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This happened back in April, while I was out-of-town: Good Smile Company announced Nendoroid #756: URUSEI YATSURA - LUM !!!

Pre-orders are still up (meaning; she hasn't sold-out). Scheduled release: September 2017 (GSC has trouble meeting target dates; expect them to push that back).

I'll link to AmiAmi's page, but you can source her from whomever you prefer.

Pretty cool... I remember the Lum figma action figure came with Jariten. Looks like this one comes with Lum's spicy cooking. Neat!

Just received my notice from AmiAmi: the Lum Nendoroids are ready to ship! Should have mine about Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Perfect. No way I'm missing this cutie.

She has arrived!


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