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Author Topic: ataru and kyoto: counterparts  (Read 1038 times)

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ataru and kyoto: counterparts
« on: February 01, 2008, 05:36:13 PM »
my first meeting with "my other"
Posted on: February 01, 2008, 04:49:50 PM
now this is set during my first couple of months as a bountyhunter plus i was on a job...

I was trying to go after "the big dipper " a sick rapist who crimes include murder sexual assault and kidnapping. I was going go back until I saw his ship near a wormhole. now this is where being a hunter get hard. if I follow him god know where we end up but, if I refused to go after him he just going be doing the samething over and over.  (signs) why do they make going after them hard ?  after i entered the wormhole I began to get sick and than I  zone out

next thing I knew... I was home in my own house. I could hear voices as well :

where did you find him ?

in a giant hole with a spaceship .

what about the other guy ?


do you think this guy will died as well ?

no his wounds are healing on their accord. he shall be awake in the next hour or so.

I guess that my cue to get up I said in a monotone voice. when I open my eyes I saw miss sakura, and my mother.  A little older but she has my mother face. I bearhug her and started to fly around the living room. oh my he seem to know you quite well.  yes, now the only problem is telling him to let me go.

as I sat on my knees like a good boy they both stare at me with a strange look. excuse me young man, there some questions I would like you to answer. go ahead miss sakura. she was stunned that I knew her name but went on anyway. when I found you, you was in a spaceship, along with another man. yes I Know he is dead. correct now my question is who are you ?

my name is kyoto moroboshi and I am from  another universe

That sound logical my mother said. very logical sakura said.

I am home mom ! said a young man voice I knew very well

I had gotten up and ran to the young man, do I know you he said with a annoy look on his face. than his expression on his face change to a firm look.

kyo: ataru moroboshi

Ataru : kyoto moroboshi
"darling, you give too much thought to what is real and what is not, to what is true and what is false. I realize that is your way, but just this once, accept things as they are. Forego your control, your discipline. and take me with you.

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