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Author Topic: The first UY rpg storyline here  (Read 12026 times)

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The first UY rpg storyline here
« on: October 23, 2004, 02:35:50 PM »
By Bladeofkintaro (Bladeofkintaro) on Saturday, November 27, 1999 - 01:10:
Ok heres the first RPG storyline here. My charactors going to be Kintaro because Kintaros cool.
Anyways here it is. I'll start the storyline

Storyline #1 Mendo 1 half and the coming invasion

One day Mendo woke up to hear the sound of a helecopter over his roof.Mendo got his katana and went to see what it was. He steps out ounto the balcony to see Tobimaro his life long rival looking down on him. Tobimaro said "So Shu chan! Who would of thought we would meet in a place like this? It must be fate bringing us together toward our final conflict!" Mendo shouts "Ton chan this is my mantion your hear because you came here. Now what do you want? Do you want to fight?" Tobimaro pulls a water ballon out of his shirt and shouts "Take this! the ultimate humiliation!" The water baloon explodes on Mendos head. Tobimaro says "Thats for revenge for declaring war on me in movie four! Why arent you turning into a panda? Whoops wrong baloon!" Mendo flings a bowling ball at Tobimaro who catches it in his mouth and falls off the balconey. Mendo had changed! He had changed into a girl with red hair!

Meanwhile on a ship veiwing earth was a girl who apeared to be Lum but her hair was colored different. She says "Thats the planet! We will invade in two weeks!"

Ok now the rules for this storyline are kinda simple. You can be any UY charactor you want and you can also create new charactors as well.

No Godlike charactors or at least none who directly interfere with the game.

Try not to mess up the continuity by having a person in a place where he wasnt in the post before for example.

If you dont know what to do just continue this storyline you can do what you want with it except this time playing as one of the charactors in it and be sure to follow the rules above.

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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2004, 02:36:01 PM »
By Parias on Saturday, November 27, 1999 - 10:47:
(Non RP)Looks great, I'll do a bit of research tomorrow to find out just who all the characters are (as I haven't seen anything beyond Episodes 1-8, I've read a lot of info though) and see if I can make a contribution.

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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2004, 02:36:16 PM »
By Parias on Sunday, November 28, 1999 - 00:14:
Alright, I think I've thought something up.. I'm also going to place down the date this is occuring (minus the year, to avoid confusion) so we can keep a bit better track over what's going on. I'll also probably be making this from more of an "overhead" perspective, rather than taking control of one certain character at a time, at least untill I get into this more.

Date: July 25th
Time: 12:34 AM
Location: Outskirts of Tomobiki, long dirt road.

In the late darkness, 2 dark figures could be seen slowly walking up the road, close together. As they approached a bench, they turned and sat down.

Shinobu turned to Ataru, eyes wide with worry.

"Are you sure this is such a good idea? Lum can see like a hawk, even at night."

Ataru giggled a moment and looked at Shinobu.

"Hee hee, don't worry, I had Cherry make a special potion that I put into Lum's drink, she'll be asleep for hours!"

"Well it's nice that we can finally spend some time together... we've got the whole night in front of us, this is the longest we've been able to be alone! So.. what do you want to do tonight?"

Ataru thought for a second.

"Um, gee, I'm not sure.. I've usually been so busy either trying to avoid Lum or the lynch mobs that this is kind of a surprise..."

Shinobu thought for a second as well, then looked up, smiling.

"I heard that the lake is very pretty at this time of night, why not take a look down there?"

The 2 figures stood up and began walking down the path. Behind them, in a small tree, a very small figure could be seen, hovering in mid-air.

"Boy, what a time for Lum to take a nap.. I'd better go try to wake her up again, I like it when she calls me a good boy, and she'll really like me after I tell her this!"

Ten chuckled and flew off to Ataru's house.

(10 minutes later)

Ten was becoming very annoyed. As he poked and prodded Lum, trying to wake her up, he muttered about Lum being so lazy after marrying such a loser, and looked over at one of her packs to see if he could find anything. Barely able to lift it up, he then accidentally dropped it on Lum's head, spilling the contents of some 20+ potions. Lum screamed and sat bolt upright.

Ten cheered and said "Lum! You're finally awake!"

Lum quickly rushed into the bathroom and washed the contents from her hair, then watched in horror as they mixed together and slowly burned through the sink, then the floor... then through the bottom of the house...

"I hope nobody was sitting down there." she muttered, then turned to Ten. "What is it dear, why did you need to wake me up?"

Ten chuckled and explained just where Ataru was.

Meanwhile, at some random lake near at the outskirts of town, Ataru and Shinobu sat together on the beach, just watching the water and the trees.

"This is very pretty.. I'm so glad I'm with you Ataru.."

Ataru just laughed and said nothing.

"I feel so close to you.. I was wondering.. we're all alone and...."

Ataru began to shake a bit in excitement, this was what he had waited all his life for!

"I just want to-"

"-get away from my darling!!"

Shinobu looked up in horror, as she saw a familiar green-haired vixen floating in the air.

"Ataru! You told me she was asleep! What was this, another one of your tricks to embarass me!" Shinobu picked up a VERY large rock and hung it over Ataru's head. Lum screamed.

"Darling!! What were you doing going out with that dirty girl! It's past your bed time!" Lightning could be seen flying around Lum's hair and hands.

Ataru screamed and took off down the road, towards no real destination but away. He ran faster than he had ever run before, and after 5 minutes, noticed that he wasn't being followed. He hid behind a bush and uttered a long stream of swear words.

Meanwhile, back at the lakeside, Shinobu and Lum were arguing. Suddenly a loud screech was heard, and looking up, they saw what appeared to be a large flaming asteroid heading right for them. They both screamed and went in opposite directions.

After a large explosion, a form could be made out among the smoke. A small insignia was found on there, along with the words "Shaithan Elite Force: Recon unit 21001-A". The large object cracked open, and a small mecha unit emerged, barely taller than Lum or Shinobu. It took a quick look around, nodded towards the unconsious bodies of Lum and Shinobu, and with a large flare at it's back, took off and flew into the night towards an unknown destination.


Well that was pretty big.. that should get us started pretty good though >)

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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2004, 02:36:32 PM »
By Bladeofkintaro (Bladeofkintaro) on Monday, November 29, 1999 - 03:40:
Suddenly several guys wearing dark sunglasses grab Ataru and take him into a black limosine. Sitting next to Ataru is Mendo. Mendo takes a complaining Ataru to his mansion. Mendo explains "Ataru I've recently aquired a rather embarresing condition thanks to Ton chan. To demonstrate Mendo pour a cup of cold water over his head and he turns into a girl. Ataru shouts "Hey your a babe!" and he trys to feel Mendo up. Mendos guards restrain him. Mendo says "Ataru the reasone I called you here is because I need a guinie pig to find a cure. Each of these viles contains a sample of the water from each of Ton chans baloons. One of witch I believe has my cure." Mendo picks up one of the viles and is about to pour it on Ataru.

The robot from before is standing outside Mendo mansion it's sensors detect what it was looking for. It zooms in to see Ataru trying to back away from Mendo.
Somebody taps the robots back and it turns around to see Kintaro and his bear. Kintaro shouts "I'm going to live like a man! This is life! Give me your money!" he waves his ax at the robot.

Somewhere in space is Lums double looking at the picture of Ataru and other reconsaince pictures.
Behind her is man bound and gaged in a chair. The man behind her is named Tyler. Tyler gets the gag out of his mouth.
The last thing he remembered he was on board the soyokaze and was about to make contact with an unknown ship. But after that he couldnt remember anything.

ooc: oh well it looks like thisll turn into more of a rounder then an rpg but I guess thats ok.
I brought Tyler from the anime irresponsible captain Tyler into the story because he's the luckiest guy in any anime and I thought it would be interesting if he met Ataru who the most unlucky. Also they act kinda simular sometimes.

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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #4 on: October 23, 2004, 02:36:46 PM »
By Parias on Monday, November 29, 1999 - 09:04:

Recon unit 2001-A stared a moment, while the pilot inside tried to comprehend the fact that a little kid with a large axe, and a bear, was threatening him for his money. The pilot ignored Kintaro and turned around again, trying to re-locate Ataru, when suddenly it noticed a small clanging behind it, the boy was chipping away at the suit's armour. The pilot sighed to himself, turned around, and charged up his main plasma rifle. The sight of the large bulge in front of the gun, ready to be released, was enough to scare Kintaro off, muttering that he would be back soon enough. The recon unit turned around yet again, and once again the pilot sighed as he was unable to locate his target. He then noticed that he was being watched from a nearby camera. Instead of destroying it, he took off into a nearby forest and set down.

With a small hiss and a click, the head of the armour popped off, revealing a purple-haired young man. The front plates of the armour popped open, and the man hopped out and sat down on a rock, studying the armour and performing maintenance on it. A name tag was visible on his uniform, "Zard".

The tired soldier took a glance at PDA (personal data assistant) on his watch, and changed a few settings to compensate for the planet he was on. The time indicator then read 5:43 AM.

Meanwhile, back at the beach area, Lum and Shinobu were regaining conciousnous. Lum got up and looked around, then flew off towards town, yelling out "Darling! Darling!" Shinobu scowled and also took off into town, following Lum.

Meanwhile, in Mendo's mansion, Ataru is sitting in a dark room, bruised and beaten. All of Mendo's attempts to use the various vials on Ataru has failed, with Ataru kicking around faster than a rabid mule, screaming that he was made to HUNT girls, not be one. A single window at the side of the room is the only illumination. Ataru crawls over and looks out, where he sees Mendo talking with a scientist, and the usual massive armies marching back and forth across the compound, backed up by thousands of tanks, aircraft, and AA guns. Cussing, Ataru wonders just how he's gonna get out of this one, as the door is locked and bolted shut, and jumping out the window would be suicide, even for him.

Back in the forest, Zard watches the sun slowly raise over the forest.

"Tis a beautiful sight" he says to himself. "One I shall soon be able to see every day, once we conquer this planet. Heh, one good thing about being recon.. you get to see all the great sights before the rest of them do."

Taking a breath of air, Zard climbs into his mecha, and with a small hiss it closes around him. The face plate lights up. A small panel opens up on the shoulder of the mecha, and an antenna sticks out. A small discharge appears, barely discernable to the naked eye. Then the attena closes. Zard begins walking forward, getting ready to head out. Suddenly, a small yell is heard behind him, and a small object can be heard falling on the ground. Zard spins around, plasma rifle at the ready. A small green-haired baby emerges, muttering about how difficult it is to keep one's balance while being so tired. Zard mutters to himself, lowers his plasma rifle, and with a white flare at his back, takes off into the sky. A disgruntled Ten follows, curious.


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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #5 on: October 23, 2004, 02:36:56 PM »
By Bladeofkintaro (Bladeofkintaro) on Wednesday, December 1, 1999 - 03:31:
Tyler wriggles around in his ropes trying to loosen the knots.

Meanwhile Ataru kicks one of the viles and it falls on one of the scientists who turns into a guine pig. Mendo says "Hmmm I guess it wasnt that one."
Ten trys to follow Zard when pole whacks him in the face and he falls to the ground. It's Mako! Ten trys to run away but Mako jumps on him. Kintaro comes out of the bushes and asks if theyve scene any robots. Behind Kintaro is the robot in question who just landed. A voice comes out and says "Hey why are you guys following me around? You wouldnt be spies? I'm going to have to ask you guys to come back with me." He holds up his plasma blaster.

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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #6 on: October 23, 2004, 02:37:19 PM »
By Parias on Wednesday, December 1, 1999 - 11:32:
As the massive ship nears Earth, a large insignia can be seen under the bridge, "Spartacus". Inside the bridge, the red-haired woman is interrogating Tyler.

"Talk damn you! Where is Lum? I know she must be alive, as I have not yet been granted control of the Oni kingdom! Tell me now and we'll bypass a lot of pointless suffering.. I can assure you that my methods are undesireable by many."

As the girl winds up to deliver another slap to Tyler's face, a beeping can be heard from a console behind her. As she turns around, it can be seen that she looks almost EXACTLY like Lum, minus the clothing and the hair, but including the fact that she also has little horns. A name tag is also seen, "Terra". As she walks over and presses a blinking button, a holographic display appears. It shows the words "Recon Data: Unit 2001-A. DECRYPTING....." A flood of random characters fills the hologram, and then a scene appears. It shows various photos from Mendo's mansion, a forest area, and other sights, accompanied by intel data showing weak points and bio-chemical makeup. After the display finishes and vanishes, Terra smiles and returns to her victim.. only to find him gone.

"Damn! He's elusive as hell, this is gonna be a real pain to hunt him down again..."

Stabbing a blue button on her console, she yells out "Security! Our prisoner has escaped, he could be anywhere on the ship by now! Lock down all escape pods and begin a massive search! Leave nothing unturned! Captain Terra out!"

A countdown timer is seen on a large display overhanging the main viewer on the bridge. The timer reads 76: 22: 38, or 76 hours, 22 minutes, 38 seconds. Terra cusses and wanders off the bridge, searching for her victim.

Back on Earth, Zard is hovering over a massive ocean, holding a small container in the giant mecha's hand. Inside the container is a very annoyed Kintaro and a whimpering Ten. Zard patches in his intercom.

"Alright here's the deal kids. You tell me just what you've seen so far and why you've been following me, and I don't drop this capsule into the water for you to drown." Zard flexes the hands of the mecha, slipping the capsule a couple of inches just to show his point.

Kintaro gives up trying to whack his way out with his axe and speaks up. "You'll get nothing out of me, big mean monster! Give me your money or I'll hurt you very bad!" With renewed energy he begins hopelessly whacking away at the capsule again. The head of the mecha turns slightly.

"And what of you kid?"

Ten whimpers some more and says nothing.

"I see. Well, I guess I have no further use for- what the?"

Readouts inside of the head of the mecha show a small power reading on Ten's head. The computer makes it out to be some kind of low-powered beacon.

"Ah, looks like I may be having company soon.. I'll give you people 5 minutes to speak up, considering as you're kids. But after that, I'm dropping this thing and getting on with my mission, I don't have much time to waste with insects such as yourself." Zard switches on a countdown timer and sits, waiting.

High over Tomobiki, a very concerned Lum is still pacing around, calling out Ataru's name. Suddenly a small beeping is heard, digging into her bikini top, she pulls out a small homing device.

"Now what's this for again... oh yes, I gave this to Ten in-case he ever got into trouble."

She stops to ponder a minute.

"Wait, that means Ten is in trouble! I should go help fast!"

Using the homing device, she flies off towards the ocean.

Zard glances at the timer, 10 seconds remain.

"Ok kids, looks like you don't want to talk. I have a mission to perform and I can't afford to be tailed by a bunch of annoying insects, so I'm disposing of you. Have a nice afterlife."

Suddenly Ten and Kintaro break out crying, screaming that they don't want to die.

"Yea figures, they always wait till the last-...huh?" A scream was heard, followed by a large "WARNING" light suddenly appearing on Zard's HUD, showing a massive energy surge behind him. He begins to turn the Mecha around, only to take a blast to the rear, sending the capsule spinning out the mecha's hand and into the ocean with a large splash.

"What the hell was that?! Damage report!"

"Minor damage to rear thrusters, lateral and vertical systems showing 90% integrity. Nanite units deployed to begin repair operations, ETA, 2 minutes to completion."

Spinning the mecha around, Zard only sees a second splash of something diving into the water after the capsule.

"Computer, give me the details of that energy surge and the source."

Various readouts appeared, first of the lightning bolt. "Analysis shows energy signature to syncronize with known Oni energy readings.." the computer reported. "Probability of source being Oni: 76%. Beginning analysis of source....NOTICE: Primary mission target located!" A wireframe display of Lum appeared on Zard's HUD. Zard grinned. "Aha, I believe this was what her highness Terra was searching for.. computer, prepare personal transmission and uplink to mothership!"

Meanwhile underwater, Lum was using all of her strength to rip open the capsule and bring Lum and Kintaro to the surface. After catching their breath, they noticed the large mecha hovering over the water, it's back turned towards them. Kintaro began madly swimming for shore, muttering about his bear getting lost again, while Ten clutched to Lum closely in fear. A small movement was seen on the mecha, and an attena appeared. Lum growled and slowly emerged from the water, moving towards the mecha unit.

"Uplink established. Hailing Princess Terra.... incoming reply, displaying."

A small spinning insignia appeared, matching that found on the mecha unit. It showed a horn with a dagger drawn through it. A message played:

"Hi, this is Princess Terra, I'm away from the console right now, please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks!"

Cussing loudly, Zard was about to send his findings along, when another large blast hit the mecha, right on the attena, incinerating it.

"Damn! Computer, was it Lum again? Why didn't we detect her???"

"Target profile has unknown compounds in skin encoding, difficult to detect. Retuning sensors for better detection..."

Suddenly a blip appeared on Zard's hud. He spun the mecha around, bringing it face-to-face with Lum.

"What were you doing with Ten and Kintaro??" she screamed.

Zard put on a sly grin and switched on the external speakers.

"Ah, so that was their names? They were foolish enough to interfere with my mission... you should watch over them more."

"I'm not a mother! They are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves!"

Zard glanced at the whimpering Ten and laughed.


Lum growled and cursed.

"Alright that's it! I'm getting rid of you so you won't hurt anybody else!"

"I wouldn't think so. I've been sent here on recon, but I can assure you that I am perfectly capable of taking you out myself. Our mission is to use whatever means necessary to eliminate you so her majesty Terra can take the throne of the Oni, as everyone knows, she is the only proper authority!"

Lum gasped. She had heard rumors of a double of her, running some renegade group trying to take over the throne.. but they were just rumors, and daddy was always ready to take care of them..

"But enough talk. The quicker I silence you, the quicker I can get promoted from this horrible recon job into something more exciting."

A large cannon emerged from a small panel above the mecha's right hand, a six barreled gun. It began to slowly spin. On it's left hand, another smaller weapon appeared, a plasma rifle, and began to emit a small bulge. Ten screamed.

"Ten, get out of here! Go find darling and get help! I'll try to hold him off!"

"He's big..."

"Go now Ten!!"

Ten nodded and flew off. Lum yelled and emitted a lightning bolt, which the mecha quickly dodged.

Inside of the mecha's head, 2 targetting crosshairs converged on Lum and turned green.

"Hahah! I've got you now!"

The pulse rifle charged up, and emited a quick precise beam. The beam went right through Lum's stomach, leaving a small hole and a bit of blood that drained out.

Lum gasped, clutching her stomach. She bowled over in pain and plunged into the ocean, then emerged a moment later, barely floating and gasping for air.

"Hmm, not like me to get off without a fair fight... but then again, I never was much of a sociallist. I was told that if I managed to take you down, I would stop and let you slowly bleed to death if possible. At least I'm good at following orders. Farewell Lum. Princess Terra thanks you for allowing her to enter the throne so easily."

Laughing, the mecha flew off, leaving Lum floating over the ocean, a small stream of redness around her area. She uttered one last word, "darling", before drifting off into temporary unconsiousnous.


Woa that's a long one, I'm thinking I should quit now and let someone else get a word in.. *grin*

Oh note that I'm not really planning on killing Lum, I had plans for another "emergency homing beacon" or something that would have her father come in and kick some ass, but I'm gonna stop now and leave it to you guys. Comments welcome, if you have any >)

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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #7 on: October 23, 2004, 02:37:36 PM »
By Bladeofkintaro (Bladeofkintaro) on Thursday, December 2, 1999 - 05:31:
Ataru ran down the hallway having gotten loose with a guinea pig digging it's teeth into his leg. several guards were tailing him. Ataru was backed against a wall. Mendo stepped foreward and said "Well Ataru theres nowhere left to run will come peacefuly?" None of them noticed a funny whisling noise like a bomb shell falling. Suddenly a capsule crashed through the roof landing on the guards. Ataru said "Why does this always happen to me? Oh well it got rid the guards I'm outta here!" he started to run when the capsule opened and this guy who looked about 20 stepped out. Mendo barely escaped from being smooshed got up and said "Just who do you think you are dropping in like this?" Mendo started to draw his sword. Tyler said "I'm Justy Ueki Tyler age 20. Hmmm thats funny I thought everyone knew who I was on earth after the Raalgon war." Mendo drew his sword and said "What the hells a Raalgon?" Tyler said "You kind of remind me of that Admiral Mufune always waving those swords around. Are you related?" Mendo took a swipe at him but Tyler bent over to pick up a 50 yen peice and Mendo missed hitting his sword against the capsule breaking it. Ataru was starting to feel kinda funny around this guy. Ataru aproatched him. When they got within ten feet of each other Ataru slid acroos the floor and got stuck to Tylers back. Tyler said "Hey no offense but I'm not that kind of guy." Ataru squirmed around but couldnt seperate. They were stuck together like magnets. Suddenly Cherrie pops up. He looks at Tylers and points at his face shouting "Auugh! Your face it's so beutiful!" Tyler said "I already told you I'm not that kind of guy!" Cherry said "No what I meant to say is your blessed with incredibly good luck!" Ataru tried to get loose so he could beat up cherry.
Ten had spotted the Capsule falling into Mendos mansion and came over. Ten saw Ataru on Tyler Ten said "I didnt think even you could sink so low! Hitting on other men when Lum-chans in trouble!" Ataru shouted "You idiot I cant help this I'm stuck!" Ten flew over and pulled on Ataru but he wouldnt budge. Cherry said "Hmmm it would seem that opposite equal forces of good and bad luck are attracting. Your like magnets. I'm hungrey wheres the fridge". Ataru struggles more to try to hit Cherry.

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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #8 on: October 23, 2004, 02:37:55 PM »
By Parias on Thursday, December 2, 1999 - 11:34:

Back on the lake, a massive amount of red is showing in the water around Lum. A small breeze passes by, and a few moments later, her horns begin to glow a deep dark red colour. A quick lightning bolt shoots into the sky, then silence.

Onboard Mr. Invader's ship (ed. note: I looked and couldn't find any actual name for Mr. Invader's ship, so I'll make one up, correct me if there is actually a name), the "Body smasher", one of the officers on the bridge looked up.

"Sir, we're showing a distress beacon from Earth.. coordinates x369-184, Lamda Zero. Priority alert coding. I'm checking the source..."

Mr. Invader looked over the officer's shoulder while he worked at the console.

"Got it! Confirmed, prority alert.. it's Lum sir! This distress beacon was only installed to be used if critical condition was reached.. she may be near death!"

Invader growled.

"Charge the sub-space drive, prepare for a jump near her immediate location!"

"Yes sir! All hands, commence charging sequence for sub-space drive! J, K, and L blocks, commence injection of photons..." Activity picked up all over the ship as alarms went off and the crew got busy. After a few moments, a large rip appeared in the space-time continuum, consuming the vessel.

Back on Earth, above the ocean, Ataru, who had "borrowed" a helicopter from Mendo, and Tyler, who was still stuck to Ataru, screaming, were following Ten across the ocean. Suddenly, the winds picked up and the helicopter began to swirl around in circles. Suddenly a massive black hole appeared, and an EXTREMELY large ship suddenly came out. Ataru and Tyler screamed, right before flying the helicopter into the vessel, and plunging into the water below. Ten turned around and cheered. "Horray! Mr. Invader is here! Hey.. where did Ataru go? Aw, that looser probably chickened out.. wait till Lum hears!"

A small hatch opened, and a small beam stabbed out, surrounding Lum. She was then drawn into the ship. Ten quickly flew in before the hatch closed again. On-board, medical personel put her into a cryogenic pod and began working.

From a small distance away, Mendo and about 30 other helicopters were watching the proceedings through a sniper scope. Mendo picked up his radio.

"All units, this is squad leader. We CANNOT allow Ataru to get away, finding the cure is our number one priority! Spread out in delta formation and follow my lead! We'll take that cruiser down!"

The helicopters spun up and began moving towards the cruiser.

Back in the forest, Zard was watching as the nanite droids slowly reconstructed the destroyed antenna, using waste from the main reactor of his armour as materials. Once they finished, he jumped into his armour and powered up the device. Once again he attempted to contact his mothership, but before he could, his computer sent him a notice.

"NOTICE: Massive sub-space signature detected! Long range sensors indicating massive Oni warship has emerged over ocean area. Sensors also showing 20-30 terran helicopters closing with cruiser. Coordinates at x369-184."

Zard cursed. "DAMMIT! That's probably her father.. I forgot to jam the homing device! Patch me up to the Spartacus ASAP, priority one transmission!"

"Transmission sending.. uplink established. Hailing princess Terra.."

On the Spartacus, Terra rushed to the blinking console and stabbed the "Accept" button. "This had better be good.." she muttered to herself. "If that idiot Tyler gets away.."

She quickly lit up when Zard's face appeared. "Zard, finally. What have you to report?"

"A lot your highness. I have located and sucessfully neutralized Lum, but I forgot-er, I mean, somehow her automated beacon managed to break through my jamming and send a distress signal out, and her father's ship is currently on the planet recovering the body."

"You mean Invader is on the planet? Right now?"

"Yes princess. And though I am, as always, willing to die for your future, I must point out that a solo attack on my part would prove pointless at this time.."

"I'm aware of that. I'm moving up the schedule. In 2 hours I will deploy heavy forces to your location. Your job is to scout out potential weak points along the vessel's hull from long range, then lead the attack unit to the vessel. Finally, you will join the main attack force in breaking into the vessel and taking Invader and Lum, and anybody else closely involved with them hostage. The mothership will arrive in 2 days, untill then you will hold the hostages in a safe area. Is that understood?"

"Yes your highness. Even now I am setting up the sensors for a long range scan."

"Excellent, I was told you were the best for this mission, and I'm pleased to hear that advice was true. Carry on."

"For your future, highness."

The Shaithan rebellion insignia flashed (ed. note: The horn with a knife through it, remember?) and the transmission closed. Suddenly her personal comm unit beeped.

"Terra here."

"Highness, we just completed lockdown of the escape pods, but-"

"But WHAT soldier?"

"One of the units is.. missing.."

"DAMN! Wait, he's probably on Earth right now... I can get 3 birds with one stone!"

Emitting an evil laugh, she ordered the soldier to carry on with his duties, and switched off the unit.

Back on Earth, Zard was analyzing sensor data from the Body Smasher, marking out potential weak spots and holes within the defensive turret's range of fire. "Just a few more days my dear, and I shall finally eliminate the last obstacle from the princess' path..then maybe I can settle down with someone.."

A small crack was heard behind Zard, and he spun around, plasma rifle at the ready. Shinobu gasped and froze.

"There's something about that face..."

Suddenly Zard had a flashback from a long time ago. It was very sketchy, but he remembered a lot of exploding, and a girl getting away on an escape pod with him, while a woman cried... his ex-wife? The woman suddenly got caught in one of the explosions, and another one occured, seperating Zard from the girl..

"Good god, could it be her?"

He lowered the plasma rifle and signalled her to come closer. He then opened up the mecha with a hiss and jumped out.

Shinobu stared a moment, dumbfounded.

"Who.. are.. you?"

Zard suddenly remembered that the girl would probably have no memory of her past. He decided he would take it one step at a time.

"My name is Zard.. you scared me back there."

"I didn't mean to spy, I was just curious.."

"No no, it's alright. Come closer, let me have a look at you."

Reluctantly, Shinobu stepped closer. Zard ran his hand through her hair. Shinobu stepped back a moment and looked up.

"I almost feel as if I know you.."

"Maybe you do. Come, I have a bit of work ahead of me, maybe you would like to help?"

Glancing over a printed out schematic, she instantly recognized the ship.

"Say, isn't that Lum's dad ship or something?"

"That it is, and I'm working on trying to take it down.."

Shinobu laughed.

"Of course I'll help! Anything to make Lum go away for awhile!"

Together, they began working out additional weak points in the hull. Dusk fell slowly over the trees...

Near the Body Smasher, a few last explosions were seen, and a very injured Mendo limped away in the last helicopter. "Damn, who would have thought that thing could have so many guns? You'd think they built it with my personal injury in mind or something.."

As night fell, the animals of the dark looked on in fear, for they expected something horrible to come, and soon...


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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #9 on: October 23, 2004, 02:38:13 PM »
By Jocko on Saturday, December 4, 1999 - 06:21:
My turn! I will be introducing a new character of my sole creation into the mix...United States Ambassador to Japan...Warren Hudson. 62 years old, former Democratic Senator from Nebraska, unsuccessful candidate for Democratic Presidential Nomination 1964 and 1976.


Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Tomobiki - Mendou's Mansion

Things were abuzz in the Mendou Control Center as various guards and aides dealt with the new situation. Shutaro was calling for reinforcements, a change of clothes, and more funding from his parents. Ryouko was watching from her bedroom, making arrangements for several granades to be secreted in her brother's pants. She also had her Kuroku's tapping all phone lines, they provided her with a bedside switchboard and a headset to listen in on and make phony calls.

A phone rang in the office of Mendou's Captain of Guards office, a red phone marked "Urgent." The frazzled Captain cursed and punched up the speaker phone.

"Yes, who is this?!?"

"Captain of the Mendou Conglamorate Guards?"

The Captain nodded, "Yes, who is this?"

The voice at the other end sighed, "Ambassador Hudson at the US Embassy. President Reagan got me out of dinner saying the Pentagon got him out of bed saying there was unusual UFO activity in the Tomobiki area, again. There was also in the last ten minutes one hell of a ruckus just off your coast. Our 'sources' say Invader is back and...having a battle with someone. I immediately called your government, they said this was a Mendou matter and as long as it didn't effect anything else and you guys cleaned up after yourselfs then they don't care."

The Captain nodded, "Ambassador, we are very busy here, so why don't I have..."

Hudson sighed over the line, "I'm not finished sir, normally I don't care when things like this happen, but I got my BMW smashed when your 'Young Master' had his little 'proxy-war' with the Mizunokogii (sp?), last month...I was compensated, yes. But I'm rambling. Captain, there is a UFO of UNKNOWN origin in geo-sychronist-whatever orbit above your country, the United States government is worried that your 'battle' could easily drift over to Hawaii or the west coast of my country. If you need any help dealing with this I suggest you tell me now so I can the President he can point a missile or two at the UFO, just in case."

The Captain gulped, "I'll pass along your concern to the young master-"

Hudson shouted, his voice tinny over the phone, "No! I want this to be reported directly to his mother or father, I don't think your young master can 'handle it,' so to speak."

"Ambassador, the Madame and Mister are in Australia on vacation."

Hudson could be heard slamming his fist on a desk, "Damn!" Hudson starting cursing over and over.

In her room Ryouko giggled and cut the Captain off, "Hudson-sama?"

"...and this is?"

"Ryouko Mendou, we met three months ago at a celebration in your honor for your reappointment."

"Oh, ah yes," Hudson could practically be heard blushing over the phone.

Ryouko grinned, "I have been listening and am prepared to give you permission to assist the Mendou family in dealing with this crisis...could we possibly meet to discuss the particulars?"

"Yes, Mendou-san. Could this be in the next thirty minutes? The President wants confirmation by then."

Ryouko signaled a Kuroku, "I shall my guard escort you in ten minutes. Until then, Hudson-sama."

"Until then," Hudson hung up.


Note: Hudson should be played like Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction.

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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #10 on: October 23, 2004, 02:38:32 PM »
By Parias on Saturday, December 4, 1999 - 07:39:
Sok, happens to me as well... now this is gonna start to get interesting >)

Shinobu looked up as a small beeping sound was heard. Zard walked over to his mecha and took a quick glance inside, and noticed the timer had counted down, and showed 12:00 PM.

"Aha, it looks like they'll be arriving soon.. you'd better leave for now, the fighting will be rather intense."

"Leave, already? We're barely getting started! I want revenge!"

Zard poked his head out from the mecha.

"Heh, well it will be a tad difficult considering you lack a vehicle.."

"Then I'll use one of theirs!"

Shinobu pointed to a mass of about 20 lights in the sky, slowly coming down.

"Hah! I'd doubt they'd let you..."

Shinobu frowned. Zard glanced at her again and thought for a moment. "That look is so familiar.. I was never able to resist..."

"Hmm, then again, your skills are rather good, at least from the short time you had in the simulator an hour ago. You do show promise... and we are always on the lookout for new members. Very well. But I suggest you stand back, it would be rather unpleasant for you to get squished.."

Shinobu looked up and gasped when she noticed they were about to land right on top of her, then dashed behind Zard's mecha. Zard closed up the front of the unit and powered up as 20 heavily armed mecha units all landed on blaring thrusters, each one with the Shaithan insignia. Zard's radio beeped.

"This is Alpha one of the 242nd Suicide Kings, reporting! We were told you would assist us in taking down Invader's cruiser?"

"Correct. However, there are some sensitive documents that need watching... and I have a new pilot whom I would like to train. Can you have one of your men personally watch over these?" Zard used the mecha's hand to point over to the schematics laying on a tree stump."

"Of course. Where is this pilot?"

Shinobu stepped into the open.

"This.. kid? You've gotta be kidding.."

"No joke, she shows great skill. She's already familiar with the systems, I took her through a few simulations while waiting for your arrival."

"Well ok, but it's on your head if she gets shot down.. Epsilon 2, you're the lucky guy."

A sigh was heard over the comm system, then one of the armoured mecha units stepped forward. With a hiss, the front panels opened up and a helmeted figure jumped out. Grabbed a laser rifle from beside the seat, he walked over to the schematics and did maintenance on his rifle. Shinobu walked over and jumped into the mecha.

"It's a bit large, but I should manage... I hope. Now lets see... which button was that again?"

Before anybody else could say a word, she stabbed a red button on the control panel hanging above the cockpit. The mecha suddenly shot up into the air on blue thrusters, going at an insane speed, with the front panels still open.

"Uh, what was that about the simu-"

"Oh shut up. Shinobu, can you hear me? Hit that red button again, then the GREEN one on the console! Then take control and get back down here before you fly yourself into space!"

The soldier watched from the schematics with great interest, silently chuckling to himself. After a few minutes, the renegade mecha finally came back down to the ground, with a rather shaken Shinobu inside.

"Are you ok? You still sure you want to come along?" Zard sounded genuinely concerned.

"Of course I do! Lets go already!"

"Haste makes waste my dear.. let us prepare first. Zard to squad, I'm now transmitting the targetting info with the weaknesses pointed out. I suggest you not enter the turret's direct line of fire, try to stay in the blind spots, as they pack a rather nasty punch. We'll enter through here..." Punching a few buttons, a red blip appeared on the schematic of the Body Smasher, at the aft docking port. "We'll work our way through the defenses to the bridge. Once there, we'll seize control of the vessel and take everybody possible prisoner. Our main targets are Lum and Invader, and any of their direct friends, but take anybody else who surrenders as well, the more the better. I'd assume the Princess deployed shock-resistant units?"

3 skinny mecha units, coated in white armour, stepped forward. "Gamma wing here sir, don't worry, we'll handle her."

"Excellent. Very well, everyone ready? Then lets move!"

The squadron lifted off into the air, one after the other, in waves of 3, flying towards the ocean.

Meanwhile, on the Body Smasher, Invader looked over the bridge at his officers.

"How long untill our sub-space system is charged for the jump to homeworld?"

"About 3 hours sir. And... oh god! I'm showing a massive wave of rebel units closing in sir! Hard to show, but it's at least 15 units!"

"What? Engage conventional drive, fly us anywhere, just out of here!"

A weak voice sounded behind him.

"We're not leaving darling behind, are we?"

Invader turned around to see a tired Lum, bracing herself in a doorway.

"Lum, you should be sleeping, you're still weak."

"I'm fine. I just want to find darling again!"

"Aw leave that looser behind, let him die!"

"Ten, how could you say such a thing? We're not leaving without him, and that's that!"

One of the officers piped up. "Sir, I think I've got a lock on Ataru.. sensors show him right below our ship, he's underwater.. and he's been that way for quite some time as it appears!"

Invader grumbled. "Deploy the tractor beam, lets get him on board, then get us out of here!"

A few minutes later, Ataru and Tyler were brought on board, soaking wet. Ataru was gasping for air while Tyler was unconsious. 5 medical personel were trying to pull the 2 apart when Lum entered the bay and cheered.

"Darling your safe!"

"Lum! You're alive!"

When the medics finally managed to seperate the 2 long enough to put Tyler into a cryogenic pod, Ataru and Lum rushed towards each other while 2 of the medics looked on.

"Uh, why is that kid still alive? I heard he was underwater for around 4 hours, maybe more..."

"Beats me, maybe he breathes water or something?"

"He seems fine now... and just who is this guy that was stuck to him?" The medics glanced over at the cryopod. Outside, the ship was slowly moving directly towards Washington, D.C. (unbeknownst to the crew) at a speed of 700 MPH. Pursuing it was a mass of mecha, ready for blood.

Zard watched with an intense look at his prey attempted to flee. One of the squad mates came on the comm.

"This is odd, I would have expected them to do a sub-space jump as soon as they picked us up on sensors, but they're just using their conventional drives. I wonder what's wrong.. either way, I guess I won't need to use my sub-space inhibitor.."

"I guess the atmospheric attributes of this planet totally discharged their system when they jumped. Either that or they jumped straight from the Oni Homeworld, which is such an extreme range that it would totally deplete the drives.. Either way, I think they'll be stuck on conventional for awhile."

"Target will enter firing range in 5 seconds." As the computer reported this, 2 targetting crosshairs slowly began converging on the vessel.

"Alpha wing, it looks like we're ready to go. Hit your burners and remember, stay in the blind spots! Epsilon 2, how are you doing?"

"Doing great, ready to kick some butt!" Shinobu urged her mecha a bit faster.



"You're working with the big boys now lady. It's ass." Beta 3 laughed.

"Uh, right. Well, lets go!"

Zard moved and cut her off.

"Hang on a moment Shinobu. Let Alpha move in and distract em so the rest of us can break in."

A few moments later, explosions were seen rippling among the Body Smasher's hull. Then the 3 units of Alpha wing converged on a spot just aft of the right-most engine, and stayed there, launching missiles and the occasional plasma burst overtop and under the hull.

"Looks like they've got it. All units, follow my lead while we break into that vessel!"

As the rest of the mecha converged on the cruiser, a land mass was seen ahead, as they got closer to the shores of the U.S. Some fishermen out at sea looked up, then screamed and dove overboard as the massive cruiser passed over them, followed by a mass of mecha.

As they got closer to the docking bay, a beam turret suddenly emerged from an armoured position and fired, hitting Beta 2 in the head. The pilot didn't even have a chance to scream as his mecha plunged into the waters below, taking out 3 fishing boats with it while some very confused civillans swam for their life.

"Alright we took a casualty but we can't slow down. Keep going!" Taking careful aim, Zard unleashed a load of explosive shells towards the turret with his right-hand gattling cannon. The turret exploded, as did the door it was guarding.

"Docking bay breached! Move in and take up defensive positions while we pack the entire squad in! Alpha wing, get ready to break off and join us!"


"Alpha wing, do you read? Come in Alpha wing! Dammit, they must have gotten hit by something..."

Suddenly 3 additional plasma turrets exposed themselves and opened fire. Beta 3 and 1 screamed as their mecha exploded in flames. 2 massive missile racks opened up on Gamma 1's shoulders, and it unleashed a swarm of missiles, taking out a large chunk of the hull and all the turrets. Zard was the first to enter the docking bay. As he did, he saw 3 familiar faces. Ataru, Lum, and Ten, who screamed at the sight of the large mecha climbing in. Medical personel grabbed the small cryopods and evacuated the area, loosing a couple in the process. Luckily, the one containing Tyler got away unscathed. Lum fired a lightning bolt at Zard, which glanced off his shoulder, and ran through the large gate leading to the docking bay, closing it off from the rest of the ship. With the docking bay now empty, the rest of the Shaithan squadron entered it and took up positions.

On the bridge, Invader growled. "Sir! They've entered the ship, through the docking bay! Casualties are minimal, and we managed to clear out a lot of it before sealing it off."

"How long untill the sub-space drive is charged?"

"Still at least 2 hours, and our engineers are having trouble holding the power grid together, which isn't helping."

"Damn..." Invader sat in his large chair and thought deeply, wondering what method he would use to escape this time...


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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #11 on: October 23, 2004, 02:38:45 PM »
By Jocko on Saturday, December 4, 1999 - 21:16:

Kuroku Central Command was small, decored in black, and housed right under Ryouko's bedroom but above the Mendou Central Guard Command, prime location. Warren Hudson was seated at an ornate oak table with his hostess, taking another phone call.

Hudson rubbed his temples as Ryouko poured him another glass of tea. "Mr. President, I suggest we do everything possible to defend our airspace. Ryouko Mendou agrees and wants to provide support... Hmm, mmm, all right." Warren held the receiver over the table. "Mendou-san, President Reagan would like a word with you."

Ryouko smiled, "Thank you," Ryouko began her act, assuring the President that everything would be fine, she hung up. "I can promise your government hundred fighters and ten cruiser supports, they are already in the air, the attack will commence on the UFO fleet in-" Ryouko produced a gold pocket watch from the inside of her kimono, "-five minutes."

"Just remember, we don't want to hit Invader."

Ryouko nodded, "I have made that clear, as you have."

Hudson gulped down his tea, "Who the hell could be doing this and why?"

"Hudson-sama, I believe the answers you seek are with a boy named-"

"Ataru Moroboshi. Yes, I know."


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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #12 on: October 23, 2004, 02:38:59 PM »
By Parias on Sunday, December 5, 1999 - 01:15:

Now trailing plasma from the damage the engines had taken, the Body Smasher had entered Washington D.C. and was drifting closer to the White House, with a swarm of explosions surrounding it while the last of the mecha crammed it's way inside of the ship. Various aircraft had been deployed to take down the vessel, but all the missiles they launched were shot down, and the planes themselves got caught in the crossfire.

Inside of the ship, Zard looked over his squad. A few of them had sparks trailing from various places in their armour, but they seemed to be ok. Zard nodded towards the group marked Delta, who were relatively unscathed.

"Delta wing, you have the cutter packs I would assume? It will be a tad difficult to proceed with our mission with that door in our way." Zard pointed to the massive door cutting off the docking bay from the rest of the ship.

One of the mecha units walked over to the door and yanked out a small blade, which charged up and glowed with energy. "With me around, who needs a locksmith, eh Zard? I'll have ya through in a minute!"

While the mecha was slowly cutting away at the door, Zard looked over the rest of the squad. "Alright people, this is gonna be tight. Soon as that door is down, we'll probably be facing one hell of a defense. See those cargo crates lying around? Take up defensive positions behind em and get ready!" The squad split up and crouched behind the crates, guns ready.

As the mecha unit finished cutting his way through, he returned his blade to the hip of his mecha and stood back a moment. "Everyone ready?" Zard nodded. "Alright, here we go!"

The mecha delivered a swift kick to the door, sending it flying from it's bracings. It then dove to the left behind cover, as the rest of the squad unloaded all kinds of weaponry into the opening.

Zard glanced at his monitors. "Cease fire! It looks like they didn't deploy any real defenses.. very odd. Keep your eyes open, they might ambush us. Lets move forward."

The squad slowly moved down the corridor, inching their way towards the bridge.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, one of the officers looked up.

"Sir, it looks like you were right. They're moving towards the Engineering section, then they'll head towards the bridge from there."

"Very well. Prepare the auxiliary systems and evacuate Engineering. Prepare the section for emergency detachment!"

"But sir, if we do that, we'll loose our main sub-space system! We'll only be able to make one jump after that with the currently stored energy."

"I'm aware of that, the ship might be in dry-dock for a few months, but it's a risk we've got to take. Prepare the section for detachment immediately!"

Lum, Ataru, and Ten looked on behind him, worried.

Down in the Engineering section, personel gathered their things and scattered as the area de-pressurized and alarms went off. A moment after the last person left, one of the mecha from Delta squad kicked down the door. Zard followed behind him, and then the rest of the squad.

"I'm very concerned, they've barely got us with any kind of defense. If there was any kind of stand, I'd expect they'd make it here..they're probably gathering everyone for a big defense at the bridge.. maybe they predict our actions?" Zard looked around.

"I'm picking up some strange readings coming from this section... it appears they might ambush us here after all. Get ready." Gamma 3 raised his weapon and looked around.

As the last squad member entered the area, the doors suddenly shut and a small hissing was heard. Alarms went off.

"What the hell is going on?" Zard looked around, while Delta squad began pelting the door with laser fire, trying to get it open."

"It's no good sir, they've got some kind of strong bulkhead here, I can't penetrate it!"

Suddenly the whole section shifted, and the entire squad fell over as they lost their balance. Shinobu was the only one that managed to remain upright. Suddenly a conduit broke and swung down, barely missing Shinobu but smacking off the head of the mecha. Shinobu peeked out and growled. One of the mecha units stood back up.

"Sir, my sensors are showing that the rest of the ship is getting further away! It looks like they detached the section!"

"Dammit! Get us out of here now!" Zard began desperately shooting at the wall.

"It's no good sir! Impact in 10 seconds!"

On the bridge, Ataru caught a glance of one of the monitors tied in to the Engineering section, then gasped when he saw Shinobu. "Shinobu! No! Wait!" He screamed and tried to leave the bridge, stopped by Lum. He struggled hard and finally managed to break free, and took off at an insane speed towards the Engineering section, only to watch in horror through a monitor as the section plunged to the ground.. right towards the White House!

In-side of the White House, the president was settling down for lunch with his executives, preparing to discuss the events of the day. Suddenly one of the Executives screamed and pointed out the window. The President turned around, only to see the entire house explode all around him. As he ducked under a table, he felt a large object land on the table, trapping him under it. When the explosions ceased, he glanced around at what was left of his great mansion, looked up, saw an extremely large vessel passing overhead, and passed out.


Had to make it a shorter one this time since I've got some work to do.. *grin*

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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #13 on: October 23, 2004, 02:39:11 PM »
By Bladeofkintaro (Bladeofkintaro) on Sunday, December 5, 1999 - 04:06:
Terra was on her ship observing the battle below. one of her men said "It apears Mr Invaders ship is holding it's own against our attack what should we do?" Terra had a thoughtful look on her face and said "Use the phaze torpedo". The officer said "B-but thats an experimental weapon it hasnt been tested yet!" She smiled and said "I know but none of Dr Ginkobots inventions have failed me yet. But first lets hail mr Invaders ship."

Suddenly on screen on mr invaders ship was the face of a girl who looked allot like Lum. She said "You have Ten Earth minutes to surrender to me. After that I'll be forced to use my secret weapon on your ship." Lum looked at the screen and looked at her father and said "Is there something I should know?" Her dad said "Gosh it looks like I have some explaining to do."

Inside Terras ship Dr Ginkobot picked up an oval object marked "phaze torpedo" next to a machine with two chambers and a cannon marked "Bad luck cannon". He took the phaze torpedo to the launch area and prepared it to be fired.

Back in Japan Kintaro was watching Robot Hunter Casshan on video. He says "Hmmm if I'm going to make a name for myself I've got to hunt robots!

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Re: The first UY rpg storyline here
« Reply #14 on: October 23, 2004, 02:39:23 PM »
By Jocko on Sunday, December 5, 1999 - 06:38:

Meanwhile back at the (Mendou) ranch...

Ryouko and Hudson unhappily watched as the White House was destroyed and Terra made her appearance.

Hudson gazed out into space for moment, "so that's who we're up against. A Lum Invader-lookalike...God forgive us all. I hope the President and staff are all right."

Ryouko frowned, "Hudson-sama, what are we to do? Our combined forces didn't even slow the enemy down."

"Mendou-san. May I borrow your communications staff for a few minutes?"

Ryouko nodded. Warren began calling various US military agancies and bases, finding out the vice-president was safe and sound. After talking with the vice-president for a minute, they had a plan.

With four minutes remaining for the Body Smasher, Hudson turned to Ryouko, "Can your Kuroku hail every UFO in orbit and on the ground simultaneously?"

"Yes," she motioned her Kuroku communications chief to obey, "what do you plan to do?"

Hudson winked at the girl, "You'll see. Patch me through."

The Kuroku nodded and a small beep was heard.

"Miss Terra, this is Ambassador Warren Hudson, representing United States interests in Japan. You have five minutes to surrender to Invader and disarm or YOU be destroyed. At this very moment, ten fusion warheads are being targeted at your ship. No further communications will be responded to unless it is your surrender."

Hudson gave a slashing motion across his throat. The channel closed.

"Ryouko!" Shutaro shouted as he entered the room.

"Big Brother!" Ryouko gasped, "allow me to-"

Hudson glared at Shutaro, "Warren Hudson. Forgive me if I don't bow to an incompetent fool like yourself. Can't your defense forces take care of one damned battle mech before it calls its friends?!?"

Mendou began drawing his katana as Ryouko backed off, "as for my honor I shall-"

"Cut me in two! Hoho!" Hudson picked up his unfinished rum and coke and flung it at Mendou's face before taking his pistol out of its holster under his jacket.

But something strange started to happen, Hudson (who didn't know about Shutaro's Ranma problem) looked on in stunned disbelief as Shutaro changed into a red haired girl.

"D-D-Damn Mendou, I knew your family was prone to weirdness, one only has to meet your mother and father once to know that, but I never knew this!"