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Where do all you guys and galls live around the world?

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As the topic title says :)

I've put my self as the 1st one on the map.

Here's the url to get yourself placed on Lum-chan's World :)

Lum-a-holics around the world

Updated link - It's working again \(^_^)/

Link is down. Site seems to be non-existent.

It might be noted that this goes to a google vehicle.  They are the worst at datamining, keeping data, selling your data and not deleting personal searches done...forever.  PLUS, all the cool kids are using for searches...the map function this takes you to is cool though.

LoL i cant even see my City LoL

Heh, I added myself, but since my city wasn't in the list I've chosen the nearest one I found...I'm about 4-5 km. south-east from there! :&

can u had the beautifull city of Oporto


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