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Awesome "Lum no Love Song" remix


Check it out!
I think this remix album came out in 1992 or so, but that could be wrong.
Either way I'm loving this one. Mixes for other songs like Dancing Star and Pajama-Jama-Da are out there too.

Not too bad of a remix, here's one for you to check out as well.

Sweet! Kinda reminds me of the K-pop Orange Caramel version, both being more modern takes on the theme.

I made a playlist at YouTube with 38 different versions of "Lum no Love Song"!  Please enjoy!
(There are some big differences in the volume levels of the various tracks, so you'll have to adjust your speaker volume up or down as the playlist progresses.)

The Urusei Yatsura REMIX album had 12 tracks, so I put them all in a playlist if you want to hear the whole album:

Hey that's great!
I will definitely check it out!


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