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Kanji Translation


Since I'm in America and my fluency in languages ends with Spanish, French and Italian, I have to ask since it seems like there might be people from several other areas here.

But is anyone good with Kanji translation?

I ask because I came across this gallery of very good fan art here, which looks to be a short story of some kind -

I was able to find a good program (waifu caffe) and greatly increase the size of the images without losing all that much from the quality. In fact, I can actually see the kanji clearly which is a better position from the originals. Sadly, Google Translate from my mobile is TERRIBLE, so I got an app called Yomiwa which is supposed to work very well but it's very difficult to make it work right. I can draw the kanji in, but I don't have a stylus for my screen, and my finger input is HORRIBLE to say the least.

Some people might be familiar with the artwork, I've seen it out on the Tomobiki forum, but they have about as much knowledge as I do it seems. I'm adding an upscaled image (I hope) for reference. I also have further scaled up images from this, but they jump in file size tremendously.

There's about 36 in this short story (a bit of sex too, but tasteful). Two friends of mine and I are just really wanting to know what the dialogue and sadly, it looks like the creator has vanished into subspace as his site hasn't been updated in some time.

Thanks in advance if there's anyone willing to aid, if not, I gave it my best for the time being until I can figure out something.  ;D

Thank you for your good information.
"waifu caffe program" and "manga web url" was very beneficial for me.
I didn't know that till now. I'd like to express my gratitude. Thanks again.
I want to translate this for thanks. However, I cannot read and write English.
And the conversation of this comics is very literary.
My web translation was impossible. Pardon me.

And Make It Bette

Lum: "Even if it takes a lifetime, I'll make you say it."

Ataru: "I'll say it on my deathbed!"

Ummm, is it morning now?

Oh! Lum. I did sleep last night with you.

That was not a dream.

Ataru confirmed what happened yesterday.

==== retrospection start ====

Ataru and Lum came home from a school.

Ataru is in a bad mood. He is complaining.
"Though a graduation ceremony is near, is there still a class?
 Oh, hell! That is a bother."

"Darling! I found a memo letter from your mother."

Hi Ataru.
The aunt of the town of the neighborhood is hospitalized.
I go for a help in a hurry. I am going to stay there tonight.

Ataru: "What!?  Father too is away on a business trip. from yesterday"

Lum: "Don't worry, I will make dinner today."

Ataru: "Wait! Lum, No problem! An mother did all the preparation.
        (Thank you, mother)"

Lum: "That's too bad. I wanted to make cooking."

Ataru: "Hey! The hotness of your dish is not yet an edible level."

Lum: "Boo! The hotness is because love is packed."

Ataru: "Shoot! The love is just good, But lower 90% of levels of the hotness!"

Lum: "Wow! Did you come to understand a level of the hotness?"

Ataru: "Yeah. During two and a half years, Hotness food were served many times from you."

Lum: "Goody!! Cool!"    Ataru: "YES! YES!"

Ataru: "Hey! It is no laughing matter."

Ataru: "By the way, Where are little-Ten? He was nowhere in evidence."

Lum: "Uh? Did I not say? Ten returned to the parents' house.
        He will prepare for the elementary school entrance."

Ataru: (Strewth!!)

Lum: "What’s the matter?"

Ataru: "Egad...(Eh! We will alone!?)"

Ataru: (However, Her personality is rough. I do not need to be conscious deeply.)

Lum: "Oh, yeah! Darling!"

Ataru: "Hmm?"

Lum: "Eat mine.  We be alone together, mind as well...
        We are like a newly-married couple. Open your mouth, Darling."

Ateru: "Coff coff coff. Cough!"

Ataru: "Stop! Lum! Do not say a that stimulating thing!"

Lum: "Dive in!"

Ataru: "Gross! Zowie! Hot! Hot! water! water!"

Lum: "Uh-oh! It was wrong! I'm sorry.
        That food which a lot of Tabasco entered was mine."

Lum: "Yee ha! We are like a newly-married couple. I'm soooo happy."

Ataru: ( OK, I do not think deeply anymore.) 

Ataru finished bath time.
Take a bath in UFO, Ataru gave her an instructions.
He is worry. A scene of Lum waiting in room with a sexy style, by his imagination.

( Horus: From around here translation is difficult.
           The explanation that is simple from under here. )

When he came back to the room, Lum is absentminded.
She looked thoughtful.

-- Attention --
Regulation of the expression of the image. self‐restraint. by Horus.
R18. Ummm. Is it a little lighter? R,,, PG,, PG=Parental Guidance.
Ummm. OK!  PG15! (R15?).  *Does what I say make sense?  :-c

[ self‐restraint substituted image ]

original (PG15: When the child looks, FBI  gets angry at you)

[ self‐restraint substituted image ]

original (PG15: A child must not look) 

[ self‐restraint substituted image ]

original (PG15: A child must not look)

[ self‐restraint substituted image ]

original  (PG15)

[ self‐restraint substituted image ]

original (PG15) 

[ self‐restraint substituted image ]

original (PG15) 

[ self‐restraint substituted image ]

original (PG15) 

The coloring you're doing for this is amazing.  ;D

Also, the fact you can translate it is also awesome, thank you so much!

By the way, the images you post are becoming many of my desktop wallpapers, keep up the good work.

I was not previously aware you're from Japan, that being said, I really hope this is correct.

私の翻訳が少なくとも許されることを願っていますが、もう一度あなたに感謝します。 それが文字通りであっても、私が以前知っていた以上のものです。


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