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Nightmare Battle

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Cosmic King:
Hello,lumaholics,thanks to some comments of cata,i decided to bring back the old "death match" topic but with a new name,as some of the people already know,this is topic where we will beat each other uy forum member,some of us wont participate,some will have to clean back their weapons,what matters is that we have fun.

Now,a little history,in the original deathmatch we couldnt have a real final battle as i suddenly started a pseudo-fic regarding kroptik and kurama,from that point onward the fanfiction became deathmatch's signature

Well,lets hope the new wave of lumaholics (cata,janus,shutaro,etc.) join da carnage as there wont be any rules at all

Have fun >:)

one sluggish wave of dust and sand, blasting every runes in the area appears. light comes from the center of teh dust and sand dense fog, until it starts to gain form, revealing...

SandStorm possesses the power over earth and all grain materials. his shielding skills have been reinforced since the early days.
New weaponry are available, as the ultimatum spanking bonanza when in cooperation with his best spanking Partner...

SandStorm: Time for revenge, there are things that'll never be forgotten!

Dissipates again in one massive Sand cloud, forming one demonish face, with fangs and glaring eyes, emitting golden light

SandStorm: I'll only attack if attacked, as I'll defend the ones i believe will need help...

Sand is watching the old arena, the place from older fights... many blood has been spilled in the pat... stories from ate, revenge and love still in the air, but now, Sand only have in mind, the one who almost killed Kaede, and attacked her in the past...

Sand: Time for payback...

Over the horizon rolls 62 metric tonnes of Leopard tank. Shutaro has come to show the world why you don't bring dishonour to his name.

Watching the shadows Shutaro readys the 120mm main cannon.

Shutaro: Anyone wishing to challenge me, step forward. It would speed things up if you could stand infront of the gun.

The (Dark)devil's about to get what's coming to him  >:D

It's a normal day at a desert... Everything is calm... very calm... What's that? Is it an airoplane? Is it a bird? No... it's Cata, the Valkyrie... very well prepared for what's coming... some hand grenades, an AK-47, a MPK5, a Desert Eagle, a Bazooka, a SPAS12,Dragunov, a sword, armour, shield, bow and arrows, battleaxe, scimitar, AT49, Kalashnikov, lots of food, and much more weapons... With all this equipment there's no way she is going to loose... at least that's what she hopes.

Cata: Hmm, it's very quiet in here... too much quiet... I don't like this. I will keep my eyes and my ears quite open. I will fight no matter what and I will not give up, fight until the end with no fear or regrets. Just give my best and have fun... I'm starting to get hungry... fortunatelly I have brought food with me.

On space-time we can see the past, present and future but nobody can enter in that dimension. Jataru guards this world from the forces of evil that dare to destroy the present and future of people. With is magical powers and his powerfull baton he cannot loose.

Jataru: The forces that dare to challenge me think about it because who defies me will not be alive


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