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lum 40th anniversary pocket watch

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A Lum pocket watch was released this year to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the manga!

limited to 300 watches !
what do you guys think?
do you like it?

It's soooo....... beautiful!

Pocket watch... that seems pretty retro. Can't recall actually ever seeing anyone who carried one. Probably too expensive to carry it around, anyway. Wouldn't want to take a chance on damaging it somehow. I never know what the the thinking is going on behind these things.

I guess it's quite expensive so I wouldn't wear/use it often...

I love it, I would use it on special occasions, they released one for the 35th anniversary too and I got it!, it took a while though, they are rare to find, if memory serves me right it cost me around 900 dollars, with taxes handling and shipping, it was totally worth it! I love the watch and I wear it on special occasions.


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