over everlasting peace, Falling Star, for you will now embrace oblivion

* Kobato takes out her hat and unleashes her hidden power, disintegrating most of Falling Star's henchmen *

Cata: What the hell are you, villain?

Kobato: I have walked upon this earth for more than a billion years since I am part of a race of Angels; I shall remember the names of all those henchmen I had to kill for they are the cornerstones of my masterpiece

Cata: I have no more words for you, villain, since my sword will do all my talking

* Cata and Kobato fight; Cata gives her best to endure the titanic power that Kobato had been hiding so far while Falling Star prepares the Dusk Bombs *

Kobato: You won't destroy my dream!!!

* Kobato uses her powers to make Cata's body to start flying without control till she is out of the atmosphere as well as burning Falling Star with a huge amount of mystical energy, taking away most of Falling Star's might and senses *

Kobato: I have left you with only your mind, hearing and voice, Falling Star, to see if you can still display your foolish bravado when defeat is upon you

Falling: You speak of making the universe into a better place where evil reigns no more but all you have done so far is quite the opposite

Kobato: (Pummeling our hero) Silence! You don't know what you are saying!

Falling: Good and Evil have always been part of a cosmic balance for they co-exist with each other and if you manage to destroy all Evil then you would also murder all the true Good that remains in the universe; Even if all people become good, one of these days there will be somebody that brings evil back into the universe; The only way in which your plan would work is if you were to kill all the life in the universe and the after-life, Kobato, thus destroying any hints of evil and bringing true harmony; Your plan will never work because, in your quest to make a Pure universe, you have tainted yourself

* Kobato stops pummeling Falling Star after hearing such words; She had never taken into consideration such facts; She now saw herself as the villain instead of the savior of the universe; It was ironic how she, a woman with good intentions, had made a big part of the universe unite against her *

Kobato: Maybe you are right, Falling Star, but this is my dream and I would gladly die for it

* Kobato grabs her hat and smiles at Falling Star *

Kobato: Both of us have been the puppets of powerful entities, Falling Star, and today we will see who shall drink from the Ambrosia that is Victory; Try to activate your bombs while I try to unleash 'Purity', then we'll know for sure who shall win; Farewell

* Kobato enters her ship while Falling Star does his best to activate the Dusk Bombs; He succeeds in time and he is saved by a now freed Cata from dying in the explosion on the Purity Star; Kobato's body wasn't found, only her hat remained *

Cata: I know she was our enemy but I just hope that she finally found her peace

Falling: Same here, Cata; Now let's get back to our heardquarters and start delivering the antidote to all the people missing

* Victory and Peace reigned supreme once again *

- 4 Days Later -

* Falling Star is grading some exams when he is interrupted by Azaka *

Azaka: Sensei, Methinks there be some foul knaves that be leaving some graffiti on the walls of the school

Falling: Did you see the people responsible?

Azaka: Aye, Sensei, they were leaded by a pink haired girl wearing an old school uniform and I believe she is called Simca

Falling: Well, this isn't really my responsibility, considering that you are the head of the Disciplinary Committee, but I will try to tame this rebel and get her phone number

* Our valiant lecher proceeds to confront the wild girls that are tainting the honor of the school *

Falling: I am looking to the one that calls herself Simca as well as pleading you to stop painting the walls with obscenities

* Simca appears *

Simca: So finally in this school has the cojones to face us instead of cowering in fear; I am Simca, dude, and you just signed your death warrant if you think you can beat me

* Simca tries to strike our valiant lecher but she is unable to land one single hit while he manages to grope her and take her measurements *

Falling: You are quite a ripe fruit, my sweetie, and it would be a shame that such a pretty figure like yourself ends up at jail; Today was just a friendly warning, Simca, but next time we meet under these circumstances I will have to spank you

* Falling leaves the scene *

Simca: Today you may have won this battle, Sensei, but tomorrow I will have my revenge no matter what comes in my way
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Offline veehive

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #815 on: December 06, 2010, 02:48:39 AM »
Offtopic: Time to reveal the conclusion of this dramatic saga, Lumaholics, as well as starting a new chapter for our heroes

Considering that we have not enough funds for epic dramas as we used to have back in 2006, I will provide a brief resume of the following events:

... Veehive hasn't returned yet from his mysterious disappearance ....

*heh* Gomen ne, minna-san. I sort-of painted myself into a corner and have to "buy more paint" (do some research) to continue. I also realized that my portion sounds like a fanfic and not the rapid give-and-take of the Nightmare Battle, but that's my thinking style and my writing style; gomen ne once again. I'll get off my a** (or get ON it, in front of my computer) and get my part up and running again (another confrontation with Flandre Scarlet, now in her lair deep beneath the Seely Academy?).
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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #816 on: January 14, 2011, 07:16:43 AM »
Is it just me or there's parts missing here?
"It is said that only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man from the mistakes of others."-"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
I wonder which one is true!?

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #817 on: January 14, 2011, 10:34:43 AM »
Uwaa! The thing's all discombobulated. Went in and fixed the quote tags. Reads right now.
Life is too short
to waste riding lousy bicycles

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #818 on: January 15, 2011, 12:51:33 AM »
The question is... was it you that discombobulated it or was it the forum speed fix?

Because besides your post the other 2 of Cosmic seem like they miss something... and I think its letters... XD
"It is said that only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man from the mistakes of others."-"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
I wonder which one is true!?

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #819 on: January 16, 2011, 02:48:11 PM »
Hmm, looks like something went wrong when upgrading to the latest security update. Odd.
As far as I can see, only ';:", and sometimes . are missing or malformed.
Text is 'missing' but available in the database. Strange enough, when you edit your post, all text comes back except for those punctuations. It shows those 'questionmarks' instead... I don't get is yet.

I think I got it fixed

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #820 on: June 23, 2011, 03:53:14 AM »
* Kobato Hanato was defeated on December 2010 and our heroes have decided to continue with their lives; Falling Star has been teaching at the Seele Academy till these days and he has been asked to go the Principal’s Office *

Principal Geist: Mr. Blitzkrieg, it has come to my attention that you have been spying the girls’s gym and hot springs in more than one occasion

Falling: I assure you that I have been the victim of vicious rumours and fake statements, Milord

Principal Geist: There was one girl that said you gave her your autograph and that you would give her better grades if she allowed you to be her “buff buddy”

Falling: Maybe she confused me with another teacher

* Geist is not amused *

Principal Geist: You are our only male teacher on Campus, Mr. Blitzkrieg; Anyways, the reason I asked you to come was to send you and some of your students to a German island known as “Wunschliste Island” because there have been reports of an unholy sect that has been kidnapping tourists so they can be part of a ritual; You may consider it as part of your Summer Vacations’ Trip and I will pretend that you haven’t been acting like a peeping tom if you succeed

Falling: Aye, aye, Cap’n Jean Reno!!!

Principal Geist: Yeah, I get that a lot

* Falling Star proceeds to go seek the help of his friend Cata as well as asking his student/love interest Azaka Kokuto for assistance on this matter at hand; Our heroes are traveling at one of Cata’s ships, ”The Furious Valkyrian” *

Cata: It’s good to finally see some action after almost half a year of inactivity, Falling Star, because I was starting to get bored only studying Law and drinking Tecasian Iced Tea

Falling: I am glad of been of service, Cata, but Do you know what exactly is in Wunschliste Island?

Cata: They say it used to be a paradise for all kinds of artists but they were soon consumed by an evil cult mere months after we defeated Kobato and her Purity Stars/Moons; I guess we should have checked that place before but, as I have told you, I needed to finish my studies

Falling: I see, Cata, and I was just asking because my Spaceship detected some Alien energies coming from that island; Methinks it might be more menacing than a mere evil cult
Cata: By the way, I want to present you one of mine new comrades, Falling Star

* A mysterious man appears *

Cata: His name is Kasaioni and I found him wandering at that tavern known as “Land of the Damned”; This poor fellow appears to suffer from amnesia and seems to possess some kind of fire powers like your little student Azaka

Falling: Nice to meet you, Kasaioni

* Kasaioni remains silent but smiles at Falling’s greeting *

Falling: What a strange fellow you got this time, Cata, but, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to the bathroom and I hope no alarm starts buzzing while I am there enjoying myself like the last 1000 times

Cata: Don’t worry, Falling, I will make sure that this trip is free of problems

* Meanwhile, a fallen hero whose name is Veehive has finally awoken on a crimson dimension filled with blood and darkness; There he is received by a blonde fellow and his female companion *

Veehive: Who the bloody hell are you, good sir?!?!?

Unknown Man: I am Dio Brando, my friend, and I have noticed the sleeping power within yourself; Long have you been burdening yourself by not allowing yourself to use your full power and now old age has stopped you from achieving such state of perfection; Luckily for you, Veehive, I know a way to restore your power without many consequences

Veehive: I will never kneel before you, Dio!!!

Dio: Don’t you want to have your full power and glory, Veehive? Don’t you want to get your youth and hair back? I can grant you those wishes if you join my cause

* Veehive tries to resist but such gifts are too convincing and he succumbs to Dio’s offer *

Veehive: I accept thy offer, Dio Brando

Dio: Good, Veehive, and now my friend Izayoi will give you a kiss that will return you to your former glory but more shining than before

* Izayoi gently grabs Veehive from the neck and opens her mouth *

Izayoi: It would hurt but an instant and then a world of pleasure will be yours, Veehive

* Finally, amigos, let’s check what is happening on Wunschliste Island; The leader of the cult, a man known as Alpha or “AtaruLumFan” if you’re nasty, has been preparing some final elements for this monthly ritual *

Alpha: O Wise Lightning Goddess from the Stars, soon you will feast with the blood of several infidels that will restore you to your former glory upon the Heavens themselves!!!

* A new adventure is about to begin *


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