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Hey guys. I drew Lum in Nintendo limitations (With the limited color palette) It's true that there's already an Urusei Yatsura game for NES, but wanted to try my hand at it anyway.
I have a few other versions where I experimented with shading; I may post those later!

Edit: Thanks for the comments everyone. I have updated it with a newer version.

Nicely done, kudos to you.  :)

Thanks.  :)
Here are some of the alternate shading versions.

Since NES sprites can only have 3 colors+transparency, I experimented taking away some colors in favor of other ones.
(For example, getting rid of the dark green for an extra skin shade) But I ended up going with the one in the first post.

I can't believe I missed this the last time I logged in, sorry about that.  :(

Post away, you might be able to toss them the Pictures section too actually.  :)

Lost Shapes:
Hey this is really nice! How long did it take you? Do you try pixel art often?

I wouldn't know the first thing about pixel art, but this is neat.


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