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What if they were together already??

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This isn't exactly a different ending, more of a different start...

This picture got me into thinking...

How do you think Lum and Ataru's relationship yould be if they knew each other since around they were 5 years old??

Share some thoughts and opinions in here. :P

ah how cute. now that would be very interesting if they did hmmmm......

Well Similar on what we know today and more developed in some way. Ataru hiding the fact that he loves her in front of everyone and Lum Trying to make it more noticible

Ataru would tell her that he liked her when he was young, and Lum believed her ears.

then when he grew elder, just similar to original story, he hides the fact that he loves Lum.  but everyone knows that because he had said that he liked her.

Ataru would girl-hunt her but when he would fall in love with her, he would act as 17 year old Ataru acts.


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