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do you hate tsunderes


i do they are so abusve all they do is yell hit whine deny they love the guy for no reason whats worse is most of the abuse is stupid the one i hate the most is kirino i dont hate all i love ones like rei hino but i hate most

what tsundere do you hate and love the most me the one i love the most is utau i hate the most is kirino it used to be louise but shes still close

what do you think of akane people i say that because rumiko made her to i cant stand her she never  hears ranma out always beats him even when she sees he did nothing forces him to eat cooking is selfish and ungreatful and never says she loves ranma and the way she acts when a girl comes to ranma god i hate that she almost made me drop ranma all the way shampoo and ukyo are so much better she thinks the worst of ranma i love kyoko kagome and lum they are nice and have reasons they dont act like akane

Danlove 2 same:
hum lum is not the perfect definition of a tsundere i just look the definition


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