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I loved the ending to this one but how About we make ataru do the unthinkble eh ?

Ataru: here I am inside the hostipal, waiting till they haul me off to jail for nine counts of murder. All my friends are dead, even...lum.
lum is dead, dead because of me. I cant' recall taking her life, neither can I recalled taking the others. Lum if you listening to me, where ever your beautiful oni soul is at the moment. (funny, where do oni go when they died ? ) I'm sorry for whatever pain you suffer doing your death at my hands.  the nurse that is cleaning my room, is turning down the television right now. that give me the time to take out the gun I hidden from every cop and place it to my head. Lum I loved you, Lum I love you, Lum I lo-

Bam !

 two hours later in a small office downtown

Date: june 6

time: 4:pm

investigating officer : kenji yohona

SUBJECT : ATARU MOROBOSHI -male- japanese age 17

FINDING : suicide



On the afternoon of june 6, Ataru moroboshi was omited to tomoboiki hostipal. there docters said he was very silent. the nurse that was taking care of Moroboshi room did not know he had hidden a gun. At 2:25, Ataru fired a single fatal gunshot wound to the head. A life squad was summoned at 2:27 Ataru was pronounced dead at the scene.

wow... very disturbing 8|

Meaning that Lum is dead, yes. :'(
If you mean by Ataru, not really. :/


--- Quote from: DarkDevil on February 18, 2008, 10:21:34 PM ---Meaning that Lum is dead, yes. :'(
If you mean by Ataru, not really. :/

--- End quote ---
I mean that was not how I plan it but no lum is not dead ataru dead not lum

But why you think Ataru commit suicide? Because he thaugh that Lum was dead also Shinobu and Sakura. I don�t think he could commit suicide if the others died

It's a fanfic, it doesn't have to commit to all the restraints of the original media. Let's just find out where Kyo is taking this before we start to judge it  :B


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