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Movies, OVAs and series to download.

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First go here: and download bittorrents and them go here:

Edit: this will help you download faster.

Other way of download UY is by eMule @

Give DC++ a try. Get it at
There are many, many UY movies/episide to download and guess what: It's rather fast too.
Even UY music Movies are here to find/download.

I have edited and updated your post with some extra information (and have stickied it a few weeks ago)

I'll see if I can get some ED2K links here for the episodes and movies  >:)

I cant find any Lum stuff in boxtorrents well appart from 2 vhs N.3 and N.4 i couldnt find anything else. :|

You searched for Urusei Yatsuta or just Lum?

I dont remember :& I will check ;)


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