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Always wanted to know if you're an Otaku? Check the rules below to see if you meet the requirments ^_^

1.Watches anime to the exclusion of all else
2.Thinks about anime constantly
3.Falls in love with an anime character
4.Introduces elements of anime into role-playing games
5.Knows all the words to anime soundtracks even though he doesn't speak the language or know what they mean
6.Dreams in anime, rather than lifelike
7.Thinks up crazy schemes to introduce mainstream anime into the US via prime-time TV
8.Wonders how all the girls at his college would look in sailors suits
9.Reflexively curses in Japanese, rather than English
10.Compares live girls to anime and finds they don't measure up
11.Spontaneously breaks into anime song as he walks from place to place (the Ranma theme song, especially)
12.Feels the world would be a better place if everyone had hardsuits
13.Is ashamed to admit how much money he would give for a 33-S buma
14.Thinks up dance moves for the disco music from BGC 1
15.Considers Lum a "babe"
16.Considers Godai and Karinin-san the Japanese Romeo and Juliet
17.Tries to modify a used car to look like a black Griffin, complete with ram plate
18.Screams the name of an anime character during orgasm
19.Names his children after characters
20.Creates a list of "you know you're an otaku when..."
21.Has no interest in american culture
22.Has a Rumiko Takahashi shrine in his house
23.Has a voodoo doll with Carl Macek's face on it
24.Breaks the kneecaps of people who call them "cartoons"
25.Misses the first 30 seconds of Star Trek because he is trying to find subtitles to read

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