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Author Topic: This feels like, a travel back in time!  (Read 13096 times)

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Re: This feels like, a travel back in time!
« Reply #30 on: April 27, 2020, 03:44:58 AM »
Perhaps I've seen you in Anime Portugal forum? I'm actually the person that send you some time ago a few episodes that aired in Sic Radical of Urusei Yatsura thanks to an uploader in emule which he was sharing basically all the series in VHS-rip (too bad it was only him seeding and it took a while to complete most of what I had, but I give him credit to record the whole thing on tape from SIC R).

2016 was a completely crazy year with a lot of events and definitely Portugal being European Champion in football (or soccer to the US people as you call it) was totally unexpected but well deserved it! 12 years ago I remember with my dial up internet trying to download UY episodes from emule but I didn't know how mkv files or even avi worked back then so I never had a codec pack installed which on a long time later I finally realized that I need to play it haha.

Good to see everyone coming here for a quick hello, it's really happy that I can share again a few stories or just a few messages to all fans

May 2017 be all good to all of you ;)

You are right. I don't remember your nick because I think it was in japanese, but we met on animeportugal eight or nine years ago, you were posting pics of Lum with the SIC Radical logo and I got all nostalgic. Then you sent me a couple of episodes that aired on that channel. I remember fondly watching the episode 89 (the hilarious one where Ataru's parents go somewhere and leave Ataru and Lum alone for the night) that you sent me. Meanwhile someone sent me episode 72 from that time too... and animeportugal closed =/ Yeah we have the anime in blu-ray now, but watching with the Radical logo makes it easier to travel to 2004. I have yet to watch all the anime in blu-ray and ditch the legendary LRE release hehe

wait, so, there are several portuguese p+eople here? i only knew cata xD

Yeah, there are plenty. I got late for the party, but I'm sure that many people that registered here are also portuguese. You can search by "portugal" on the forum and see topics from the time Lum aired here (2004 and 2005) and many people posting and discussing on them are portuguese. It's funny to read those posts after all this time to see how things were back then. I remember talking with cata too, here and on another forum.

I'm positive that Lum left a mark on many portuguese anime fans, despite airing at a terrible timeslot and having only one run. When I was on college I met some people my age (I'm 27 now) and older that had also watched Urusei Yatsura, we often shared memories and talked about our favorite episodes :hehe

I'm ashamed that I forgot to log in in almost 3 years and half... I agree with you Sandstorm, life is a pain... nevertheless I hope everyone is doing great and healthy with this global pandemia going on.


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