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Author Topic: I'll go next  (Read 1676 times)

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I'll go next
« on: October 04, 2005, 01:53:48 PM »
I'm Judas, I also go by either Stahn Alvein or sometimes Ryu Tienousha(WHY did I ever come up with that nickname...) I'll be 20 next month, I live in a hick town(deemed paradise from where I used to live) called Farmer City in Central Illinois and am a hardcore Anime/RPG fan, not as much as most people I know, my only feats are solo'ing Unlimited Gabriel/Indalico(he's supposed to be unbeatable, took 40 mins to an hour to widdle down 2,000,000 HP) in Star Ocean 2 and the Iseria Queen; I started watching anime probably around the 3rd grade when the dub of BSSM came out and from the way it was marketed I thought I was gay for liking it, I later watched Dragon Ball Z on Toonami and began to like the genre even more but my big turn on was when my friend insisted that I rent some tapes of Ranma 1/2; Ranma developed my sense of humor for japanese culture jokes and ultimately got me to love Takahashi's style(not too much with Inuyasha but everything else I've read/seen of hers), well while searching the net for her other works I came across the Tomobiki website and was officially used to UY(not just a reference like in the Mermaid's Scar OVA trailer Viz used with the original Ranma VHS releases) I read through the character bios, movie summeries and wondered for months 'where the hell can I find this' this was way before I knew about torrents so I had to buy the DVDs when I went to a con(Only You and the 4th boxed set), I watched Only You first because I was strapped for time and upon doing so I fell in love with Oyuki, I have a 'thing' for Yuki-onna and found her to be the cutest of all, I was also impressed with alot of the other characters I ended up liking Ataru more than I thought I would the same with Cherry and/or Rei, Jariten remained the same, I can handle him in small doses; eventually I found this site while looking for song lyrics and with that came this forum, as for the SN Lion Magnus/Judas is my god from Namco's Tales of series(Destiny and Destiny 2) my fav RPG series, well I've rambled enough so I'll let this video: http://s62.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=036Y2RO77VOOV2KJYEPRAEOOK9 vouche for his awesomeness, this link is only valid for 7 days

My only reason for importing NAMCO X CAPCOM...I have no life


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