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Hi there!

I've had this question for a while now, and this is probably the best place to ask.

I am interested to purchase the UY complete 50 LD Box set from japan.
While I started digging for information, I found out that there are two
different sets:
The 'old' set is numbered KFLD-1001~50 and was published in 1990.
Info here:
and here:
That guy's price is insane btw...

AND, apparently there is a second, very late pressing complete box
set, numbered PCLA-150, street date february 2000! And I cannot find
any further info about this at all, nor pictures. Except that the
srp was 231,140 Yen which is quite cheap compared to the 330000 Yen
(without tax even) of the old set. And so I wondered if there are any
substential differeces between these sets.

I feel tempted to try and buy PCLA-150 because the late pressing date
suggests better mastering quality of the discs. But then, why is it so
'cheap' compared to the old set?

Any information very welcome.
Thanks guys (and gals).

Probably the price difference is because of the KFLD-1001~50 is the original version and could be considered a collectors item in Japan... But 5000$ is a bit to much... even for a rare item like that LoL

that is a bit much, if your just looking for the episodes i suggest looking elsewhere, i purchased box set 10 for $150 american, that is the last box set, containing 5 discs of the 50 disc set

Yes if you want the episodes buy the DVD box sets...

heres a couple of pics of my box set


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