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Author Topic: Star Waltz  (Read 849 times)

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Star Waltz
« on: August 10, 2007, 07:02:51 AM »
Face front,true believers.Cosmic King is inda house  8)

Since our comrade themexican (a.k.a. Carlos) is getting married soon,i decided to start a mini-series of fanfics regarding him,hope you enjoy and feel free to comment,here we go


Once there was a young man named Carlos,he was hard working guy at a store named Game Stop,little he knew that his life will change forever,this is his tale

*Carlos was reading a magazine when an elderly man arrived at his store*

Carlos:What can i do for you?

Man:Are you the one named Carlos?


Man:My name is Wolfgang Eird,i was yer uncle's attorney and as you know,he passed away some time ago and well,he asked me in his deathbed to deliver you this box,he said it is vital you have it


*W.Eird makes one creepy face and takes out some documents*

W.Eird:Now,if you can sign this paper please

Carlos:Err...ok,i will sign (thinking) ok,that guy is creepy

*After a day at work,Carlos return to his humble home and opens his package,it is a brand new Wii,the paper box included contains a password*

Carlos:Strange my uncle will give me a Wii with a password written in da paper box,never knew he was into games

*Carlos starts the console,a weird screen appears on da TV,it says World Interdimensional Instrument v.1.5*


*A screen appears saying "Please Input Password",carlos does so,a green text appears*

Dear Nephew:

I will be brief on this matter but this machine before you can travel towards any dimension known to man,i decided to give it to you since you always liked to have adventures,to activate the traveling beam,input any numbers you like in the screen,to return home,only input 001

Carlos:...ok...i will put 6...1....6

*A beam of light grabs Carlos,he is engulfed into a time-space vortex,he awakens nearby a mountain,he is surrounded *

*Carlos succumbs as he wasnt prepared for his 1st interdimensional trip,his body has grown weak so the armor men grab him,after a while he awakens inside what appears to be a castle,one cute girl is watching over him*

Carlos:W...w..who are you...?? where is here?

Unknown Girl:My name is Nancy Dao,stranger,you are in Wundagore Hill

Carlos:(thinking) What a beautiful girl,she looks like a dream come true (normal) Nice to meet you,Nancy-chan,,my name is Carlos,it is quite a pleasure to been nursed by you

Nancy:The pleasure is all mine,Carlos

*Both of them watch to each other as if the world had stopped for the both of us,she smiles to him,somehow both feel they were meant for each other,no matter how far da dimension was*

Carlos:(thinking) What is this feeling i have? when i am near her,my heart beats both slow and fast at da same time,could it be...?  O+

*The door opens,an armored man appears*

??:I see the guest has awoken,how about you go prepare something while i talk with him,Nancy?

Nancy:Ok,father,see you later,Carlos(leaves)


??:Dont get surprised,my young friend,i assure you i dont mean harm to you,allow me to present myself,I am the High Evolutionary,and i suppose you already met my daughter Nancy

Carlos:Yeah,i see she doesnt look like you at all,what is going on?

H.E.:Well,we found you unconcious near the mountain,this place in the Pacific Ocean is my personal paradise as well as my laboratory for genetic engineering and technology

Carlos:Ok,that explains the weird armor dudes,well,at least i got to see that cute girl,Nancy,somehow i like her

H.E.:So i noticed,it is da first time i looked a shining glow in Nancy's eyes as if she feels da same,i welcome you in here,Carlos

Carlos:Ok,how you knew my name if i havent told you?

H.E.:I have telepathy but do not be scared,anyways Nancy is about to come with dinner,care to join in?

Carlos:Ok (thinking) future father in law  ;D ;D ;D

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Offline janus

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Re: Star Waltz
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2007, 10:08:09 PM »
Offtopic: Using a Wii as a 4th dimensional gate hilarious!  ;D

▲ ▲

Offline Cosmic King

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Re: Star Waltz
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2007, 10:37:55 PM »

1 day has passed since Carlos entered "Earth 616",He is still confused by the enviroment of Wundagore Hill but that doesnt annoy him as he has found a soul mate in the scientist's daughter,Nancy Dao,let us proceed

Carlos:(sitting alone)I wish i could remain just a bit longer here but i have a life back in Atlanta as i was chosen as General Manager at work,oh god,what shall i do? even when i win,i shall lose   :-\

*Carlos decides to take some fresh air at the exterior garden,he notices Nancy sitting in the grass while repairing some mechanical device*

Carlos:What are you doing,Nancy-chan?

Nancy:It is just a little something i wanna give you (finishes da device) put this Anti-Gravity belt on you,Carlos

Carlos:Ok (wears it) cool,i can fly,it is a shame you couldnt make one for you

*Nancy begins to float in da air,she can naturaly fly*

Nancy:I wouldnt bet on that,Carlos

Carlos:Wonderful,how about a race around the hill?

Nancy:Ok,last one to arrive is a rotten egg

*Both young start flying,it is obvious that Nancy has the advantage as she has experience flying,Carlos gets close to her but his belt accidentally malfunctions and as he was grabbing Nancy foot,both of them fell over the garden TOO MUCH close to each other as it seems they are hugging each other*

Carlos:(thinking) Again this warm feeling overcomes my heart,it is like an endless summer

Nancy:C..Carlos...??  :@

Carlos:Oh,yes,sorry (stands up and sits near a tree) nancy,can i tell you something?

Nancy:Yes,tell me

Carlos:Lately i been feeling as a new man when i am around you,never i have found such a beautful girl in my life as you,both physically and in mind

Nancy:Thank you,you are also a nice man,carlos

Carlos:By the way,tell me,how come you can fly? does it have a relation with yer father strange powers?

Nancy:Since my father worked with a strange chemical to enhance his mind,that made that any of his children had any powers,you can say i am unique

Carlos:(lying down in the grass) Tell me,does anybody else live in here besides yer father and you? it is pretty quiet,y'know

Nancy:Yes,my mom also lives here but she suffered an accident and it is been healed,that is why you havent seen her,by the way remember those armored men that brought you here?

Carlos:Ahh,yeah,but they are robots,arent they?

Nancy:Not at all,carlos-kun,they are some of my father experiments and trustworthy friends that watch this place,they are what he calls New Men,animals evolved to been like men,needless to say few of them arent so friendly and were exiled from the hill

Carlos:Ohh,indeed this is quite an interesting place

Nancy:I told you some about here,now tell me how is it where you live?

Carlos:I live in a place named Atlanta,it is quite hot these days of the year and it is crowded with people,it is a nice place,i live with my parents,it is a good place

Nancy:I would like to visit it one of these days,Carlos


*Again their eyes meet each other in a gentle way,it appears as if they were gonna kiss but it begins to rain,so they have to return to Nancy's home,not so far from they some menacing eyes have been watching them,could it be that the Evil New Men that nancy mentioned are planning to attack?,stay tuned*



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