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Author Topic: Urusei Yatsura: Final Fantasy style  (Read 1181 times)

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Urusei Yatsura: Final Fantasy style
« on: March 24, 2010, 01:10:44 AM »
Urusei Yatsura Final Fantasy Style
Episode 1 Part 1: The Winding Road

   Yeah.  I know what you’re saying.  What in the world is Urusei Yatsura Final Fantasy style?  Well, while playing Final Fantasy XIII, I was thinking about Lum and the gang and then an idea popped into my head.  What if the gang had their own little adventure like the people in Final Fantasy.  That’s how this was created.  Now I won’t give much away but you can expect some of your favorite characters from the UY universe to show up (sorry no Final Fantasy characters though).  Now Ataru had to be changed from being totally obsessed with other women and not Lum, but its not a sudden change and you’ll see his transformation later on.  There’s going to be some weird names being tossed around for imaginary creatures so watch out.  To get a feel for the story, just imagine a whole new Final Fantasy game with the UY characters you know and love.  Now on with the show.      

Ataru sits in a giant tree, the size of a skyscraper, looking out across the jungle.  He has a gun in his hand that extends to become a knife instead of a barrel.  Skitt Skitt the sound echoes as Ataru sharpens the blade.  Ataru lowers the blade and thinks to himself.  If only I hadn’t waited so long to tell you.  If only I had stopped putting on the façade.  An image passes through his mind of Lum being carried away by someone unknown.  Her hand stretched out to touch his before being flown into the air.  Then you would be here with me now.   Jariten floats up to the top of the tree, looking at Ataru.  “Are you ready to go yet?”
   Without even looking at him, Ataru says, “Give me another minute.”
   Jariten begins to float back down to the ground.  “Idiot,” he whispers.  Ataru looks at the ring that Lum had given him when they had to deal with the Elle fiasco.  He puts the ring in his pocket and jumps down onto the ground.  Mendo, Shinobu, Jariten, Sakura, Ryuunosuke, Benten, Oyuki stand waiting for him. 
   “We need to be quick and find shelter.” says Mendo.  “It will be light soon and the Beryl’s will be on the hunt.”  The party moves quickly through the dark forest.  Oyuki then steps on something that constricts around her leg.
   “Oh no,” says Oyuki, “Something’s got me!”  Oyuki’s body snaps forward as she falls into the air.  Ataru pulls out his gun-sword, Mendo his samurai sword, Benten her gun.  The party encircles themselves waiting for an attack. 
   “Benten!” Ataru calls.  “Go see if Oyuki’s alright!”  Benten presses a button on a device that is attached to her belt.  Her hoverbike appears and she takes off to check on her friend.  Suddenly the trees become alive and their branches wipe around trying to hit the party members.  “Jariten, think you could lend a hand.”  Jariten puffs out his chest before fire erupts from his mouth.  He spreads the flames all over the attacking trees.  The trees scream with unseen mouths as they burn to crisp.  With the forest burnt Jariten turns to his friends and gives a big smile. 
“Thank goodness, my mom didn’t see this.”  As soon as he finishes his sentence Jariten slumps, showing an arrow in his back. 
“What the…” and Shinobu receives an arrow in her back. 
Ryuunosuke’s eyes shift around.  “Dappya,” she whispers.  Red natives that look like fish pop out from the burnt forest, with arrows drawn.
“,” one of them calls to the party.
“What do you think they want,” says Ryuu.
“Probably to drop our weapons.”  Mendo raises his sword in defiance.  “But they can pry it from my cold dead…”
“Here you go.”  Ataru tosses down his gun-sword.
“You sure give up easy,” says Mendo.
Ataru turns to him, “Well, we can’t do much if we’re dead.”
The party walks on a road carved out of a mountain that is ten times as big as Mt. Fuji.  The natives surround them as they walk keeping a watchful eye.  Ataru carries Jariten and Mendo carries Shinobu as the party makes their way down the mountain. 
Ataru leans over to Mendo.  “Now how do we get out of this one?”
Mendo smiles, “I’ve got no idea.”
Ataru becomes frantic, “Well then what are we supposed to do.”
Mendo looks at his friend.  “Don’t worry.  Betnen and Oyuki are still out there.  They’re sure to come and find us.”
The two then hear a voice from behind them.  “Um… guys.”  They turn to see Benten and Oyuki walking with another set of Dappya’s right behind them.  The two groups join together. 
Ataru runs over to Oyuki.  “What the hell are you guys doing?”
“Well… Benten found me and hanging from a tree.  As she was cutting the branch one of the Dappya’s arrows hit her bike and it exploded.  Then they surrounded us and you can pretty much figure out the rest.”
Ryuunosuke looks at Mendo.  “What do we do know your highness,” in a sarcastic tone.
“I’ll tell you what we do,” says Ataru.  Ataru looks over to see two Dappya carrying their weapons.  “We wing it.”  Ataru tosses Jariten to the Dappya.  The Dappya drops the gun-sword and Mendo’s sword.  Ataru grabs his gun-sword and slashes the other Dappya.  “Mendo, throw down Shinobu and grab your sword.”
Mendo balls his fist.  “Never, will a let a maiden be that exposed.”  An arrow whizzes past Mendo’s head.  In a spilt second Shinobu is on the ground and Mendo has his sword.  “She was getting on my nerves anyway.”
Sakura pulls out a spear from her priestess uniform.  “Oh, how chivalrous you are,” she says in a sarcastic tone as she thrusts her spear. 
Ataru’s back is turned when a Dappya creeps up behind him.  Ryuu yells, “Moroboshi!”  She strikes the Dappya with a flying kick in the face. 
Ataru scrunches up next to her.  “I’ll give you your reward later.”
Ryuu sighs with disgust.  “I should have let that thing kill you.”
Oyuki rushes over to Shinobu and Jariten, who are still unconscious.
“That’s for what you did to my bike,” says Benten as she holds off a horde of Dappya with her gun.  She asks her Oyuki, “Are they dead?”
“No.  The wounds aren’t deep.  I think these arrows were meant to knock out not kill.”
“Well, wake ‘em up.  Let ‘em join the party.”
Oyuki shakes the two, but they refuse to wake up.  “Alright let’s try this.”  Oyuki’s hands turn to ice and she grabs their shoulders.  Both wake up with a jolt. 
They scream, “Agh! Cold, cold.”  The two look around to see their friends fighting the Dappya.  Shinobu turns to Oyuki.  “What’s going on.”
“I’ll explain later,” responds the ice queen, “right now we need your help.”  The three stand up and join in the fight.  But even with their help they are outnumbered by the native Dappya.  The group is backed into a corner of the mountain with nothing they can do. 
Mendo looks around at his enemies.  “Like the Spartans used to say. ‘to achieve death on the battlefield is the greatest glory a warrior could be given.”
Shinobu begins to cry.  “But I don’t want to die.” 
Mendo rushes to her side.  “Me neither, my love.”
“Why did I come on this crusade anyway,” she sobs, “I hate Lum!”                 
As the Dappya begin to close in a grin appears on Sakura’s face as she thinks to herself, How did it turn out like this.           

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Re: Urusei Yatsura: Final Fantasy style
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2010, 01:12:27 AM »
I appreciate the reviews from the last one and I hope this is to your liking as well.  Whether its bad or good Read and Review people.  I write to hear responses from you.


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