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If UY was like Beautiful Dreamer


Could you imagine if the UY anime and manga was like the Mamoru Oshii Beautiful Dreamer movie?

Given that Rumiko Takahashi wasn't keen on the movie yet it did so well, it'd have been very interesting. Might have been a little more decisive with how some things turned out too.

The Lum/Ataru dynamic would have been a lot more intense I imagine also.

Don't you mean divisive Oldfan, "as in opinion is divided"? Decisive means having made a decision i.e. "being able to intervene in a timely and decisive manner."

I read where Mamoru Oshii and Rumiko Takahashi met one time during the production of Beautiful Dreamer, but after reading the script Takahashi and Oshii barely had anything to say to each other.

It's also interesting to consider that Takahashi-san has admitted that she does not really understand Lum as a character or find her all that interesting. She certainly appreciates that the anime was successful largely due to the appeal of Lum to the audience, but there was a point (before the anime) at which she had wanted to actually write Lum out of the manga, because she was far more interested in concentrating her writing on Ataru's flawed character.

If the series were like the movie i would like to see more Inception vibes that the movie gives


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