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Author Topic: Nightmare Battle  (Read 111020 times)

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #750 on: April 27, 2009, 05:46:23 AM »
*Sandstorm and Falling arrive at Bombu's palace*

Bombu: Soon the feast will start and all your doubts will be solved,gentlemen

Sandstorm: Mister Bombu,can I ask you a question?

Bombu: Sure,tell me

Sandstorm: What will we eat in this feast?

Bombu: Nothing but the best,amigos,we have prepared around 34 turkeys and 100 gallons of wine just for this day

Sandstorm: So,you are not gonna eat us,right?

Bombu: What made you thought such silly ideas,Sandstorm-san?

Falling: To start with,I did a scan on you,Bombu,and it showed that you wield such an amazing power,that is why me and the kid were worried you were gonna eat us

Sandstorm: Hey,I am not a kid!!!!

Falling: Regardless of that,we wanna know the exact reason of this feast you are holding for Sandstorm and moi

Bombu: Those were the orders from my master,the one called Woten

Falling: Do you mind escorting us to him?

Bombu: All in due time,friends,first we have to celebrate the feast

Sandstorm: Ok,if you say so

*After the feast (Yeah,we had to cut some scenes due to lack of budget,lumaholics)*

Falling: (whispering to Sandstorm) Yo,Sandy Bell,I bet that purple corridor may lead us to this guy Woten,wanna come?

Sandstorm: Ok,sensei

*They arrive to a room filled with clocks and weird orbs*

Falling: Reminds me of the Omni-Screen room back at Cosmic King's citadel

Sandstorm: Aye,sensei,whatever happened to him?

Falling: It has been around a while since these old eyes of mine took a look at that weird,but nice,guy

Sandstorm: Indeed,he suddenly went MIA (Missing In Action) after the Infinity Nightmare of Beyond that ravaged around 3 galaxies

Falling: (senses a powerful aura) Hush,Sandy,someone is coming (Falling uses one of his devices to cloak his and Sandstorm's aura from the unknown hooded man that has just arrived)

Unknown: (sighing) There is no need to cloak your auras,mates,I could sense them even if you were planets away from here

Sandstorm: (no longer hidden and so does Falling Star) Holy Toledo,Batman,how did you manage to do that?!?

Unknown: That is quite simple,friends,but there was a time when I could not achieve this feat so easily

Falling: Are you the boss around here?

Unknown: Aye,I am the one called Woten

Falling: Well,I guess it is time you answer us some questions,first,why do you need us,Woten?

Woten: You have something that I require so dearly,there are forces beyond your imagination and they are plotting the worst holocaust you would ever see,that is all you need to know for now (he is about to leave but Falling tries to stop him,Woten blasts Falling and traps him into an energy prison within an orb)

Falling: Hey,lemme out!!!

Woten: You will be released once this orb drains you of your power,my impulsive friend,such is the price of your mindless bravado

Sandstorm: Release my sensei,punk,or you will get stoned

Woten: It would be useless to try,Sandstorm,you are way to important for my project and I would not like to hurt you

Sandstorm: SANDROCK METEORS!!!! (a bunch of spiked rocks fly towards Woten,he turns them into bananas)

Woten: No matter how hard you try,that will not even scratch me,give up already (turns Sandstorm into glass)

Sandstorm: (breaking free) MJOLNIR TERRA QUAKE!!! (crushes Woten,or so he thought)

Woten: (becomes a giant) You asked for it,Sandstorm (delivers a mental blast towards Sandstorm,it makes Sandstorm body to melt and "lobotomizes" Sandstorm)

Sandstorm: (remaining motionless) Ahhhhhhhhh

Falling: (breaks free from his energy prison,he only has a 50 % of his power) What did you do to my friend?

Woten: I broke his mind,he will remain motionless as long as I like,he was warned and yet he defied me,what a pity

*Suddenly Sandstorm stands up and blasts Woten,burning his ritual robes*

Falling: Wow,how did you do that,Sandy?

Sandstorm: Probably thanks to the Odin Force that Thor's dad gave me back when we battled Ares

Falling: Oh,I did forgot about that,but right now lets see who this Woten guy really is

*They get closer to where Woten is,he is barely injured and he really is ...*

Sandstorm: Hey,you look just like me!!!!!

Woten: Surprised,Sandstorm?

Sandstorm: Well,yes

Woten: I guess I will not need to hide the truth any longer,I am yourself from the future,this is the year 234 a.d.

Sandstorm: What?

Woten: After Doomsday

Falling: Care to tell us what kind of doomsday,future Sandstorm?

Woten: It happened back in 2009,an unknown cabal plotted an universal apocalypse that claimed the lives of 98 % of the cosmos' population,most of the UY warriors perished in such holocaust

Sandstorm: Even Kaede?

Woten: Aye,she fought valiantly but in the end the fire of her life was snuffed,all that remains of her are memories and her spanking sticks

Falling: Ohhhh

Woten: After that holocaust,I began to wander the universe in an attempt to find survivors,I finally found them in the few planets that remained and managed to bring them to this planetoid I call "Eden"

Falling: Do not you feel yourself kinda lonely since you lost Kaede,Woten?

Woten: Not at all,my wife Diana has helped me overcome the grief

Falling: Was not there a winged girl called Diana on one of Lum's parties?

Woten: Yep,that is the one that is my wife

Sandstorm: Damn

Falling: Anyways,how come you became powerful enough to take on me and sandstorm with little effort?

Woten: I perfected my demonic sand powers as well as the Odin Force for around 100 years,heck,I could defeat all the other warriors if there were any Deathmatch tournament,hehehe

Sandstorm: If you are so powerful,how come you do not simply undo that universal apocalypse?

Woten: To undo the murder of the cosmos is a feat not even a god can do,what I can do is to train you to be ready for the coming of such event considering that I cannot alter the course of time at all

Falling: Bring it on,future Sandstorm

*Meanwhile,Kroptik and Iridia awaken in what seems to be an office close to a church*

Kroptik: Ohhh,my head hurts,where are we?

Iridia: Dunno,brother,but it sure smells like cheap cigars

*A fat man appears*

Fat Man: Coño,chica,mas te vale no estar insultando como huelen mis habanos (it means "Damn it,girl,you better not be insulting how my Cuban cigars smell" in Spanish)

Iridia: Who are you,good sir?

Fat Man: Elvis is the name and marrying people is my game,cabrona

Kroptik: Hey,I cannot marry my own sister!!!!

Elvis: Who is saying you are gonna marry her,pendejo?

Iridia: Then who?

Elvis: Your groom will arrive soon,dulce niña,do not worry,hehehehehe

Kroptik: Not if I take her away from here...NOVA SPECTRUM!!! (Elvis dodges the blast and blinds Kroptik with the smoke of the cheap cigar)

Elvis: Tsk,tsk,such a naughty pendejo,you need to get punished....ZANEI TENMA HA!!! (delivers a single blow to Kroptik's chest,it stops the functions of Kroptik's legs and arms)

Kroptik: Damn...you...

*The office's door opens,the groom has arrived*

Groom: Yo,yo,yo,mother-truckers,the world's hottest rapper has arrived on the day of his wedding,MC Morpheus is ready to tie the knot,niggas

Kroptik: (screaming in terror) NOT YOU AGAIN,MC MORPHEUS,NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

MC Morpheus: YES!!! YES!!!!

Elvis: So,are we ready to start the ceremony?
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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #751 on: April 27, 2009, 10:03:19 PM »
***Meanwhile, Cherry wakes up in what seems to be a beach.***

Cherry: Where am I? Boys? Girls? Guys? (sigh) Guess they ran away from me while I was getting my beauty sleep... Disrespectful youth.

***Cherry wonders around the beach and realizes that he's in a desert island. He keeps on exploring the island and founds a cave. Cherry walks to the end of the cave and accidentaly pushes a lever. The darkest wall becomes a huge TV screen and colourful levers appear (Red for Benten and Cata, Yellow for Falling and Sand, Green for Kroptik and Iridia, Black for Cherry, Orange for Ataru and Veehive).

Cherry pushes the orage lever. The huge screen turns on and Ataru and Veehive appears on a small room full of men with no doors or windows.***

Ataru: Yo Beebive, how did we end up being in a room full of ugly men instead of a room full of pretty and sexy girls?

Veehive: Not every guy is ugly.

Ataru: Woah... Wait a minute... You're not saying that you're... (Ataru gets further and further of Veehive)

Veehive: Of course not! What I'm saying is that I'm not ugly! I'm quite handsome don't you think?

Ataru: I can't appreciate men. o.o

Veehive: xD

Ataru: Yo Mendo! Megane! Chibi! Kakugari! Perm! Come here!

Veehive: They didn't notice us. Weird...

Ataru: Maybe they didn't heard us. What's so weird about it?

Veehive: Well... you're so noisy that everyone should have looked at you. Instead, no one in this room seems to have heard you.

Ataru: Why you...!!! Hey, you're right. Maybe you're overreacting. I didn't scream that loud. (Screaming his longs out) HEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY! MEEEENDOOO!!!! MEEEGAAAAANEEEE! CHIIIII---

Veehive (screaming his longs out): SHUT UP!!!!!!!! (normal) Damn... Yoy want me to go deaf? Anyways there you have the proof that something fishy is going on here...

Ataru: You're right...

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #752 on: August 13, 2009, 02:38:58 AM »
Meanwhile at Woten lair Sandstorm and Falling start their training.

Woten: Now, both of you have unique powers and abilities, but lets face it: they won't help you in the doomsday battle.

Falling: O, rly?!

Woten: Haha! Enough of your sarcasm! I'm going to teach you guys how to use very powerful attacks that could save the future.

Sand: Wow! are we going to be as strong as you after this training?

Woten: Yes! 100 years from now! Hahaha

Falling:  Hmm. How long is this training going to be?

Woten: 2 or 3 Decades.

Falling/Sand: What?!

Sand: By that time the apocalypse will already have passed; and all the training will be useless.

Woten: No, If you guys stop interrupting me I may be able to explain everything.

Falling: Please, continue.

Woten: There is a place that you can train where time is irrelevant. It's a room where you can train for all infinity, and still you won't age.

Falling: Hmm. I wonder if.

Woten: Yes, you are right. It was made by Forgotten Lum, before he disappeared to God's realm with his wife.

Falling:  Wow! so he run away from the battle and left us to die?

Sand: Well technically I survived. XD

Woten: Ok. Enough of this; prepare yourselves to learn the techniques that will change the future, 1st we'll start with the powerful Genki Dama.

Falling: What's that?

Woten: It allows the user to borrow energy from all the things around him. The energy is gathered by the user raising their arms upwards, this however does leave them open to attack as the strength of the attack is proportional to the time it takes to charge.
So that is why I need both of you to learn this skill; in case one of you die while trying to prepare the attack.

Falling: Ok then, lets do it. I'm ready to go.

Sand: Btw, before we go in the room can you tells us something.

Woten: Sure. What is it?

Sand: Who's the enemy that we will face?

Woten: That is something you don't need to know for now. So, Let the training begin.

Next chapter: Release date  09/01/09
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"It is said that only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man from the mistakes of others."-"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
I wonder which one is true!?

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #753 on: August 14, 2009, 07:19:40 PM »
Can't wait for the next chapter! :P Thanks Falling. =)

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #754 on: August 16, 2009, 01:46:06 AM »
I try my best...

It's hard work to make something like this... and I blame it all in Cosmic King...

It would have been good if he could at least leave some tips... to where he wanted this to go...

So prepare your selfs for the weirdest story of Nightmare Battles... where all plots are... well... weird... XD
"It is said that only a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man from the mistakes of others."-"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
I wonder which one is true!?

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #755 on: August 16, 2009, 04:30:13 AM »
So prepare your selfs for the weirdest story of Nightmare Battles... where all plots are... well... weird... XD

I think the UY has played that one particular song many times, enough for the message to be numbed into our brains.
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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #756 on: August 25, 2009, 04:07:18 AM »
Offtopic: Ok,I am back (again),my brothers-in-lum (and sister,of course)

Regarding Falling's mention of me not leaving hints,I can only say that I am here to help with what was left of this sage

Lets begin now

*Not so far away from Woten's lair yet not so close,a meeting is been held and in the center of such meeting rests a machine that has the Tomobiki Students,Cata,Benten,Cherry,Kroptik,Iridia and the rest of the gang sleeping over it*

Unknown: I gotta admit it,Herr Doktor,I never dreamed that you could capture those pesky punks after so many gruesome defeats to this organization

*Doctor Strangelove,archnemesis of the UY Warriors,appears*

Strangelove: Ja,Mein F�hrer,it was quite difficult to nab these kids for good but in the end it was quite easy to drug them with the latest version of my Ragnarok Virus,only thing I lament was not trapping the Space Pirate Pimp,the Spanker and the Weird Guy in Golden,but now their friends will serve as the ultimate weapon for the organization they swore to destroy,The Council of Shadows

Unknown: And I suppose that machine holding them is the key to such weapon,right?

Strangelove: Indeed,this device,the Morpheus Neural Chamber,is trapping their minds on weird and half-baked fantasies while "copying" their unique powers into these robots over there,it wont take long for us to have an invincible army

Unknown: What if they realize they are trapped in a fantasy world and try to find a way out?

Strangelove: Not a problem,the moment they attempt any foolish resistance,the device will start a lobotomy process,frying their brains and leaving them like mindless puppets like those other "not so lucky" subjects (shows a room with a drooling Alumxander and Necron99)

Unknown: Excellent

Strangelove: No need to thank me,all this could have not been possible without the assistance of them

*Some guys appear*

Darkdevil: This cosmos is gonna have one hell of a time

Forgotten: Indeed,old friend,this will be an event they wont forget

*The four villains begin to laugh*
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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #757 on: August 26, 2009, 02:38:50 AM »
Offtopic: I kind of feel bad for Alumxander being in the same place as Pseudo-Necron99. :(

Glad to have you back, your majesty. =)

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #758 on: August 27, 2009, 12:03:46 AM »
offtopic: cool, the sequel is going! xD
ahhh, that weirdlove guy is back!
Follow your dreams...

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #759 on: August 27, 2009, 01:39:42 AM »
Offtopic: Sand, that sounded really funny! xD

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #760 on: September 04, 2009, 04:01:49 AM »
Offtopic: Time to continue the tale,lumaholics

*Our warriors keep struggling to escape from the weird fantasy that is consuming their soul,suddenly the HQ of the Council of Shadows is invaded by a guy with a cool afro*

Shaft: Ok,mother-suckers,John Shaft is inda house and he is fixing to kick himself some evildoer ass (starts shooting randomly)

Strangelove: American swine,you are gonna end up destroying the Neural Chamber (summons a Cyclops to stop Shaft)

*Both Shaft and the Cyclops battle,but the most wonderful battle is been fought in the minds of the noble UY Warriors,and so we proceed what is going on with Cata,who just "awoke" on her school-like prison*

Cata: Owww,why does my head hurt so much? (she is received by a robot)

Maid-atron Delta: That would be the Feminoserum that is been injected to your blood every night,young missy,you and your biker friend will get used to it

Cata: Damn school and its weird attempts at making me a "proper lady",I am getting out of here (tries to escape but she is stopped by an invisible force)

Yurenai: Why are you trying to escape,Cata-chan?,I thought you cared about me

Cata: I do but believe me when I tell you I have to destroy this institute of madness

Yurenai: I find that hard to believe,Cata-chan

Cata: What do ya mean by that?

Yurenai: Deep down in that maze you call mind lies the whole truth,what you truly want is this,you desire the live of a simple girl who has the respect and care of all the people around,so get rid of that valkyrie's bravado,it does not suit you

*Cata begins to suffer a mental attack,she falls to her knees trying to fight this as well as her sailor suit's punishment system*

Cata: Long enough have I tasted the dismal dregs of defeat...I am...quite sad...to see you have already become one of their minions,Yurenai...so I will have to awaken you with this fist of mine... (breaks the mental control and the punishment system,her nose is bleeding like hell)

Yurenai: Impossible!!!

*Cata hits Yurenai in the back of her neck,knocking her out*

Maid-atron Delta: Tsk tsk,such behavior is not the one a lady should exhibit,I guess we will have to use the ultimate program on you,Miss Cata (summons an army of guards)

Cata: That is all?,I thought you really wanted to enslave here but you only brought some soon-to-be-corpses,well,beggars cant be choosers

*Cata beats all the guards with ease*

Cata: Had enough?
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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #761 on: September 05, 2009, 03:04:33 AM »
Maid-atron Delta: Had you?

Cata: Huh?

***Maid-atron Delta says something weird and doors on the ceiling, walls and floor open up and several lipsticks come from them.***

Cata: No... Oh no... Don't you dare...

Maid-atron Delta: Oh, so you will?

Cata: In your dreams and in my nightamers you girly-piece of junk!

Maid-atron Delta: We'll see about that.

***The lipsticks are attached to mechanical arms and they work like a snake, which means that they are guided by body heat. The more Cata moves, the more she gets noticed. Suddenly, they start to move towards Cata and she panicks.***

Cata: Stay away!!! Don't touch me!! I'll melt you!!!

***Cata runs from one side to another trying to get rid of them but the more she moves, the more they get near her. Suddenly, Cata notices that if she runs around in circles and then jump at a certain point, the mechanical arms will form a knot. She goes around running like crazy and yelling like there's no tomorrow while she gets taunted by Maid-atron Delta. Finally, the knot is done and Cata is safe. Or... is she?***

Maid-atron Delta: Kudos to you because I thought your abbility to think would be asleep while you were terrified.

Cata: Don't underestimate me or anyone else because that'll cost you. Now, return Yurenai and myself to normal.

Maid-atron Delta: What do you mean "normal"? You're normal.

Cata: No, we're not! I mean, we are but you did some crazy stuff to us. Undo it!

Maid-atron Delta: But I thought you wanted to be normal.

Cata: What do you mean by that?

Maid-atron Delta: Normal girls are girly and normal boys are manly. That's normal. But you are mixed up.

Cata: So? Being mixed up or whatever is my normal self. Give my tomboy-hood back right now! Oh and give Yurenai's mind back to her, too.

Maid-atron Delta: I don't want to do that, I can't do that and even if I could, I would never do it!

Cata: I'm tired of you stupid people!!! GRRR!!! Prepare for being destroyed into LEGOs you stupid robot!

***Cata goes to punch the Maid-atron Delta's sensor but Cata's fist gets electrocuted with this massive power. Cata faints.***

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #762 on: September 05, 2009, 06:05:11 PM »
*Cata awakens in what seems to be a Roman Circus*

Cata: Now what?

Headmistress: Your foolish bravado has proved to be quite a thorn in our sides since you came but now your spirit shall be broken,missy,for now you will suffer the fate of all of those tomboys

Cata: What do you mean,you old hag?

Headmistress: Right now we have taken away around 85 % of your skills and created a living representation of that brutish soul of yours,meet your executioner

Cata: Hey,I do not look like that!!!!

Headmistress: Regardless of that,once he finishes you,you will fully embrace your inner desire to become a lady and perhaps marry a doctor,hahahahahaha

Cata: Never

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #763 on: September 05, 2009, 10:48:00 PM »
Cata: so this is 85% of my tomboyishness? Well, I still have 15% left plus my intelligence... That will be your death sentence.

Executioner: Your should be pink.

Cata: Keep dreaming you prick!

***Cata stays on the defensive studying what her opponent is capable of and his tactic. Cata his hit a few times and seems to be struggling to not be defeated. A few minutes later, Cata's already in a pinch since she can't deal which such an agressive force against her. Suddenly, she remembers that the bigger the foe, the bigger the fall and that she can make the strenght that the Executor uses, against him.***

Cata: Is that all you got? Try harder you cheap clone!

***The executor bashed toward Cata and at the last moment, Cata dodged, kicked him in the leg and the Executor loses his balance. However, he doesn't go down at first. Cata climbs to his neck and pressures him down. The executor is struggling to not fall down but Cata ends up making him fall down. Quickly, Cata puts her arms around the executor's neck and starts suffocating him. But with 85% power against 15%, it's quite easy for him to get up and throw Cata away. She hits her head against a wall and ends up unconscious.***

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Re: Nightmare Battle
« Reply #764 on: September 06, 2009, 04:49:50 AM »
You sure end up unconscious a lot don't you Cata? xD
You're head must be lump-proof by now. o.0
Signatured postponed until I cba to make a new one. x.x


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