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The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny


A couple weeks ago a friend gave this wierd yet halarious song about super heroes/villains going at it, well last night i saw the video for said song and still found it wierd but funnier:
It's a flash movie if anyone cares to see it


Awesome, though.

Shaq Fu... augh, that game STILL gives me nightmares.

You and me both...for some reason  I could n ever pull off any Toukugi and since I didn't know anyone else who played  the SFC/SNES version  I thought only the AI could use them

I love how Godzilla was drawn and the whole 'Chuck Norris' scene...the Mario/Sonic slap-match was  funny and so was Santa being run down  by the De'Lorian which you couldn't 'see' without the video


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