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This list contains most of the Japanese releases of Anime (Animations) from 1963 until 1996. I'll try go get more info about the releases from 1996 to this year (1997) and keep this list up-to-date! If you think I missed a release,please leave me a message with the name and the year of release and after verification, I'll add it to the timeline a.s.a.p.

Timeline of Animation Releases in Japan

Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy)
Tetsujin 28 (Gigantor)
8-Man (TOBOR, the Eighth Man)
Jungle Taitei (Kimba, the White Lion)

TV Series and Specials
Mach GoGoGo (Speed Racer)
Ribun no Kishi (Princess Knight)

Movies and OVA's
1001 Nights

TV Series and Specials
Lupin III
Mazinger Z
Cutey Honey
Getta Robo G
Great Mazinger
Space Cruiser Yamato

Movies and OVA's
Panda Ko Panda (Miyazaki)
Mazinger Z vs. Devilman

TV Series and Specials

Brave Raideen 
Jetta Mars
Captain Harlock
Galaxy Express 999
Gatchaman II
Space Cruiser Yamato II
Time Bokan
Lupin III Series 2
Captain Future

Movies and OVA's
Great Mazinger vs Getta Robo G
Yamato I Movie version
Gatchaman Movie version
Arrevederci Yamato

TV Series and Specials
Mobile Suit Gundam
Gatchaman F
New Tetsuwan Atom
Space Cruiser Yamato 3
Endless Road SSX
Yamato: The New Voyage Special
New Tetsujin 28
Yamato III
GoLion (Voltron)
Doctor Slump
Queen Millennia
Urusei Yatsura
Mysterious Cities of Gold (Esteben)

Movies and OVA's
Triton of the Sea
Conen movie (Miyazaki)
Galaxy Express 999 Movie
Lupin III Castle Cagliostro
Orpheus (Winds of Change)
Adieu Galaxy Express 999
Phoenix 2772
Toward the Terra
Yamato: Be Forever
Cyborg 009 Super Galaxy
Mobile Suit Gundam 1
Mobile Suit Gundam 2
Baldios (Space Warrior Baldios)
Queen Millennia Movie
Mobile Suit Gundam 3
My Youth in Arcadia
Cobra movie
Godmars Movie

TV Series and Specials
Cats Eye
Lupin III Series 3
Giant Gorg
The Southern Cross
Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the Northstar)
Z Gundam TV - ZZ Gundam
Maison Ikkoku
Dirty Pair
Saint Seiya
Transformers 2010

Movies and OVA's
Project A-ko 1
Genma Taisen (Harmegeddon)
Urusei Yatsura: Only You
Final Yamato
Golgo 13
Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer
Macross: Do You Remember Love?
Urusei Yatsura 3: Remember My Love
Dagger of Kamui
Megazone 23
Goshogun: The Time ...tranger
Night on the Galactic Railroad
Leda: Fantastic Adventure of Yohko
Angel's Egg
Urusei Yatsura 4: Lum the Forever
Ai City
Laputa: Castle in the Sky

TV Series and Specials
Hokuto no Ken II
Saint Seiya
CIty Hunter TV - City Hunter 2
Machine Robo
Kimagure Orange Road
Lemon Angel - Lemon Angel 2
Saint Elmo's Fire Special
Samuraii Troopers
Transformers Masterforce
What's Michael
New Topo Gigo
Dragonball Z

Movies and OVA's
Totoro of the Neighborhood
Dirty Pair Movie
Wings of Honneamis
Monster City (Wicked City)
Minna Agechau
Meikyo Monogatari (Manie-Manie)
Urusei Yatsura 5 (Urusei Yatsura Final)
Maison Ikkoku
Patlabor Movie 1
Megazone 23 part 3
Gundam: Char's Counterattack
Grave of the Fireflies
Orange Road: To Return to that Day
Gundam: War in the Pocket
Rhea Gall Force
Kiki's Delivery Service
One Pound Gospel

TV Series and Specials
Chibi Maruko-chan
Laughing Salesman
Cyber Formula
New Minky Momo
New Getta Robo G
Tekkaman Blade
Sailor Moon TV (Japan)
Tetsujin 28 FX
The Simpsons on Japanese TV

Movies and OVA's
Dirty Pair: Conspiracy of Flight 005
Devilman 2
Angel Cop
Cyber City OEDO 808
AKo the Vs (Grey Side, Blue Side)
Gundam F91
Gundam 0083
Roujin Z
Omoide Poro-Poro
Record of Lodoss Wars

Urusei Yatsura 6
Bubblegum Crash
Sukeban Deka
Otaku no Video
Giant Robo the Animation
Macross II
Porco Rosso
Video Girl Ai
Tenchi Muyo


TV Series and Specials

V Gundam
Sailor Moon R
Ghost Sweeper Mikami
Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Blue Seed
G Gundam
Marmalade Boy
Sailor Moon S
Red Riding Hood Cha-Cha
Macross 7
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Tenchi Muyo TV
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Movies and OVA's
Ninja Scroll
Patlabor Movie 2
Ah! My Goddess
New Dominion Tank Police
Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
Please Save My Earth
Combustable Campus Guardress
Macross Plus
You're Under Arrest
New Demon Beast Invasion
Ghost in the Shell
Whispers of the Heart
Yamato 2520
Super Atragon
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 8th Mobile Suit Team
Gunsmith Cats

TV Series and Specials

Sailor Moon Super S
Vision of Escaflowne
Bakuetsu Hunter
Beat X
Birdy the Mighty
Gundam X
Slayers Next
Dragonball GT

Movies and OVA's
MD Geist 2
Power Dolls
Burn Up W!
X (1999) 

As you can see this list is rather big and I think new Anime releases are coming every year, so this one might grow even bigger and takes longer to load ^_^

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